The husband of a loved teacher is sent to the Middle East for an unknown length of time. Jets roar overhead on a daily basis. The children at the Chabad Hebrew Academy are aware and touched by the personal sacrifices entailed by the crisis in Iraq. They have written moving letters to members of the armed services. The following are a few excerpts.


Dear Sailor,

Thank you so much for helping our country. But what kind of thank you could I give you? Leaving your loved ones, entering a war zone–does that only deserve the plain old "thank you"? Definitely not, this "thank you" that I am writing to you is a zillion times more meaningful.

As I do my daily activities, I feel safe and secure knowing that brave people like you are out there fighting, trying to make this world a better and safe place. Don’t forget that during your long and difficult journey, God is always with you. So, once again, "Thank you!"

Chaya, 8th Grade

Dear Soldier/Sailor,

Thank you for all your effort, hard work, and sacrifice for our country. I am a 13-year-old girl in the 8th grade at Chabad Hebrew Academy of San Diego. I, like so many other people in my school, really appreciate you going off and fighting and leaving your friends and family. I hope you make it back safely.

Lauren, 8th Grade


Savior of our country

Our country’s defender

Leaving to defend our country

Davening (praying) for you daily

I admire your work

Every day we think of you

Remember what you’re fighting.

Ari, 6th Grade


Dear Sailor,

I hope everything for you is going well. Here in California we are saying extra prayers for you to return home to your family safely.

My name is Menachem (Mendy for short). My father was a soldier in the Israeli army. I look up to him, and I’m proud that I’ve got a father who was loyal to Israel and fought in their army. I hope one day we will all look up to you and say, "Look at that man, he’s our hero." I wish you much success.

Menachem, 8th Grade



Dear Soldier,

America is my home, and without it, I wouldn’t be alive. My family immigrated to America, and if we go back to Iran or Iraq, they will kill us on the spot.

I owe you a great deal of gratitude. What you are doing is very brave. I pray that you come back home safely. You have great patriotism, and America owes a lot. I hope that you keep faith in God, because He is the one who performs miracles. With God, anything is possible.

We all know that Saddam is evil and that you are trying to protect us from his evil scheme. Once again, I thank you for trying to keep us safe.

Ryan, 6th Grade


Dear Sailor,

On behalf of Chabad Hebrew Academy, I would like to wish you a happy Purim. My name is Musy. I am 12 years old and am in 7th grade. I live in San Diego, California, and attend Chabad Hebrew Academy. We are all very proud to have a Jewish sailor.

Which is your favorite holiday? I like Purim because you get dressed up and have lots of candy! I also like the holiday of Pesach because my whole family comes home and celebrates together.

Musy, 7th Grade


Salvation for our country

Admiring person

Inheriting freedom

Life saver

Outstanding Sailor

Rage with freedom.

Josh, 6th Grade


Dear Jewish Sailor,

My name is Natan. One of my favorite things is to play on the computer. I am studying at the Chabad Hebrew Academy. And I would like to thank you for protecting our homes and country. I wish you a very happy Purim, and that you will be able to return to your home safely and you will be able to reunite with your family.

Natan, 7th grade


Dear Hero,

Hi. My name is Mia. I really appreciate what you are doing for Americans, the Iraqi people, and the world. I will say a special prayer for your safety.

Mia, 8th Grade


Dear Sailor,

I am Jacob. I am 12 years old. I go to the Chabad Hebrew Academy in Scripps Ranch. It is a private school for Jewish kids. Some of the sports I play are football, baseball, and I also wrestle. I have been playing baseball for five yeas and have wrestled for six years. I got into baseball from my oldest brother who used to play baseball for his high school. I got into wrestling from some of my brother’s friends in high school that also used to wrestle. I guess I kind of picked it up and never dropped it off. There are six people in my family, my mom and dad, a sister, two brothers, and me. My sister is 15, the second oldest brother is 19, and the oldest brother is 20 years old. They both go to the University of San Diego. My sister goes to Poway High School. Thank you for being brave enough to fight for our country.

Jacob, 6th Grade


Dear Sailor,

I am Henna from Chabad Hebrew Academy in Scripps Ranch. I am a 13-year-old girl. I have two brothers and two sisters, and I live in San Diego. My school is very proud that there is a Jewish lieutenant on the ship. What is it called? How are you doing? I am fine, Baruch Hashem. How is the weather on the ship? What do you do in your free time? Are you married? If you are, how many kids do you have? Do you read a lot? What books do you like? I am writing this in school and I do not mean to rush, but I have to go to my next class, so goodbye.


Henna,7th grade


Dear Sailor:

Thank you for protecting our country. I hope you like all of these letters you are getting. So, how is your ship? What do you do? Do you keep kosher on the ship? My name is Russell. I go to Boy Scouts and like to go camping. I like to play football, get into fights with my brothers and sister, and play on the computer.

Russell, 7th Grade


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