Minutes of the Regular Meeting

Scripps Ranch Civic Association

September 9, 2014


The Agenda was published and e-mailed to all Board Members.


Absent Excused: C. Burciaga, Clark, Braunstein; Lichtenstein

Absent Unexcused: Mueller, Suzara

The meeting was called to order by President Ilko at 7:03 pm.

Recognition Night – Vince instituted new item. Nominations can be submitted on line any time during the year. Would like to get info from Board members on their accomplishments for organization.

No political attendees were in attendance.

Financials – Allman gave an in depth report for three major areas of budget. General operations received over $56,000 almost $25,000 over budget. 4th of July expenses approximately $10,000 and hopefully will recover about $8,000 of this. Details in Brian’s written report. Major issue with Newsletter besides fewer ads, real estate changing size of previous ads, which adds up to a $4000 decrease. There is hesitancy by businesses in paying for premium spots in Newsletter. Rates right now are as high as people are willing to.

Budget – Jany did an overview of budget process and working to align with current goals/objectives. Membership income was kept with number from 2014 whatever committees submitted was put in budget. Committee looked at proposed funding and if sufficient to meet the requests. The proposed budget is looking at surplus. Keep implementing things learned from workshops. Long Term Planning will continue to work on goals and objectives. Membership will follow methodology and heavy e-mail campaign in January and then follow-up with mailing. Target audience better such as residents in HOA’s. Will keep same logo but need clear understanding what we accomplished last year and what do we do next year. In bringing in Stonebridge what is the cost impact to budget. Reserves been set up for somewhere around $25,000. Only really need $20,000 take $5,000 and set up as reserve for Community Center. Over 5 years Community Center has made $26,000 in profit after taxes. Set aside with restricted use. Fire Fund isestricted use. Fire tuneas put in budgetrent goals/objectives $32,000 set aside only for future MAD vote to increase fees.

Budget was sent out 3 ½ weeks before Board meeting and showed some profit and the recent revised budget showed a break even for Newsletter. Adjusted down on entire year’s income. Will they still qualify for quantity discount now (10 ½ million pages of paper) newsletter goes down in size. Question if we start running in 60 page range, would printer lose quantity discount from their supplier. Stonebridge currently receives 300 copies, which leaves a shortfall of 650 copies. It is about a $1,200 additional expense per month. Discussion on whether useful to adding these newsletters to residents. More than one approach and digital newsletters at first until may elicit more interest and another option. Add rates went up to cover additional, expense for more copies but ads down and thus revenue did not materialize to pay for these copies. Feeling is residents paying attention. $2000 amount to expand number of copies and number of pages for Stonebridge news. Looking at a group preparing a comprehensive plan for how this would be done and funded. Then re-look at it and decide if we want to amend the budget. We can have greet and meet at the park and try to do more outreach. Plan in place to have a survey in Stonebridge about their traffic issues. HOA will send out the survey. Looking at short and long term plans for traffic plans.

Motion by Jim to accept the 2015 budget and seconded by Wulfeck. Question on if still doing two color issues and only if have money. Gloria feels strongly if something major we have available to do this. Question asked if we have data that we get more benefit from color copies. We had three color issues in current budget year and ad rates covered the increased cost. Would need to research the months we had color copies and did we have more ads. Cost $1,300 color Newsletter issue. $2,600 currently in this budget for two color issues. If we are losing money at time color cover proposed, then it will not take place.

Over 1/3 advertisers are new, 1/3 were new last year and most did not return. Many businesses have seen their budget cut, while other vendors they did not get any calls from the ads so felt not worth advertising. Most only advertising 2-3 times a year. A vote on the motion to approve the budget, Yes – 17 No – 0 Motion passed.

Long Term Planning – Paterniti circulated job descriptions to EC and last meeting approved draft. Jim will take responsibilities on where we are in meeting goals and developing new goals and objectives. A meeting will be scheduled shortly. Job descriptions for each committee draft job descriptions. Committee Chairman will receive draft and asked to fill in descriptions. Need them back by November 3rd.

50 Plus – Drummond reported:

October 1st 10-11:30 am Scripps Ranch Library Lecture on credit reports by California Coast Credit Union.

Senior Living Tour, Saturday, September 13th from 10-11:00 am at Sunshine Care in Poway. Reservations required call 858-397-5747.

Free Smoke Detectors are available to seniors 62 years and older, own your own home and existing is not work offered through The Burn Institute.

SR Sustainable – Plutner reported: Garden share this weekend. E-blast on water conservation has been sent out to folks. Info also will be on webpage. In November representative from Water Dept. will be presenting a WaterSmart talk.. Committee continues to make connections with different organizations and groups. Have established a connection with the new librarian and looking at opportunities to work together. Also looking a possibility of a community garden down the road in Scripps Ranch.

Schools – Barber reported meetings are third Wednesday each month in Library. Brian sent out checks for school grants SRCA provides. Have letters from five of 7 schools. Looking to receive a thank you letter on how they used the money. Bob and Elissa will be presenting to schools. Will also working on the three $1000 scholarships.

Clean UP Day – Saturday, October 18th from 8 am-noon. One Cell project – collecting batteries they will be recycled at Community Center. Kiwani’s usually provide volunteers at sites for clean up day.

MRNPC – Burley reported:

Med Impact and Watermark projects – no new updates

Sycamore to Penasquitos Transmission Line Project: public scoping period for SDGE new 230 KV transmission line projected ended September 16th. A scoping Report will be prepared to summarize comments made to the PUC. They will remove 42 wood H-frame structures with 2 tubular steel poles, one double-circuit cable pole and two single circuit wood mono poles.

Speed Limit Change on Stonebridge Parkway- MRNSP was asked by City of SD Traffic Engr.

To make a recommendation regarding the proposed speed limit change (35 mph to 30 mph). City after a speed survey was make a recommendation to lower the speed limit. A vote on the matter to approve reducing failed.

A meeting by Stonebridge resident was hosted August 27th to investigate the possibility of forming a RE community planning group (CPG). Current residents utilize the MRNPC & SRPG to make recommendations on land use matters. At September 2th meeting the request was made to investigate the option of joining MRNPC by filling open seats. Currently 16 seated members and 4 open seats. Other options were discussed. MRNPC will host a RE Community area ad hoc subcommittee meeting on Tuesday, October 7th from 7-9:00 pm in the Community Center to continue the discussion of potential options and workable solutions.

MRN 5K Fun Run/Walk will be held Saturday, December 6th. SRCA will host the MRN 20th Anniversary event. Fun Run/Walk begins at Fire Station 37 and ends at Spring Canyon Park.

SRPG – Wulfeck reported:

August 27th meeting attended by Mark Kersey and Tiffany. Concerned with options on Stonebridge as relates to Planning Groups. Right now items have to go to both planning groups. Options are stay as is represented by City Commission, joint MRNPC or SRPG or next districting combine all areas into one planning group. Few groups have combined. Offered to help them with whatever choice they wanted. Requires going to Planning Commission and City Council. Would require amendment to Community Plan for a merger. Bill Fulton has left Planning Department of City of SD. Another planning meeting October 7th in place of MRNPC meeting. The general feeling of those attending from Stonebridge they are more interested in joining MRNPC. They want to be part of a planning group. May only require an amendment to MRNPC.

Traffic calming on Tribune Avenue – Marvin Miles made comments and formed an ad hoc committee. Will come back with a recommendation. Zero Waste Initiative is to keep as much out of landfill as we can. SR diversion rate is about 35% which is better than some areas. Miramar Ranch Elementary sign delayed until mid October. Have meeting with all levels of local government looking at groves and what we can do to improve fire safety. Fire Chief would support certain types of clean up. Other small clumps of areas that could be problem. Verizon cell tower relocation on Chabad may be on hold for at least awhile.

No EIR from Carroll Canyon Commercial Center and they plan on making a presentation to group in October. CLC is progressing and waiting for draft EIR. Businesspark Way and Carroll Canyon have sales office with full scale model of proposed community. Next step draft EIR out before Christmas. Buy in $600,000 to $800,000 for residential apartment. Estate gets ¾ back. 400 Villa and have deposits on more than 200. With a $1000 deposit can pick unit and reserve. Then additional $5,000 monthly rent. First 10 years there will be a nursing facility available for residents in SR – some beds available. The next step is to get approval by City.

Motion Colmenero and second Paterniti to adjourn the meeting.

Jany Staley