President’s Report

Be Prepared!

Well it’s October and we all know what comes with it—Santa Ana conditions, typically later in the month. If you haven’t prepared yet for a wildfire, please do so now. Consult the emergency evacuation map on the SRCA website at []. Put together an evacuation plan of where to go, what to bring, and who to call. These fires can start in the East County and move quickly to Scripps Ranch without warning. We owe a debt of gratitude to our partner, the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council, for co-hosting the Fire Prevention Forum.

Coyote Warning

We’re living up to our country living motto. There have been reports of a mountain lion in Miramar Ranch North and several reports of coyotes south of Miramar Lake, specifically around the water tank site behind the library lately. Unfortunately, a coyote recently caught a dog and killed it. Our hearts go out to the family of little Buffy. Please read their story, and warning, on page 13.

Coyotes are part of the open space ecologic system and there is little to nothing the city, county, or state agencies can do—absent an attack on a human. Please don’t leave pet food outside, trim bushes back to discourage rodents from living near your home, and if you see a coyote, make loud noises. It is important that coyotes remain afraid of humans. If you see a coyote, please report it to the County of San Diego Wildlife Services at 800-486-0010.

Senior Community

The Glen at Scripps Ranch retirement village proposal is making its way through the planning and approval process. We thought you’d like to know more about it as we wait for the city to release the draft Environmental Impact Report, which is expected soon. Please see page 13.

Clean-Up and Recycle

We are bringing back Fall Clean-Up Day and adding a special battery recycling event at the same time. The SRCA will have dumpsters for you at two locations and battery recycling at the SRCA Community Center. This is an expansion of a battery recycling effort by a Scripps Ranch student. Page 15 has details.

Stay Informed

Just a reminder that for community news, visit the SRCA website at []. While there, be sure to check out the many things the SRCA does for you and the community, as well as people, places, and events you can connect with. For example, you can sign up to receive our Neighborhood Watch emails, which we send out to let you know about crime in our community.

Also follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We use both of these to share breaking news with you!

Bob Ilko, SRCA President

And the Winners Are…

Unfortunately, you have to wait until next month to see the winning pictures from amateur Scripps Ranch photographers! We’ll include the winning shots in the November SRCA Newsletter.

The SRCA held the photo contest on Facebook sponsored by Yanni’s Bar and Grill. Three lucky winners will receive a $50 gift certificate to Yanni’s. The pictures also will be posted on the SRCA Facebook page at []—be sure to “Like” us!—and the SRCA website at [].

We Love Volunteers!

We’re looking ahead to the special night each year when we honor our amazing Scripps Ranch volunteers. While the event—SRCA Recognition Night—is about six months away, we would like you to start thinking of who to nominate. In fact, if you already know, please submit that person’s name and information. You can honor as many volunteers as you want.

Simply visit the SRCA website at []. Also, check out last year’s amazing event at []. If you have questions or comments, please contact us at [[email protected]] or 395-6467. Thanks.

Vince Petrucci, Recognition Night Chair

Peek Behind the Scenes of How the SRCA Works for You

Helping each other. That’s how the SRCA works—as a hub to connect people, resources, and funding to support our community. Operating like a volunteer town council, we often work behind the scenes to help you and our community.

In the last few months the SRCA has:

  • Directly helped many residents with questions, ideas, and concerns, by providing the answers or connecting them to the right person or group.
  • Kept residents informed of community events and issues through the SRCA Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, website, and emails.
  • Coordinated the Fire Prevention Forum, with the SR Fire Safe Council, that provided information to protect families and homes from wildfires.
  • Connected with planning groups, maintenance districts, and local leaders to explore new concepts and address issues raised by residents.
  • Worked to provide a safer Scripps Ranch through Neighborhood Watch and by addressing vandalism and other safety issues.

To hear firsthand what we accomplish, visit our monthly SRCA meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library. You’ll also hear the latest from our local officials.

Plus, visit []. While there, join the SRCA and make our community even stronger! If you have questions, please email me at [[email protected]]. SRCA Works for You!

Jan McGinn, Membership Chair

Aging Successfully Lectures

Credit Report 101

  • Wednesday, Oct. 1, 10–11:30 am
  • Scripps Ranch Library

Your credit report matters. Credit reports may affect your mortgage rates, credit card approvals, apartment requests, and even job applications. Reviewing your credit report helps you catch identity theft early. In this workshop, California Coast Credit Union specialists will walk you through credit report basics, including how to read and understand your report, how it is used, and how you can improve it.

Water in San Diego

  • Wednesday, Nov. 5, 10–11:30 am
  • Scripps Ranch Library

Our first speaker will be Linda A. Canada, on behalf of the San Diego History Center. Previously, she has told us about the history of San Diego and Scripps Ranch. This time, she will focus on the interesting history of water in San Diego and its impact on the way the area developed. Next, we will get an update on the drought, and then we will share some water-savings tips.

Focus on Alzheimer’s

According to county supervisors Dianne Jacob and Dave Roberts, Alzheimer’s is “reaching epidemic proportions,” taking a toll on San Diego County households and the health care system and is the third leading cause of death in the county. In light of this, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors has launched “The Alzheimer’s Project,” a plan to increase support to caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients and for scientific research into the disease. For our part, we will periodically include information about Alzheimer’s disease and various programs in this Newsletter.

Companion Volunteer Program

Family and friends who are in-home caregivers for people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s frequently must provide round-the-clock, long-term care and attention to their loved ones. They need a break. The Alzheimer’s Association recently started a “Respite Program.”

Companion volunteers will provide in-home breaks to caregivers in the form of social visits to their loved one with Alzheimer’s. Volunteers will not help with physical or personal care but will spend time with the individuals while the caregiver gets a break. For more information about the Respite Program or becoming a companion volunteer, call the Alzheimer’s Association at 492-4400.

Upcoming Walks

The Alzheimer’s Association Walk to End Alzheimer’s is the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support, and research. Walks are held annually in more than 600 communities nationwide. Together, we can end Alzheimer’s disease, the nation’s sixth-leading cause of death.

In San Diego there will be Walks to End Alzheimer’s on two dates: Saturday, Oct. 4, in Oceanside; and Saturday, Oct. 18, in Balboa Park. Please visit [] for more information and to register for one of these walks.

Fitness Classes at the Library

Scripps Ranch 50 Plus holds a free chair exercise class every Tuesday from 11 am to noon at the Scripps Ranch Library. Join us for this popular class led by the estimable Carole Mathios.

Also, the library is partnering with the San Diego Community College District to offer “Health Education for Older Adults,” a free fitness class focused on improving balance, strength, and flexibility with a low-impact aerobic component.

This class is on Tuesdays from 1:30 to 3 pm at the library. It is open to anyone 18+ and is designed to enhance the physical and mental health of older adults (55+) through information programs, physical exercise, and mental exercises and activities designed to reduce stress and anxiety.

Major Transportation Improvements

Starting in early October, you will have new travel choices to get around our area. Construction of the new Bus Rapid Transit Center and the Hillery Drive and Interstate 15 connector should be complete. Two bus services, Rapid 235 and Rapid 237, will be accessible to Scripps Ranch. Riders will appreciate the new buses, faster service, limited stops, next arrival signs, comfortable shelters, and better weekend options. The price is affordable too.

To learn more about rapid transit services, visit []. For more information about the Miramar College Transit Station and the direct access ramp, visit []. We will have a presentation at the SRCA Community Center in November, so look for details soon, and visit our webpage at [].

Monthly Garden Share

  • Saturday, Oct. 4, 3:30–4:30 pm
  • SRCA Community Center
  • 11885 Cypress Canyon Road

Please note the changes in date and time: this is the first Saturday, at the earlier fall/winter time of 3:30 pm. Do you have pumpkins, squash, eggplants, grapes, herbs, plums? Bring ’em! If there’s too much we’ll pass it along to those in need.

You’re welcome to bring whatever non-garden items from your kitchen, closets, or bookshelves. If you have nothing to share, just make a donation to our SRCA collection box. We’ll have snacks and you can contribute to our “tapas table.”

“Second” Wednesday Talk

Water Conservation in San Diego

  • Wednesday, Oct. 15, 6:30 pm
  • SRCA Community Center

This month’s talk is actually on the third Wednesday! Chris Robbins from the city Water Department will catch us up on the state of water management in San Diego, including: the drought status; water conservation in the city; and how to save on your water bill. Chris also will answer your water-wise questions, so be prepared!

Tip of the Month

From Scripps Ranch resident Erin Mercer: We Hate to Waste at [] is a fun site with tips and blogs covering ways to avoid waste:

  • “Durable not disposable”
  • Get the last drop—from toothpaste tubes and much more
  • Repair and repurpose
  • Share rather than own
  • Respect food
  • Save energy, water, and other resources
  • Live efficiently
  • Recycle or compost

Here are some examples of recent posts:

  • “Sisterhood of the air-dried pants”
  • “We hate to waste” Japanese style—for example, people in Japan carry a hand towel everywhere as restrooms don’t provide towels
  • Revamping your wardrobe by turning unused men’s shirts into women’s skirts and dresses

On the website, you can sign up to receive regular tips via email.

Bob Ilko
SRCA President