President’s Report

Scripps Ranch Events

Whew, now that the 4th of July is done, we turn our sights to two more events to finish 2014. The first is the Wildfire Preparedness Forum, co-sponsored by the SRCA and SR Fire Safe Council on Saturday, Aug. 23. Whether you lived through the 2003 Cedar Fire or are new to Scripps Ranch, this is an event to help you prepare for what is predicted to be a dangerous fire season. We have some big name panelists to answer your questions. See pages 38 and 39 for more.

The other big event is the Miramar Ranch North 20th Anniversary, which marks the passage of time when we welcomed more than 4,000 homes into the Scripps Ranch family. To celebrate, we will host a 5K run/walk on Saturday, Dec. 6. Four years ago we closed Pomerado Road and this time we are looking to use Spring Canyon Road.

We need to thank county supervisor Dave Roberts for jump-starting this event with a generous grant. So mark your calendars and watch for more details in future SRCA Newsletters, the SRCA website, Facebook page, and by email. If you would like to be on the committee or volunteer the day of the event, please email me at [[email protected]].

We invite local businesses to partner with the SRCA through our Business Supporter Program. This is a terrific way to gain more visibility among Scripps Ranch residents while supporting our vibrant community. We have different levels, and we’re sure one can best meet your promotional needs. Your contributions also help the SRCA achieve its mission to provide the volunteers, services, and advocacy that support our wonderful community. To learn more about this program, visit [].

Bob Ilko, SRCA President

A Wonderful 4th of July!

Thanks to all the participants and spectators at the 44th Annual 4th of July Parade and Festivities, sponsored by the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA). Jake (above right) and Justin Todd carried the SRCA banner at the start of the parade. We had a return of the Marine Color Guard with four young men in their resplendent uniforms carrying the flag proudly.

Did you see our own Chief Shelly Zimmerman on the steps of the paddy wagon, followed by her officers in various cars including the Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP)? Grand marshals Colonel Bob Dingeman and his wife, Gaye, have contributed significantly to the SRCA and our terrific community. Check out the parade winners and some pictures on page 7. More photos will be posted on the SRCA website at [].

How about the Wells Fargo stagecoach? Thanks to Steve Mosteller of our local Wells Fargo who started in January to get one of 16 coaches available nationwide. Jon Thomson and Elissa Barber also helped make it happen, and we thank them as well. Riding on top from Troop 663 were Spencer Shortill, an Eagle Scout who has earned every Merit Badge available. From Troop 664 was Kenan Draughorne, a Life Scout and Eagle candidate.

Riding inside from Troop 663 was Scoutmaster Mathew Muckerman and First Class Scout Frederick Wrightson. From Troop 664: Scoutmaster Blan Cox, First Class Cameron Settles and Joshua Cox, and Xavier dela Cruz, a Tenderfoot scout. Scouts from these two troops have contributed to the success of the SRCA parade with hard labor in the heat and are representative of all the contributions to our community made by all our scouts.

This year Troop 663 passed out notices to residents: Tyler Muckerman, Daniel Murillo, Miguel McPhee, Shane Jurak, Dan Jurak, Keoni Rodriguez, Wilson Vo, Spencer Shortill, Steve Jurak, Mat Muckerman, Jodie Muckerman, Laryna Rodriguez, Coral Muckerman, and Samyia Wrighy. Troop 664 stayed long after the parade to pick up all the barricades and “No Parking” signs: Jakob Rosen, Tanner Florio, Dune Mallory, Max Rosson, Nick Dismukes, Xavier dela Cruz, Scott Tuberville, Kier Nagano, Cole Ferguson, Evan Ferguson, Owen Ant, Zack Mudd, and Nick Calkins. Supervising adults included David Settles, Archie dela Cruz, Brian Rosen, Andy Calkins, and David Wakefield. Our thanks to you all.

Helping set up signs and barricades were Arman Freeman, David Reynolds, Zach Ash-Reynolds, Bill Feather, Eric Le, Andrew Chau, Steve Foster, Joe Kloberdanz, Lori Erlenbach, Rich Horowitz, Kathy Sinclair, Eric Sinclair, Dave Reynolds, Zack Ash Reynolds, Lorrie Moore, Renè Buck, Vivian Ash, Linda Harris, Carl Stepnowsky, Terry Smolin, and Gail Hamilton. Also, most of our local elected officials and several school principals rode in convertibles driven by their owners. Those drivers were: Rosemary Keane, Sharon Morrow, Gary Graham, Jon Christ, Patty Sherev, Ron Phillips, Carl Stewart, Bud Fosdick, Joe Kloberdanz, Dan Skiles, Roy Burchill, Meredith Keene.

Handing out American flags to dignitaries were Sky and Laurel Carpenter. Only with the help of our parade marshals can our event move along smoothly. Thanks to: Jack Little, Jan Kane, Eric Sinclair, John Sinclair, Bill Feather, Mary Drummond, Jim Paterniti, Rich Horowitz, Lynn Todd, Steve Foster, Jeannie Foster, Lori Erlenbach, Zach Ash-Reynolds, Mark Smolin, Art Ansert, Kathy Sinclair, Steve Smith, Vince Petrucci, Jorge Guerra, Terry McKearney, Claude Braunstein, Michael Trifoglio, and Rene Buck. Thanks also to Andy Nichols for the radios and communications for the parade marshals.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the parade. The floats, groups, and marchers captured the spirit of this year’s theme, Scripps Ranch Celebrates the ’70s! Congratulations to the winners:

Car Club

  • 1st—Model A


  • 1st—Loire Valley
  • 2nd—Leafwood/Waldgrove Place
  • 3rd—F.R.O.G.

Youth Group

  • 1st—EBS Students (above)
  • 2nd—Cub Scout pack 614
  • 3rd—Girl Scouts Sister Troops 4148 and 3815

Performing Group

  • 1st—Fitness Quest
  • 2nd—Society for the Preservation of the Middle Class
  • 3rd—SR Pop Warner Cheerleaders

Decorated Vehicle

  • 1st—Wells Fargo Stagecoach, pictured on page 13
  • 2nd—RSVP
  • 3rd—SDPD Northeastern Division, Lt. Dawn Summers

Marching Group

  • 1st—Patriotic Quilters
  • 2nd—SR Zen Meditation Group
  • 3rd—Sustainable SR, photo pg. 11

Thanks again to the lively and informative narration by the dynamic duo of Elissa Barber and her son, Kevin. Thanks also to Jon Fernau and his helpers who were there early in the morning setting up the speakers and audio system for our narrators. Our wonderful judges this year were again: Nils and Margie Persson; Donna and Dave LeMay; and Roger Boates. As usual, they were hosted in the yard of owners Suzanne and Emery Gerhardt. Your dedication to our community for the past 30 years is greatly appreciated.

In Hoyt Park Savannah Ashley of Marshall Middle School sang the national anthem. Rob the DJ kept the crowd hopping, and this year the air jumpers were provided by SD Bouncers. At our checkers table a very popular activity was overseen by Ryan Coates and Mitchel Stephan. Our always favorite face-painting was chaired by Christie Hansen with her volunteers Kelsey Bushman, Shelby Bushman, Kyra Kent, Claire Caputo, Sarah Steiger, Mini Lee, Brenna Webb, and Alex Hammond.

At the Food Court members of Schwan’s Foods handed out 2,000 free ice cream cups. Thanks to Lanette Sullivan for this generous contribution. The food court was busy with a variety of offerings from Kaminski’s Q, Delicioso, InSliders, Finest City Kettlecorn, and Jewel Hawaiian Shaved Ice. Thank you, Scott Thomas of the Scripps Ranch Swim and Racquet Club, for again loaning us your truck, and to Adam Bucholz of Wells Fargo for providing electricity for the narrator’s audio.

A special thanks must go to Councilmember Mark Kersey and his staff for a most welcome contribution of $9,000 from the city ensuring this year’s parade took place at a time when funds were low. He and his staff are always there when we need them. Also supporting the parade was Bernardo Dermatology. We thank you for your generosity and support of our community. As you see it takes quite a few volunteers with financial support to put on this event, and Scripps Ranch residents, businesses, and government representatives have always been good at volunteering and supporting our community.

Also a special thanks goes to this year’s 4th of July Committee who tirelessly spent hours planning, setting up items before the event, and working during the event and afterward. I was honored to chair the committee with wonderful hard-working members. Thank you to: Jany Staley, Ruben Suzara, Elissa Barber, Mark Schecter, Brian Allman, Victoria Mazelli, Bob Ilko, Bob Dingeman, Nils Persson, Cathy Burciaga, Jan Kane, Lorayne Witte Burley, Gary Clark, and Rene Buck. Thanks also to Ed Kane for helping us break down and muscling all those tables. See you all at next year’s event.

Finally, the SRCA thanks the residents along the parade route and adjacent to Hoyt Park for their patience in having the parade and festivities alter their everyday routine. Your inconvenience is the price of our tradition. We appreciate your contribution to the spirit of Scripps Ranch.

Ernie Burciaga, 4th of July Chair

Aging Successfully Lectures

Our next lecture, A Morning of Language and Laughter with Richard Lederer, is on Wednesday, Sept. 3, from 10 to 11:30 am at the Scripps Ranch Library. Please join us to hear the entertaining wisdom of Richard Lederer. He has written more than 40 books about language, history, and humor, including his bestselling Anguished English series and his current books, The Gift of Age, A Tribute to Teachers, American Trivia, and Amazing Words. He has been profiled in magazines as diverse as The New Yorker, People, and the National Inquirer and was a founding co-host of A Way With Words on public radio.

Richard’s observations on language appear in magazines throughout the U.S., and Lederer on Language can be read each Saturday in the UT San Diego. He has been elected International Punster of the Year and Toastmasters International’s Golden Gavel winner.

Richard Lederer is the proud father of professional poker players Howard Lederer and Annie Duke and poet/memoirist Katy Lederer. Richard and his wife, Simone van Egeren, live in Scripps Ranch.

Enroll Now with ElderHelp

We reported last month that the SRCA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ElderHelp and that enrollment in the ElderHelp Concierge Club is now offered in Scripps Ranch. Enrollment is easy! Just call or email ElderHelp to start the process to confirm eligibility and to create your personalized package. Contact them at [[email protected]] or 619-284-9281. ElderHelp will respond within two business days.

Chair Exercise Class Change

This class now meets at the Scripps Ranch Library from 11 am until noon every Tuesday.


The Scripps Ranch Pet Advice for Wise Seniors (PAWS) Club meets on the first Saturday of each month at 4 pm at Lake View Park. The Annual Pawtluck Party is on Saturday, Aug. 2.

Monthly Garden Share

  • Saturday, Aug. 9, 4–5 pm
  • SRCA Community Center
  • 11885 Cypress Canyon Road

Our neighbors’ tomato plants are five-feet high and their bean plants are over my head. You know there will be plenty of produce to share in August. Come celebrate the bounty with us. Anything excess will be contributed to needy seniors.

Join us at the outdoor picnic tables northwest of the building. Bring produce or snacks and drinks to share, plus seeds, cuttings, starter plants, pots, books, tools, whatever. Meet old or new friends and share your interests, questions, and ideas.

What if you have nothing to share? Come anyway, enjoy the company, take what you like—produce, snacks, books, pots, clothing, whatever we have—and contribute to our SRCA collection box.

Bus Rapid Transit Changes our Local Routes

The new Bus Rapid Transit system started in June for neighborhoods from Sabre Springs to Escondido. However, here in Scripps Ranch we need to wait a little longer. Both the Miramar College Transit Station and its new direct access ramp to Interstate 15 are still under construction, and therefore the new north-south and east-west rapid buses do not yet serve our area. However, there are important changes you need to know about now:

  1. Many Mira Mesa routes stop officially at the Miramar College Transit Station. However, while construction is underway, the stop is located on Westview Parkway between Mira Mesa Boulevard and Hillery Drive, near the Mira Mesa Market Center Drive stoplight that leads east and west to Home Depot, Ross, and other stores. You can park anywhere in the shopping centers and walk to the bus stop.
  2. The rush-hour “jury bus,” formerly bus 210, is now bus 110 with significant route changes. You cannot catch the 110 bus on Black Mountain Road, except possibly at Mira Mesa Boulevard. The nearest stop for Scripps Ranch residents is the Miramar College Transit Station, which for now means Westview Parkway north of Hillery. Schedules have changed, too, so check maps, Google, or [] for times.
  3. Bus 964 from Mira Mesa to Alliant International University now travels along Scripps Ranch Boulevard from Mira Mesa Boulevard to Carroll Canyon Road. It goes within two blocks of the Scripps Ranch Library, Miramar Lake, and Scripps Ranch High School, and close to residents in “old” Scripps. Unfortunately, it runs only Monday through Friday, roughly 6 am to 8 pm.
  4. Bus 20 is unchanged and makes many stops along Black Mountain Road. However, all 20 buses now stop at Fashion Valley. The 20x express bus no longer exists.
  5. If you want to go downtown and don’t want the hassle of driving and parking, a new option is available: the 235 rapid bus. For now, you must drive to the new Sabre Springs Transit Station—on Sabre Springs Parkway just south of Ted Williams Parkway—and park there. But the 235 will service the Miramar College Transit Station when construction is complete. It runs every half hour from about 4:30 am until 10 or 11 pm, seven days a week, and every 15 minutes during rush hours.

Tighter Stormwater Regulations

The city is under pressure to reduce urban runoff into our local watersheds and oceans. Contamination from fecal matter, bacteria, and chemicals wreaks havoc on local rivers, lakes, beaches, and the ocean. New regulations are coming, requiring strict avoidance of urban runoff.

More details will be forthcoming, but for now, be sure the water that comes onto your property stays there. Too much irrigation won’t just be wasteful, it will be illegal if water is leaving your property and flowing into storm drains. SSR is planning a lecture on this topic, so stay tuned.

Tip of the Month

If you want a birdbath but are concerned about mosquitoes breeding in your yard, make sure you keep the water moving. A small electric circulating pump is fine, but there are also solar-powered fountain pumps from department stores, and there may be wind-driven systems as well. Share your solutions with us and we’ll share them with others!