Sign up for Soccer

Registration for the Fall 2002 Recreational Soccer League takes place on Saturdays, May 4 and 11, from 10 am to 2 pm at the Jerabek Elementary School auditorium. Players born in 1997 up to 19 years of age are invited to join. New and returning players must bring a copy of a valid State birth certificate.

Registration fees are $85 for the first player in a family and $75 for each additional player in the same family. Late registration will be subject to space and team availability, so don’t miss this opportunity to sign up. For questions, call the Scripps Ranch Soccer Club hotline at 974-5393 or check the website at [].

Competitive soccer team tryouts took place in early April with the largest turnout ever. That was due in large part to the recreation league’s all-star teams that competed at the end of last season. Competitive team rosters and team pictures will be posted on the website in the near future.

The website is undergoing some renovations and will be kept up-to-date more regularly to provide more Soccer Club information. A new feature to the website will be a yearly calendar of Soccer Club events, tournaments, and competitive team championships.

Kenneth Vecchio


All-Star Swimmers

San Diego selected two boys from Scripps Ranch to represent the all-star swim team of San Diego-Imperial Counties, which won the event against Northern California. Cory Nasoff, 12, and Devon Rhinerson, 17, were selected to represent San Diego for the San Diego all-star team.

Their excellent times allowed the San Diego team to win the entire event, which was held in Fallbrook this year. The next big events are the Junior Olympics for those 14 and under and the Senior Classic for those of high school age. Both boys qualified to attend the Far Westerns, competing against swimmers from nine western states. Cory came in eighth in those finals held in mid-March.


Little League

Almost 900 children make up our two leagues this year. We have been blessed to have very few rainy days. In April, we enjoyed watching our Padres sweep the "Boys in Blue" from Los Angeles at the Little League Day at the Padres. About 500 Scripps Ranch family members attended the game this year.

Festivities included the pre-game skills clinic. Cory Prokop was selected to participate in the pre-game warm-ups with the Padres. Each player received a Trevor Hoffman glove, and the players got a chance to run the bases after the game. Thank you Dave and Donna Beard for coordinating this day for us!

Once again, this year we are supporting our own children interested in experiencing the very difficult job of umpiring. We believe this experience teaches them responsibility, self-esteem, and leadership in a fun environment.

Spectators are asked to support our youth umpires by remaining absolutely quiet behind the backstops, supporting their calls, and telling them what a good job they did. Umpires, you are doing a great job! We appreciate you and your parents taking the time to be sure you are at each and every game.

I thank all the players, parents, and coaches for a season with few negative events thus far. Together you have made this a very positive and rewarding experience for all our children, players, and umpires.

As we enter play-off time, however, it becomes harder for some of us to remember good sportsmanship. Your child has entered into a competition where some win and some lose, and there is something to be gained from both experiences.

Encourage your child to do his or her best and cheer on their teammates. Whatever the outcome, tell them you’re proud of their efforts. Soon, they’ll be off to the next activity, forgetting about baseball.

Many thanks to all of you who have fulfilled your obligation to work the snack bar. The league makes a little money that helps keep registration fees down. Thank you, Nancy Truitt, Sherry Shurmeier, Laura Carrion, and Julie Breslau, for your time and efforts in keeping the snack bar running.

Enjoy these last few weeks of Little League with your child. Play catch, hit some balls over the summer, and consider signing up for Fall Ball. This training and development league runs September through November, and is a great way to learn the next level of play.

Fall Ball is played only on Sunday afternoons and is open to players who are league-age, 7 to 11, this year. But having Fall Ball depends on whether we find a volunteer or two to run it. This is an excellent opportunity for kids to learn more advanced baseball skills for next season. So, get involved and help the kids. It will be a fun experience for you and your child.

Play ball!

Teri Denhart, President