Snail Watching and Other Small Blessings in Scripps Ranch

"Staying home with your kid? Trust me, you’ll get bored. I did it too for a while, then one day I found myself on a walk with my daughter who insisted on stopping to look at a snail. I thought to myself, I don’t want to look at snails–I should be doing bigger, better things. Believe me, you’ll be back."

This is what my supervisor said to me last year when I gave my two-week notice in order to stay home with my then 4-month-old daughter, Olivia. Needless to say, my supervisor’s comments did not deter my plans. In fact, I looked forward to sharing in Olivia’s discoveries.

Little did I know at that point that I was not only in for the greatest adventure of my life–raising my daughter–but also an opportunity to explore and become better acquainted with Scripps Ranch. You see, although we had lived on the Ranch for two years at that point, I worked so much and traveled so often that I had not had the pleasure of really getting to know the neighborhood where my husband and I chose to raise our daughter.

A new world was waiting to be discovered, and I must say we like what we have found! Scripps Ranch has such a wonderful and rich sense of community.

One of the perks of living in Scripps Ranch is access to beautiful parks. Olivia and I take full advantage of the parks in our area. Being a seasoned tot-lot goer, Olivia prefers to spend most of her time in the swing! If she’s not in the swing, she’s playing with her friend Megan’s sand toys–which always "mysteriously" end up in our wagon to take home–while Megan is concentrating on sneaking handfuls of sand in her mouth!

Spending time at the park has afforded us the pleasure of meeting many families in our neighborhood. I believe there were 10 babies born within six months of Olivia, all within a three-block radius of our home.

The forging of these friendships has led to the creation of our playgroup. We are so fortunate to have so many families in the neighborhood who get together every week to let the kids play and to give us grown-ups a chance to chat. Olivia and I look forward to this time every week.

On any given Saturday morning, you can find my husband, Raffi, along with many of the other dads on the block, playing basketball at a local park. These pick up games have been a great way for Raffi to meet and make connections with our neighbors, not to mention the opportunity to talk sports.

We are also fortunate to have cousins in Scripps Ranch with whom we love to hang out. We love the fact that Olivia has family nearby and will grow up knowing her cousins, Laurel and Michael. Having family lends stability to the foundation of our new life in Scripps Ranch and adds to the sense of community.

It is all of these things that have really made us grow to love being a part of the Scripps Ranch community. Until we made the time to get to know Scripps Ranch and our neighbors, we didn’t know what a wonderful choice we had made to move here.

Scripps Ranch has played no small part in the making of this new chapter in our life. We love that so many of our neighbors are in the same stage of life as we are, that we have family ties in the Ranch, and that Olivia has so many friends in the neighborhood: Megan, Preston, Ashley, Naya, Dylan, and Clara to name a few.

All the small, arbitrary decisions and coincidences along the way that brought us to Scripps Ranch and to our new found friends are the stuff life is made of –each decision building on the last. And, we are grateful for each one.

Olivia and I were on a walk the other day, when she discovered a snail. We looked at that snail for a long time. It brought a smile to my face. I enjoyed every second, never once feeling bored or that I should be doing "more important" things. And, I made a point to count my blessings for all the discoveries I have made in Scripps Ranch.

Wishing you all a rich life here in Scripps Ranch.

Kristin Lee Siyahian