Minutes of the Regular Meeting
Scripps Ranch Civic Association
September 11, 2012

The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members.

Absent Excused: Buck, Engler, Lichtenstein, Little, Lowery, McGinn, Wurtzler

President Ilko called the meeting to order at7:07 pm. Evan from Troop 301 was introduced as attending the meeting towards his Merit Badge.

Steve Danon candidate running for County Supervisor passed out a flyer and said a few word about his candidacy.

Ilko reported that Nemie Capacia has resigned due to increased workload and commitments to SRHS where her son attends. Here priorities are there until he graduates in 2 years.

Supervisor Slater – Steven Hadley reported:
Talked about the diversity of various communities. As example discussed where an ordinance was brought up about private citizens owning snakes for training with dogs and an Asian citrus bug that causes green leaf which can be detrimental to citrus growers.

Assemblyman Fletcher – Shea Benton reported:
The Legislature is currently on recess. Waiting for three bills to be signed.

5th Council District – Ilko read a written report from Tiffany Vinson:
City evaluating V-Calm units on Aviary Drive (around 101096 Aviary) and Scripps Lake Drive between Red Cedar and Mesa Madera.
The stop sign at Red Cedar and Aviary was knocked down due to a vehicular accident and has now been replace.
The SR Public Facilities Financing Plan is going to be heard at the Council Land Use and Housing Committee on September 26th, followed by City Council hearings on October 23rd and November 27th.

SDPD – Officer Susan Steffan reported:
A suspected child molester was seen in mid August at Spring Canyon Park in front of swings inside bushes. He was making moaning sounds and lewd movements. He kept a hat over his face. There were three 12 year olds in area. One reported to her Dad who in turn reported to police. Officers came but suspect was gone. The girl was able to say he left in an older white Honda and had a partial plate number. Later found that other parents had seen him previously and one 9 year old saw his face.

Detective Dan Shepard was working on putting a case together with pictures of six possible suspects for the 9 year old to look at.
Unfortunately some well meaning parents of a youth group began sending out e-mails with pictures of the suspected person trying to inform other parents of situation. This unfortunately tainted the ability to get an ID from the 9 year old since she had seen the e-mails and picture. Right now they have no case and most likely the person will move to another area. You cannot distribute photos from the Megan’s Law website in e-mails. Re-emphasized must be very careful how you word your e-mails to avoid possibility of slandering someone. Ask that events be reported to police and let them handle information and how to disperse it.

September 15th Mira Mesa will be holding their Street Fair on Mira Mesa Blvd. near the I Hop. RSVP will have a booth.

Dingeman reported:
October 9th free shredding available in front of Coldwell Banker off Scripps Poway Pkwy.
December 9th is date for this year’s Holiday Celebration.

Ilko introduced Beth Foster who is a Scripps Ranch resident and on the Sustainable SR committee working with Innovations Academy. Looking to have workshops to initiate Zero Waste Program along with other programs. Long-term would like to work at all schools.

Casino Night – Braunstein reported:
Turn out is poor right now and really need to ramp up to get out there and talk to more people rather than just relying on advertising. Asked for everyone’s help. Have collected a very good variety of gifts for the auction.

Budget – Allman passed out the current proposed budget proposal. This year’s proposed budget proposing spending $15-$18,000 more than our proposed income. With that said indicated that the trend cannot continue or will go through our reserves in 6 years. Proposing a two prong solution in looking at ways to reduce our budget as well as increasing our revenue. Groups that traditionally receive funds from the SRCA will be informed that beginning in 2013 we cannot guarantee the standard amounts they receive unless we can turn around the downward trench of our fundraising. Also indicated that the fundraising problems are no longer a Fundraising Committee issue to resolve but the entire SRCA Board needs to become involved. Newsletter ad rates will be raised in January for the first time in 7 years and will be raised annually thereafter. Our expenses increase on a regular basis and we must be sure to cover those costs. A motion by Paterniti and seconded by Drummond was made to approve the proposed budget for the 2012-13 budget year. The vote was Yes – 24, No – 1 and no abstensions. The motion passed.

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported
Will have more Garden Share tours. Also having first Hydroponics Workshop at Innovations.

Schools Committee – Barber reported:
First meeting for fall will be next week.
Dingeman Scholarships – Will be contacting SRHS to ask for applications and applicants must write an essay. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 grade point average and be very active in volunteering. Interviews will be at the end of October. This timeframe allows winners to put this on their college application. Will be looking to solicit a third member to the interview committee.

SRPG – Ilko reported:
A Tot Lot that is in middle of street on Forest View Lane has some residents looking at speed bumps. The City has agreed. Once residents found out there would be so many, several have changed their mind about wanting them.
Old Horizon Church property at I-15 & Carroll Canyon Road – Owner looking to have a big box store and some small retail stores. Currently preparing scoping letter for planning of EIR and doing a traffic study. Planning Group gave a list of additional streets they want included in study. Also need to look at any noise issues that could affect SRHS.
Fairbrook property – Ryland homes has begun mass grading for the 17 homes to be built. There currently is no timeframe on when the 3 acre park will be approved. This is a 12 acre site. A vote will be taking place on the agreement between Chantemar & Ryland to see if residents of Chantemar would agree to include the new homes in their HOA.

SR 50 Plus – Sue Hunt reported that the PAWS group will be hosting a Pet Costume Party at the Community Park on October 29th.

MCAS – Dorothy Mildice passed out a report on various activities that have taken place. She indicated it was very informative to take a tour of the FAA Southern California Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) facility.

A motion by Morrisey and seconded by Wulfeck was made to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley
SRCA Secretary