Time to … Play Ball!

By now, your little baseball players should have had a few practices, know everyone on the team, and stained their brand new pants. As long as they have their jerseys, hats, cleats, gloves, and a game schedule, they know everything they need to know, right? So this article is all about what you need to know about participating in Scripps Ranch Little League.

Hopefully you were able to attend pictures and Opening Day with your player, enjoyed the bar-b-que and community camaraderie, and watched a little baseball at Jerabek Park. The snack bar at Jerabek Park actually serves two purposes: as a fundraiser for the league and as a central lost-and-found station. If you or your child lose anything, teammates and the storage shed at your field are the first place to look. But if it’s not there, visit the snack bar on evenings and weekends during game time, and you might find it there.

And speaking of the snack bar, if your child plays Minor AA, Minor AAA, or Majors, you will be scheduled to work one or two shifts in the snack bar this year. It’s fun, it helps the league avoid other fundraisers, and your child will be very proud of your contribution. You may find someone to substitute for you if they are 18 years or older, but we currently do not have the option for you to pay rather than to work. Beth Pihlblad and her committee work very hard at scheduling around your child’s games and assuring everything is clean and well organized.

The second major fundraiser available to the League is sponsors. Ed Prehoden at 547-6088 is the person to contact if you or your company is interested in sponsoring a team. Full sponsorship is only $250, which includes a team plaque and picture as well as an advertisement in the Little League yearbook.

We would like to thank The Batter’s Box in Poway for hosting the Board of Directors’ meetings every month, sponsorship, and continued support. Many thanks also to Play It Again Sports this year for sponsoring as well as providing a pair of baseball pants for each player. If you have not received your free pair of pants, please visit Play It Again Sports soon.

If your player or team did not have pictures taken on Opening Day, pictures also are available at Jerabek Park on Sunday, April 8, from noon to 2 pm. If you are not satisfied with your Opening Day pictures, please bring them with you to have pictures re-taken. Many thanks to Pam Boyer and Laura Johnson for a successful Picture Day.

The Padres are once again hosting Little League Day at Qualcomm Stadium. This year Mara McSparran is organizing our league’s participation, so if you or your team have not purchased your tickets ($9 each), contact Mara at 695-8211 before March 15. Padre Day is Sunday, April 29, at 2 pm versus Pittsburgh.

Please visit us at our website [www.scrippsranch.com/baseball]. Some teams will have links to their own websites, division standings will be posted as quickly as managers report game outcomes, and most importantly, by clicking on Field Condition, you can find out about the closure of any fields due to rain. Have a wonderful season and remember the guidewords of National Little League: Character, Loyalty, and Courage. So keep it safe and have fun!