Shhhh! Mrs. Lublin has a Secret to Share…

Ninety-seven. As a number, that might not be too large, especially if it’s money. But in age, that is a very significant accomplishment! I had the chance to meet one of Scripps Ranch’s oldest residents June Lublin, who turns 97 this month! I asked her to share her secrets for a long, healthy life. Maybe these secrets can help you form healthy habits for a lifetime!

Here is a little background on Mrs. Lublin. She was born and raised in the Boston area and lived most of her adult life in New York, where her husband was from. She moved to Scripps Ranch in 1978 and lived in the condos at Village Woods, where she still remains as one of the original owners! She has two kids, a daughter, who was already in Scripps Ranch—a great reason to retire here!—and a son who lives in Northern California.

Believe it or not, Mrs. Lublin has never driven a car! Living in New York and Long Island, she used the subway and buses to get around. Since her husband passed away, after a marriage lasting close to 50 years, her daughter, who lives three miles away, and neighbors help with rides whenever she needs them.

She is very friendly and outgoing in the community. Not being able to drive means she socializes a lot on her long walks—and she loves hugs! She also loves to take care of her small garden outside, which often is the reason to strike up a conversation with people passing by. She is very independent, takes great pride in her home, and does everything herself, including daily household cleaning, banking, and until a few years ago, getting groceries!

“It’s all about the attitude” beamed Ms. Lublin, when I asked her what keeps her going. “See, it’s like this—the first thing I do every day is watch the news, weather, what people are wearing today, 60 Minutes, and my favorite, Dancing with the Stars on Monday night. I want to know what is going on around me. I have a love for life and that is the attitude I keep with me every day.” Wow, something that simple but so important. I was inspired now!

She never drank alcohol or smoked, and I wanted to know what other habits to develop early. “Keep walking,” she replied, and went on to elaborate. “Even today, I am cleaning the house every day, and it is a form of exercise, walking to the mailbox, walking to get groceries [till she was 80+]. It is what keeps me going. I had the option to get hired help, but I refused. Only because that would make me watch them, rather than walk around the house. I love my house, and I love to keep it clean, and so I keep moving. But while doing so, always listen to your body and stop when you need to.” This was turning out to be quite exciting, and I was truly enjoying it.

All that walking must mean that she was eating healthy, I thought. I wanted to know exactly what that was, so I asked her, “What about your nutrition today and over the years?” “Today, I get nutritious food delivered to me daily from some wonderful, loving people in Mira Mesa. It is usually vegetables, along with a meat—chicken or fish.

“I take my vitamins daily and have been doing so for the longest time. When I was growing up, we always had farm-fresh food—fruits and vegetables—simply because there was no refrigerators back then to keep the food from spoiling. Also, my love for walking made it easy for me to get fresh groceries daily.”

So there you have it: attitude, keep walking, and eat fresh. These are the “secret” tips from healthy 97-year-old Ms. Lublin!

Arjun Suri, EBS 4th Grader