Little League 101

In an effort to help the community understand how our local Little League operates, we will write a series of articles explaining the various processes. Last month was registration and manager/coach selections. Registration and volunteer forms are designed and mandated by Little League International.

Scripps Ranch Little League (SRLL) has made a few modifications in order for us to understand your preferences for your child and the position for which you are volunteering. Online registration is not possible for SRLL, as we are required to verify each player’s residence within the 92131 zip code, the only area for which we are chartered and have insurance. We have chosen to do this via the zip code on your check.

Manager and coach applicants are first screened through the sheriff’s department to assure they do not have any past criminal history, including child-related infractions. A selection committee then compares applicants for each division based on coaching skills, demeanor, and various other attributes, earning each applicant a "score." We then attempt to pair up two individuals who compliment each other’s strengths, while assuring the talents of their children do not "stack" a team.

January brings with it player evaluations and team selections–otherwise known as tryouts and drafts. We changed the term tryout to player evaluations, as SRLL wants to assure all players that they will be on a team. Players who are 5, 6, or 7 years old do not need to participate in any player evaluations.

Representatives of the T-ball and Coach Assisted Pitching (CAP) divisions arrange teams based on neighborhoods, carefully balancing ages and talent. Players who are 8 to 12 years old will receive a notice in the mail in early January indicating the date and time they are to attend player evaluations.

It is very important that each player attend at the specified date and time. Players are assigned time slots that coincide with the managers and coaches in attendance who are likely to draft them. This process takes two full days, and volunteers are always needed to assist.

Once the managers and coaches have all the information about each player, we spend five straight nights, one for each division, selecting each team–one player at a time–to form a minimum of eight balanced teams in each division.

Please visit our website at [] for more information. For questions, email us at [[email protected]], or call our hotline at 578-0248. We are still looking for people interested in managing our snack bar this year!

Softball Season

The softball season is upon us, and we are in the planning stages for another great season. Please mark your calendars for some important dates to remember.


  • Place: Cypress Canyon Park;
  • Dates: Saturday, Jan. 11, for ages 6-7 and 11-12; and, Saturday, Jan. 18, for ages 8-10 and 13-14;
  • Times: 9-11 am for last names beginning with A-L; 12-2pm for last names beginning with M-Z.

Practices begin the first week in February and Opening Day is Saturday, Mar. 1. Clinics are planned for February for coaches and players. We need coaches!

Six board members attended the ASA Southern District Annual meeting in Ontario in December. The exciting news is that three teams in each age division will advance to state this year! Last year, our 8U team took third, and our 10U and 12U teams took fourth!

Let’s get geared up and ready to play!

Mary Nasland

Old Pros Soccer and Softball

The Scripps Ranch Old Pros sponsor Spring Sunday Soccer 2003 from early February to early June. Men ages 25 and older–even much older–are welcome.

Registration is open until late January, but first come first served. Your registration fee gets you on a team, a T-shirt, an end of the year party, and 12 to 13 weeks of games, depending on the number of teams. For applications or information, contact Lance Taschner at 653-3879.

The Old Pros will also sponsor a men’s 50+ Sunday softball league. You must be 50 years of age, play like you are 50, or have at least 50% body fat. We begin Sunday, Feb. 2.

Your $50 fee gets you on one of eight teams with a bunch of fun guys, a very nice shirt, team awards, and a free barbecue put on by our famous Burrito Brothers. For applications or information, call Commissioner Mike Shaw at 578-8527.