Falcons Place First

The Falcons 12-year-old baseball team went undefeated throughout the Tecolote Memorial Day weekend tournament. A combination of strong pitching, solid defense, and a barrage of hits blended with superb base running, secured the championship for the Falcons. Falcons youth baseball presently consists of three competitive teams, ages 10-12. It is anticipated that the program will grow to six teams by the fall, ages 9-13.

Members of the Falcons are Ryan Smith, Christian Haupt, Andrew De La Pena, Jeff Yamate, Alek Diachenko, Nick Costello, Devin Dreszer, Estevaun Carrion, Ryan Ortiz, Paul Wiegand, Mark Haddow, and Reid Bouchard Coaches are Steve Garcia and Coach David Piester.

Scripps Ranch Girls Softball

Scripps Ranch Girls Softball wrapped up its spring 2000 rec season with closing day ceremonies, division title games, and an island theme party, which proved to be a big hit. Some coaches were even seen wearing grass skirts. Activities included the radar gun, the ever-popular dunk tank, and a jump house. Girl Scouts led crafts and activities.

This year over 400 girls played in seven divisions as the league continues to expand, reflecting Scripps Ranch’s growth and the increasing popularity of girls’ sports. Thanks to all the adult volunteers who made this great experience possible for our daughters.

Division championship trophies were awarded to the following teams:

  • Seniors–Royal Pains coached by Mike Carney. Led by pitchers Liz Reeve and Hana Rosen and the big bat of Maura Deigan, the Pains won the title game 10-5. Other team members were Tania Alatorre, Rachel Carney, Jamie Carney, Lauren Hyle, Jen McMaster, Kelly Matthews, Monica Meyer, Sam Roswell, and Katie Svatos.
  • Majors–The team coached by Frank Achille and Mike Jackson took the title. Team members were Amy Achille, Katelyn Fitzsimmons, Lauren Heying, Megan Heying, Ciara Jackson, Rebecca Kent, Kristine Mickelson, Carla Nava, Cassandra Nava, Rachel Pederson, Katie Ressmeyer, and Vanessa Thomas.
  • AA–The Teal Titans won a great final game against a powerful Fireball team. Titan team members included Rachel Brown, Lauren Clipp, Dani Cohen, Alicia Duffy, Kenna Foltz, Ashley Miller, Caitlin Phillips, Alissa Sanchez, Leticia Specht, Kierstie Svatos, and Victoria Vogel.
  • A–The Bombers, coached by Steve Hodsdon and Gary Glandon, won an exciting tie-breaker game. Members were Allison Aronoff, Erinne Boyd, Nicole Browne, Emily Glandon, Priscilla Hodsdon, Sarah Holloway, Alexandra Paulus, Georgiana Ruggieri, Maddy Russell, Patricia Thornhill, and Erin Tomaras.

In June at Cypress Canyon Park, Scripps Ranch hosted its 9th annual girls softball tournament with Scripps Ranch teams taking the titles for 8-and-under and 10-and-under divisions and second place for the 12-and-under division.

The 8-and-under team, pictured above, won a great game against Mesa del Sol. Doug Lambell and Bob Svatos coached the team.

The 10-and-under team beat an excellent Rancho Penasquitos team after advancing to the title round with a victory over Mesa del Sol. The 10-and-under team includes Amanda Balaoing, Rachel Brown, Chelsea Chang, Tara Chenier, Alexa Datko, Kenna Foltz, Colleen Gallagher, Cami Glosz, Amye McIntyre, Cassandra Nava, Jackie Nguyen, Katie Sigler, Tracy Sprague, and Megan Westfall. The girls are coached by Brad Foltz, Craig Brown, Keith Datko, and Andy Gallagher.

The 12-and-under team, pictured on page 57, already has taken second place in tournaments in El Cajon and Mira Mesa. Coaches are Shelly Hall, Phil Huffman, and Tim Richard.

Members of the 14-and-under team are Rachel Carney, Maura Diegan, Chelsey Dumon, Chrissy Lee, Rory Leonard, Jen McMaster, Monica Meyer, Diana Mouthen, Liz Reeve, Hana Rosen, and Katie Svatos. The team is coached by Mike Carney, Scott Lee, Chris Meyer, and Scott Zuckerman.

In addition, the following girls played on tournament teams in El Cajon on Mothers Day weekend:

  • 12 and under–Audrey Bennett, Jessie Brown, Brooke Burgess-O’Brien, Jenny Fomby, Tara Gonzales, Arielle Hansen, Jessica Lloyd, Alice Peters, Jamie Suchoski, Ashley Summers, and Rissa Walters.
  • 10 and under–Julie Calhoun, Breanna Collins, Christina Datko, Rachael Gilman, Cassie Gurrola, Emily Hargis, Melissa Johnson, Krissi Pettey, Leticia Specht, Sarah Sullivan, and Kayleigh Wilson.
  • 8 and under–Sophie Vener.

Remember to use the Scripps Ranch Softball Association (SRSA) web page [www.eteamz.com/srsa] to keep up to date on league activities. All tournament results and fall ball information will be posted there.

Heidi Brown

Scripps Ranch Little League

Closing Day for Scripps Ranch Little League (SRLL) was Saturday, June 17. Championship games were decided in the majors and minors AAA divisions. Awards were distributed, trophies handed out to the top-place teams, and many thank yous were delivered to the sponsors.

League President Carl Wallstedt thanked his Board of Directors for their considerable efforts towards the successful season just past. He also thanked all the coaches, managers, team parents, and all the volunteers who gave of their time so that our kids could play America’s favorite pastime. But that day didn’t signal an end to all the excitement for this year. The four top-place teams, one each from the National and American leagues in the AAA and Majors divisions, began play at the Tournament of Champions for District 32.

All-star post-season play begins Thursday, July 6, and continues through Monday, July 31. All-star team members for the 9-10 year olds and the 11-12 year olds, their managers, and coaches were announced on Closing Day and have been hard at work practicing since then.

Be sure to check our website [scrippsranch.com/baseball] for the dates and locations of the all-star tournament games. These games are a lot of fun to watch, and it is another great way to show our support for the youth of our community. Plan to attend a game or two and cheer for the home team. It’s a terrific way to spend an afternoon.

Winter Ball is becoming very popular in Scripps Ranch. It is a good way for players, league ages 8 to 11, to continue to hone their skil1s and have fun playing baseball on Sunday afternoons in the fall. The season starts in September and runs through Thanksgiving. The league is looking for volunteers to help coach and a special someone or two to help organize the upcoming season. If you are interested in helping, please call Teri Denhart at 566-0661 or call the SRLL Hotline at 578-0248 to leave a message.

There are many 12-year-olds who played their final game of Little League in Scripps Ranch in June. Many of them began playing on the Miramar Ranch fields in T-ball, where the snack after the game was more important than the final score, and it seemed like there were always more coaches on the field than players. Then they played CAPS in the wind tunnel known as Spring Canyon Park, where it didn’t matter what kind of day it was anywhere else; you knew you were going to freeze there.

Then they played on the Jerabek School fields, in the divisions then known as Minor B and Minor A. Players started to pitch and we really began to see the game of baseball emerge. Finally, many of them played on the Jerabek Park majors field, where a game of pickle and the snack bar became the place to be seen after the game.

We thank them for all the exciting, entertaining, engaging, and endearing moments they gave to us over the past several years. The Pony baseball league will have a terrific group of players next year. Good luck and we wish all of you the best. It’s been a ball!

Holly Gray