“If people waited for others to make a goal possible instead of taking risks for themselves, no one would succeed.”

Ruby Melchior

Ruby wrote that quote when she was in 8th grade at Marshall Middle School. Her words were so inspirational that they were the theme of educator trainings last year. You may not have met Ruby, but you may have been touched by her story of courage and perseverance, and her unfathomed will to reclaim herself from the diagnosis that nearly took her from us in July.

Ruby was diagnosed with Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) just before she was to start her sophomore year at Scripps Ranch High School. In simple terms, AVM is an abnormal connection between arteries and veins. Ruby has been at Rady’s Children’s Hospital for several months. She has endured excruciating pain and many surgeries, including a craniotomy, during her time in the Intensive Care Unit. Ruby is now in rehabilitation in the Pulmonary Unit.

She spends time with speech, occupational, and physical therapists six days per week and is getting stronger every day. Ruby has transitioned from using an alphabet board and signaling with correct letters to spell out her thoughts, to assisted technological devices, to sound vocalization, to now working on full sentences. Ruby has worked her way up to walking short distances with the help of an assisted portable gravity tram that supports part of her weight. She is also relearning how to activate her arms and hands. We are excited that Ruby may go home soon, and her family is making minor modifications to their house for her.

The road to recovery is unmapped and many tears have been shed along the way. The time dedicated to Ruby in the hospital has drastically affected her family. Her loved ones—Paul, Robin, and Jun—thank all of you for your help, comfort, and support during this very difficult time.

As a community please join us in rallying around this amazing young lady. If you would like to support Ruby and her family, please email MMS vice principal Kate Moffatt at [email protected] #OurRuby #RubyStrong. With love,

Michelle Irwin, MMS Principal