September 10, 2013

The Agenda was provided to all Board Members

Absent Excused: Braunstein, Kalkin, Mueller

Meeting called to order by President Ilko at 7:02 pm

A meeting notice to the Stonebridge Community was sent 150-200 residents, HOA sent 400 e-mails and we had about six people show up. We did obtain names of a couple of residents interested in volunteering for SRCA.

SDPD – Officer Shana Kanoa reported: Recent issues and ongoing is vehicle break-ins everywhere. Miramar Lake really getting hit primarily because owners leaving too many items in the car and windows broken to retrieve items.

Ongoing residential burglaries (passed out map) one year SR 2012 11 burglaries in 2013 are 13 so far and on the rise. People leaving garage doors open, garage openers in car etc. Traffic issues since school back in. Had speed trailer set up here in SR. Send her an e-mail if an area particular problems and she can move to that site.

Next door – Field Rep for San Diego willing to train. Use for alerts, neighbors about suspicious activity etc. Don’t want it to conflict with Neighborhood Watch. Facebook and Next Door other tools to use. You can fine tune to make small groups. Police Department is using this.

Community Cleanup and Recycling on September 28th at Los Penasquitos Elementary School from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Operation Secure SD – Police partners with private businesses to utilize their cameras on their sites. Don’t monitor or record but can access if crime committed or some event took place they can then view.

Jack Madson introduced himself as being with Troop 1219 and attending for one of his Merit Badges.

Jake Todd is now a senior. at SRHS and member of Troop 301 formally gave report on his Eagle Scout project which started 3 ½ years ago on the history of SR. At that time SRCA was looking to throw a 40th Anniversary Party and asked him to establish a history wall. The event did not take place and instead there was a race/run on Pomerado. Jake decided to continue with the project in a different way. He had already interviewed several long term residents about information that had planned to be part of history wall. His end product is a book 437 pages with color photos and verbiage broken up into several different sections. Chronological, pictures, interviews.

What is unique about SR was their kind people. Jake spent 800 hours of his own time with assistance of 130 volunteers, for a total of 1070 hrs. Originally SRCA approved $2000 but was able to keep total cost $470. SRCA reimbursed $400 and $70 by parents for food for volunteers. Three things he learned was during good and bad times, harmony or controversy, neighbors look after each other. Residents make a special conscious decision to make community home, care, and volunteer. Jake feels lucky that he was born and raised in this community. He has been inspired and blow away by the community.

District Representative Gary Clark came back to attend his second meeting. Drummond made a motion to accept Gary as District Representative in Area 2 but lives Area 3. Seconded by Nelson. Vote was unanimous in favor.

Proposed By-Law change. Ilko stated the Officers wanted to modernize one of the VP positions and clarify that the President is Advisor to the Newsletter Editor and Distributors. The new VP of Communications would lead, develop and build an integrated digital presence with the SRCA Website and duties of Webmaster, e-mail, twitter, facebook, etc. .Paterniti made a motion and Wulfeck seconded to make the changes to the By-laws as indicated on the sheet passed out to all the Board with the addition of oversight of Webmaster being added under VP of Digital Communications. A discussion took place. Vote was 22 in favor, one against. The motion passed.

2013-14 Budget Allman presented proposed budget which include looking at cuts because we cannot to support other groups by taking our of our reserves. Ended August with such poor turnout of supporters, so have to take some definitive steps. Assuming same amount of fundraising as past year is what proposed budget is based on. The Budget Committee did not want to set unrealistic budget based on an unrealistic expectation of income from the Fundraising Drive. Several other major groups have had their support reduce and eliminated 4th of July, Taste of Ranch and YMCA. If things were to continue as is, there would be a deficit of $22,000. SRCA cannot continue having deficits. Budget Committee went through each line item to try to cut in half the support rather than be brutal in one year.

If fundraising improves than more money can be spent on some items and/or 4th of July hosted again. If we do not achieve even last years’ fundraising then not much other choice but make more significant cuts. It was felt that Recognition Night costs could be reduced by changing or eliminating the program books and food. Officers will work with new Chairperson of Recognition Night to change scope of event but keep the essence of recognition in the community. Everything else in operating budget is pretty much like it was last year. The proposed budget still ends up with a $10,000 deficit and always dependent on how we do on fundraising. Most of our events are March through July. We can see in February how Fundraising is progressing and then determine if we can add items back. If not we may be cutting more items.

Newsletter – Advertising has not come back to level before financial crisis. Ads fees will go up again in January, which is the second of the three year plan to increase rates. This year was first time in 7 years that rates were raised. Additional upcoming costs are running color fronts and back 4 times a year ($1,700 per issue), providing newsletters for Stonebridge ($1200 per month), and paper price increase is coming. Last five years we have only had one price increase from printer. Game plan is to break even. Last year when rates were increased 7%, we only had one complaint. Community Center we are assuming will have same renters and expect $18,000 in rent revenue. If costs kept in control, budgeting for about $2,000 profit. Hopefully City will not increase rents. Last year raised hourly rental rate from $20 to $25 and this was first increase in five years. Officers going to meet with professional fundraiser to see what we can do to increase contributions and direction we might take. Good discussion took place with many good thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Everyone agreed we should do everything we can to save the 4th of July parade and festivities by finding a source to fund it. Suggestion was made to discuss with Fundraiser about raising dues whether beneficial to go to 12 month rolling fundraising. Most Board members agreed the SRCA has an identity problem.

Ben Johnson a resident gave thoughts are to discontinuing color fronts and save that money. Wulfeck made a motion to accept the budget as proposed and recommend eliminating the color copies. Seconded from Downs. Yes 17 No 5 – Motion passed.

50 Plus – Drummond reported an introduction to The Conversation Project will be held on Wednesday, September 4th from 10-11:30 am at the SR Library. This is a national campaign to facilitate action plans that strengthen family ties and provide peace of mind during a stressful time. There will then be 8 workshops held each Friday from 2:30 to 4:30 pm at the SRCA Community Center beginning September 13th.

Sustainable SR – Plutner reported: SRCA Sustainable SR is hosting an Energy and Water Solutions Fair on Saturday, September 28th from 10 am to 2 pm at the SRCA Community Center. They are hoping to bring in over $2000 in funds to SRCA. Event bringing in 11 new business supporters. Promoting as community wide event and fundraiser for SRCA
September 17th 6-7:30 pm. Experts from CCSE will explain solar electricity, show you how to apply for incentives and more.
September 20th Free Guided Commercial Tour
September 21st Free Self-Guided Residential tour 10 am – 2 pm at 16 sites listed at www.sdres.org.

Schools Committee – Barber reported:
At next Wednesday’s committee meeting will let the schools know of our financial situation and the reduction in funds.
SRCA Dingeman scholarship for SRHS seniors looking for applications. Look at school website for instructions. Interviews will be at the end of October.
Miramar Elementary had and old marquee and school principal wanted a digital sign, but neighbors across street did not like it. They were able to have school district stop installation of sign and rethink. They still may install a digital sign but one where the message does not change. Will be editable electronically. EBS, SRHS, Marshall already have digital signs. Dingeman and Jerabek only two schools that do not currently have this type of sign. The School District does not have to go through any approval process or request community input.

MRNPC Meissner reported the City of SD Water Dept. made a presentation on water purification. The message was about purifying here rather than piping all water to SD. Pilot project successful and will begin rolling it out soon. Thirteen CIP projects were proposed by Planning Group and voted on four that would be submitted for consideration by City. They are upgraded field lighting for Spring Canyon Park, Scripps Poway Parkway paving, adjusting manhole covers on Scripps Poway Pkwy. And a bike pedestrian bridge over Scripps Poway Pkwy at I-15.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported. Planning adopted a resolution that whenever asked again about installation of an illuminated sign that they follow what is in the Community plan no illuminated sign. Planning Group voted on the list of projects they want to submit to the City’s CIP program. They are CIP:
1. Emergency Warning System
2. Second fire station (Fire Substation 37A)
3. Reconstruct eroded street at Scripps Ranch Court
4. Expand Parking Lot at Lake Miramar recreation area
5. Expand parking at SR Library
6. Cypress Canyon Neighborhoold Park playground & ADA Improvements
7. Jerabek Neighborhood Park Playground & ADA Improvements
8. Extend reclaimed water to additional parts of Scripps Ranch
9. Add lighting/electrical service to “Scripps Ranch Country Living” sign.

There was a joint meeting with MRNPC, Mira Mesa Planning Goup, Mira Mesa Town Council and SRCA on regional traffic issues and development projects. Mira Mesa was informed on potential retail center at I-15 and Carroll Canyon. Mira Mesa informed our groups of plan to extend Carroll Canyon where Vulcan sand is now located. Would add 5,000 homes and commercial. Joint letter to go to our Planners and Council representatives related to concerns on regional planning not just individual community planning.

Carroll Canyon project EIR released last week and group looking at it to prepare a response. Responses must be in by October 21st. Have requested SRCA to do a survey to residents on their opinion of what kind of commercial center they would like to go at this site. The input received would then be passed to those on to the Planning groups, who in turn can provide input to the City Council. Hoping through survey also know how residents feel about approving a change to the Community Plan and zoning. Planning Group will still need to determine if they will recommend amending the Community Plan and zoning to City Council. Assemblyman Maienshein will be attending October 3rd SRPG meeting and the next MRNPC meeting October 1st.

New Business
Vicky Nelson resident introduced herself and interest in becoming the District Representative for Cypress Canyon Area 19.

A motion by Nelson and seconded by Wulfeck was made to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley
SRCA Secretary