September 11, 2018 @ 7:00pm

Scripps Ranch Library, Conference Room

Present: B. Ilko, T. Philips, P. Lichtenstein, L. Peranich, D. Engler, W. Wulfeck, G. Elliot, G. Clark, R. Buck, B. Cronk, L. Evenson, J. Kane, R. Holmes, H. Plutner

Convene: T. Philips called the meeting to order at 7:04pm

  2. Non-Agenda Public Comment – D. Mildice – asked when the manhole indentations on the south side of Spring Cyn. Rd. were going to be fixed? B. Ilko has emailed the Mayor’s office and Q. Grounds can bring it up with the Mayor’s staff as well. L. Peranich mentioned Pomerado manhole covers are making a lot of noise. Asked to email B. Ilko with details and he will forward on to the City and SDGE.
  1. President’s Report – B. Ilko reported the newsletter went out and looks great, and has received a great response on the new look; hoping to break even or make money this month, but the number of pages are contingent on advertising so it will flux; partnership with Rady’s Children Hospital – holding 8 hour CPR class in the Community Center, SRCA is a co-sponsor since it is free; is a diabetes org and we have asked to be a co-sponsor on their event in the Community Center; SRPG has asked SRCA to distribute a survey on a Stonebridge Pkwy. stop sign; 400+ surveys went out with 80+ responding; HOA is thankful for the SRCA’s help and we are capturing emails from the Stonebridge area; B. Ilko is thinking of what it means to be the SRCA…every person who reaches out to the SRCA about SDGE and other projects get a personal contact and it provides us with a great base of supporters to contact for membership etc.; we added 60 followers in the last 37 days, and are now over 700; we need content (awards, activities, business openings) for digital distribution; we added over 650 people to Constant Contacts over the last 9 mos.; Community Center update – we now have Girl Scout troops all wanting to use the facility once a month; we have 2 Chinese language classes being taught in the facility and already have Farsi language being taught; Jacob Todd went to UCLA in Astro Physics and Poli-Sci and thanked us for the scholarship and is now in Columbia Law School to be a patent attorney; Scholarship Committee has a new member.
  2. San Diego City Council (Quinton Grounds) – repaving on Scripps Poway Parkway, Sunset Ridge, and Mesa Madera coming up; flyer on Coastal Clean Up Day for Saturday 9/15 9am-1pm; Pomerado Rd. update – trying to get a full repaving and restriping from I-15 to Spring Cyn.
  3. County of San Diego (Dustin Steiner) – none.
  4. CA State Assembly (Rob Knudsen) – none.
  5. S. Congress (Erin Magee) – emailed report, forwarded by T. Philips to Board.
  6. San Diego Police Department (Officer Christina Santos) – emailed report, B. Ilko gave statistics: 0 commercial burglaries; 8 cars broken into; 3 residential break-ins; block party with Neighborhood Watch on Red Rock held about 19 people attend; working on getting more.
  7. San Diego City Attorney (DCA Ann Marie Council) – none.
  8. Planning Groups (Wulfeck and Abella-Shon) – W. Wulfeck gave SRPG update – SRPG did not meet last month; working on Pomerado repaving and another newsletter article will be in October issue with a reply from Kersey’s office; SRPG will launch another round to get citizens to call City Hall on the issue; there was a request for stop sign at Mesa Madera and Avenida Magnifica – B. Ilko has spoken to the resident making the request about options; there is another request at the Market at the Ranch. No MRNPC update.



  1. Election of Chair – motion by W. Wulfeck, 2nd by J. Kane to nominate T. Philips Chair.

(Motion carries 14-0-0.)

  1. Election of Treasurer – Ilko received interest in the Treasurer position from several residetns and is suggesting the Budget Advisory Group (BAG) take the issue up to interview each candidate; Chris McFarland attended and is interested – he has been treasurer for other organizations (e.g. Scripps Woods HOA). Ilko has the names of 6-7 others who are interested. Board agreed to let the BAG vet the candidates.
  2. Appointment of Operations Oversight Advisory Group Members – motion by L. Peranich, 2nd by D. Engler to appoint W. Wulfeck, T. Meissner, and P. Lichtenstein to the Operations Oversight Advisory Group.

(Motion carries 14-0-0.)

  1. Appointment of Budget Advisory Group Members – motion by B. Cronk, 2nd by L. Peranich to appoint W. Wulfeck, G. Boerner, and D. Engler to the Budget Advisory Group.

(Motion carries 14-0-0.)

  1. $300 for SRCA Lifetime Achievement Award Dinner – B. Ilko put forth the idea to hold Bob Dingeman Lifetime Achievement dinner in honor of B. Allman for his service to the community and SRCA. Request for $300 to buy B. Allman and his family a dinner in Dayton, OH given his 30 years of service; so moved by P. Lichtenstein, 2nd by L. Evenson.

(Motion carries 14-0-0.)

  2. Membership – B. Ilko reported the need to prepare a 2018-19 membership theme and kick-off in early December for the letter to residents; D. Engler is doing database entry for this year’s membership drive; we will likely do more letters this year again so membership committee and budget will need to increase accordingly.
  3. Newsletter – B. Ilko reported overall costs are 15-20% less than previous costs; trying to break even and maybe even making money; we will have delivery of newsletters in a central location at Storage West facility rather than have pallets of newsletters on SR streets. W. Wulfeck wants to express congrats to the whole committee as new newsletter looks great.
  4. Schools – T. Philips reported the committee has not met yet, no report.
  5. Digital Communications – B. Ilko reported the need to make sure website changes have been made; Sustainable SR (SSR) and 50+ have about 1,500 members; digital newsletter has about 1,500; community news has about 6,000; please send contacts and content to B. Ilko. May be time to replace Digital VP/Chair position.
  6. Cleanup Day – Will be held Saturday, October 20, 2018. We will need volunteers and give out Membership envelopes; Girl Scouts is looking to do a clean-up the week before and then dump trash collected in our dumpsters on 10/20.
  7. Tree Lighting Event – B. Ilko reported date to be December 9th; co-sponsor with Girl Scouts and holding event with Symphony in Park event like last year. Tree is healthy.
  8. Recognition Night – T. Philips reported date to be April 1, 2019. It was mentioned that the 2018 event is still not posted on the SRCA website.
  9. Financials/Balance Sheet – B. Ilko reported the year-end financials will be delayed.
  10. Budget Committee – P. Lichtenstein reported no meeting.
  11. 50 Plus – R. Holmes – no report.
  12. Long Term Planning – L. Peranich announced the meeting for this month will be devoted to discussion of the list of items brought up over the last year and a half.
  13. Sustainable SR – H. Plutner – no report.
  14. Miramar Community Leaders Forum – D. Mildice reported the next meeting will be on Thursday, September 13; September 28-30 will be the Air Show. The aircraft arrive on the 27th.
  15. BRM – T. Philips reported out on progress. B. Ilko said it would be useful for the Business Relations Manager (BRM) to sit down with 50+ and SSR to get clear what he should be promoting for those committees/organizations. Suggestions to send BRM emails with suggested advertisers including the car dealerships along the I-15.
  16. Community Fair – B. Ilko reported the Fair may be able to be held Sept./Oct. of next year; B. Ilko and J. Kane will need to connect to discuss. H. Plutner asked how it got into Scripps newsletter as being in Sept. of next year…B. Ilko said it is not set in stone and that he and J. Kane need to discuss the issue and he wants to bring in J. McGinn, H. Plutner and B. Hoffman (who wants to work on the advertisers for the event); AIU doesn’t own the property anymore and it is not clear that we can use it as a location at this time. SRCA needs to get moving now if it is going to happen given so many permit requirements and such.

Open Discussion – L. Evenson mentioned R. Holmes had an idea about holding a “Scripps Has Talent” night as a fundraiser; B. Ilko mentioned a similar discussion held with the BRM for a comedy night to see if we couldn’t make money that way, and a talent show is also a great idea. We could have SR bands play and SRHS kids play as well; challenge is when to hold it; W. Wulfeck suggested a 5th Hoyt Park event in October (which would cost ~$4,500 for lighting and bathrooms etc., but permits are separate cost).




Adjourn: 8:25pm