President’s Report


Asking others for money is not easy or pleasant but when it’s for a worthy cause, it’s not a problem. I am asking you to contribute to not only a cause that I put my heart and soul into but one that thousands of other residents like you also believe in. The Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) needs your financial support to continue its great programming, seminars, events, meetings, scholarships, communications, community grants, advocacy, and problem solving.

There is no other organization in Scripps Ranch like us that is multi-faceted and all encompassing. We have one interest—Scripps Ranch. Our volunteers handle more than a hundred issues and meetings a month that cover a wide range of concerns. We have been the community’s voice for more than 45 years, and we can only continue with your financial support. Please help us so we can help our community. There’s more information in the article on this page. Then turn to pages 36 and 37 and join the SRCA—YOUR community organization.

SRCA Thanks Volunteers

Scripps Ranch runs on volunteers. All the great things accomplished are led by volunteers. Do you know people who get things done in your neighborhood or for a community group, sports organization, or church? You can nominate them to be recognized for their time and effort.

The SRCA will host a volunteer recognition night in March. It is easy to nominate someone: visit [], fill out the form online, and it’s done! If you have any questions, please contact Recognition Night chair, Vince Petrucci, at [[email protected]] or 395-6467. To see what it’s all about, check out last year’s event at [].

SRCA Addresses Traffic Issue

In selling real estate, it is “location, location, location.” In community planning, it is “traffic, traffic, traffic.” One of the missions of the SRCA is not only to communicate information from the city to the community but to let the city know about issues in Scripps Ranch as well. And not only do we let the city know about a problem, we work with them to come up with a workable solution.

For example, a resident observed a problem with the signals at the intersection of Mira Mesa and Scripps Ranch boulevards and the surrounding area. We took the issue to the city and in the Dialogue section on page 17, you can read the response. The Scripps Ranch Planning Group and SRCA are following up to see how to improve the traffic in that area.

SRCA’s Personal Touch

The SRCA is here for you. If you have a question, concern, or see something that is just not right, please send me an email at [[email protected]]. Also, feel free to contact your SRCA district representative, who knows your area well. Check out the Directory on page 69 to find out who represents you in the SRCA.

Bob Ilko, SRCA President

2015 Annual SRCA Membership Drive

If it’s January, it must be the start of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association’s (SRCA) Annual Membership Drive! Our deepest thanks to all of you who contributed to the SRCA in 2014. As a 100% volunteer organization, your membership dollars—and volunteer hours—made the difference. Because of you, the SRCA accomplished the advocacy, activities, and communications that contribute to the vibrancy of Scripps Ranch.

Operating as our community town council, the SRCA has become a top resource for all things Scripps Ranch. As you think back over 2014, some of these SRCA highlights might come to mind:

  • Enjoying the 44th Annual 4th of July Parade and Festivities
  • Receiving timely safety alerts from Neighborhood Watch
  • Acknowledging hardworking volunteers at Recognition Night
  • Going on the informational Sustainable Scripps Ranch Waterwise Garden Tour
  • Treating your dog to a Scripps Ranch 50 Plus PAWS event
  • Learning how to stay safe at the Wildfire Preparedness Forum
  • Having your voice heard in the Carroll Canyon development proposal planning discussions
  • And so much more we don’t have room to list them all!

Advocacy and activities only benefit the community if residents know about them. Open, timely, and relevant communication are delivered directly to you from a variety of sources—SRCA Newsletter, website, eBlasts, Facebook, and monthly SRCA Board meetings. As Bob mentioned in his article, you have access to personalized assistance through your SRCA district representative. If you have a question or concern, we’re here to help.

The SRCA is not a group that rests on its laurels—or eucalyptus leaves! We have new initiatives planned for 2015. They include a digital version of the SRCA Newsletter, family friendly events, and enhanced online and community resources. Learn more about this year’s goals at [].

The gears on our logo still say it all. Service. Reliability. Community. Advocacy. That’s what the SRCA stands for. With your financial support in 2015, we can continue to deliver these valuable benefits to the community.

It’s easy to renew your annual membership or join today. Visit [] or mail in the form in the Focus section on page 37. For questions, email me at [[email protected]]. Thank you for supporting your Scripps Ranch Civic Association in 2015.

Jan McGinn, SRCA Membership Chair

Aging Successfully Lectures

  • Your Road Map to Alzheimer’s and Dementia
  • Friday, Jan. 16, 10–11:30 am
  • Scripps Ranch Library

San Diego County has officially kicked off its fight against Alzheimer’s with the region’s leading neuroscientists, health care experts, and politicians vowing to find a cure. The County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to launch the Alzheimer’s Project, an ambitious initiative that unites the top minds from San Diego’s world-renowned research institutes to spur the discovery of a drug that has so far eluded the global scientific community.

The SRCA, in coordination with the San Diego-Imperial Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, will present information about Alzheimer’s and similar diseases. Discussion will include topics of interest to everyone, especially caregivers:

  • The Basics—Detection, causes, risk factors, stages, and treatment
  • Know the 10 Signs: early detection matters; learn the warning signs
  • An overview of the Alzheimer’s Association programs

Intergenerational (IG) Programs

Scripps Ranch 50 Plus and Innovations Academy (IA) thanks intergenerational volunteers Lianne and Reinhold Mueller for helping in the IA garden. There will be an Intergenerational Earth Day event in April. If you would like to help, email [[email protected]] or call 397-5747 and leave a message.

Other Activities

Please check the calendar (at right) for other 50 Plus activities and events. Check the “Organizations” calendar on page 53 for information about Pickleball and other clubs and activities.

Monthly Garden Share

  • Sat., Jan. 10, 3–4 pm
  • SRCA Community Center
  • 11885 Cypress Canyon Road

Whether you’re an occasional or regular visitor to our Garden Share, please know every plant we grow, every resource we save and conserve, and every person we connect with is a step toward a healthier planet. We look forward to seeing what winter greens, squash, citrus, and more show up at January’s Garden Share. You also can bring seeds, cuttings, plants, cookware, books, and more. Drinks or snacks to share during our hour together also are welcome…or just bring yourself!

Harvesting Rainwater and Graywater

  • Wednesday, Jan. 14, 6:30 pm
  • SRCA Community Center

Reducing your water use is the most cost-effective step for Southern California to create more water resources for our increasing population. Seventy-five percent of our residential water use is in our landscaping. Brook Sarson of H2Ome will discuss ways to decrease your outdoor water needs by reusing your gently used laundry and shower water in the garden.

She will cover costs, materials, resources, and options for different setups. She will dispel a common myth: “What’s the point of a rainwater tank when it never rains here?” You will be excited about finding space for a 500-gallon tank, which you can get for free after city of San Diego and Metropolitan Water District rebates.

We’ll also have a short presentation from Good Neighbor Gardens. “We farm yards…to deliver organic, locally grown, pesticide-free produce through a Community Supported Agriculture model. Our space-efficient, eco-friendly, and community-minded operation is one from which everyone stands to benefit.”

A Holistic Approach to Sustainable Gardening

  • Giselle Schoniger, organic gardening educator at Kellogg Garden Products
  • Scripps-Mesa Garden Club meeting
  • Tuesday, Jan. 27, 5:45 pm
  • Scripps Ranch Library

“G” spoke to SSR last year, and we’re delighted that she’s in Scripps Ranch again. She is a powerful, entertaining speaker. Here’s how she describes her talk:

Whether you want a lush lawn, glorious trees, or delectable fruits and veggies, the key to a productive garden is healthy soil. Join me as I explore techniques that mimic Mother Nature by using sustainable and organic practices to improve the health of your soil and ultimately the health of your garden, yourself, and the planet we share.

California Friendly Landscaping Workshop

  • Saturday, Jan. 31, 9 am–noon.
  • SRCA Community Center

Space is limited and pre-registration is required. Register at []. For questions about any of these events, contact us at [[email protected]].