President’s Report

SRCA Newsletter Online

The SRCA has officially launched the digital version of the SRCA Newsletter! In addition to receiving your Newsletter at your door, you can now sign up to receive it online, accessible on your computer, laptop, or smartphone. By signing up, you receive an email in the first week of each month with a link and password for the online version. Features include flip-style pages and clickable links. Use the online form to sign up at

We want to thank our digital communications vice president, Natalie Barnes, who has done a wonderful job moving the SRCA forward in the digital world. Natalie spearheads a Digital Committee—webmaster Greg Minter, Cheryl Shaw, Jan McGinn, Mary Drummond, Gloria Tran, and me. Natalie is working diligently on promoting the SRCA’s events as well as the digital Newsletter. She is also working on a revision to our website.

Frightening Incident

Our collective thoughts and prayers go out to Kyle Kraska and his family for a full recovery from the shooting that occurred outside his Scripps Ranch home. In true Scripps Ranch fashion, residents came to Kyle’s assistance. Our thanks to Scott Bartolomei and Bill Feather—pictured on our cover. Their story is on page 15.

Help Save Lives

Do you want to learn how to do hands-only CPR and learn to use an automated external defibrillator (AED)? There is a free class on Tuesday, Mar. 17, from 6 to 8 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library sponsored by the SRCA, City Councilmember Mark Kersey, our city library, and Project Heartbeat. To attend, please email me at [email protected]

Can’t Do It Without You!

SRCA Recognition Night is a way to thank the Scripps Ranch volunteers who make our community such a great place to live. We have more than 100 volunteers to thank this year, and each one of them is a treasure. Next month you’ll see pictures of the honorees in the SRCA Newsletter, so please thank them when you see them.

Bob Ilko, SRCA President

How Does your Membership Help the SRCA Work?

As a 100% volunteer organization, your membership dollars directly support the advocacy, activities, and communications that contribute to the vitality of Scripps Ranch. Here’s how your membership dollars are allocated*:

One of our values is fiscal responsibility. We take seriously how to best allocate contributions, and we reach out to business sponsors to also help fund events. For example, the Community Fair’s $12,000 budget is self-funded through company sponsorships and exhibitor fees.

If just 2,000 households joined at $30 —or more!—we’d have $60,000, enough funding to cover the budget and more.

What’s behind some of the numbers?

  • 4th of July Parade and SRCA events and groups: in addition to our flagship event, we provide Neighborhood Watch, Clean-Up Days, 50 Plus, Sustainable SR, and more.
  • Communications and website: upgrading our online presence helps you stay connected through the website, emails, Facebook, Twitter, and the digital SRCA Newsletter.
  • Schools and community support: One of the ways we give back to the community is through school donations, three high school scholarships, and helping local groups.

Visit to learn more. Join online at or mail in the form on page 5. For questions, email [email protected] Thank you for supporting the SRCA!

Jan McGinn, SRCA Membership Chair

*Note: The budget revenue and expenses shown exclude the cost of fundraising.

16th Annual SRCA Community Fair

  • Sunday, May 17
  • Scripps Ranch Community Park

We hope you plan to come to the fair and enjoy a picnic in the park! Beautiful weather. Plenty of activities for kids and adults. Green Street showcasing sustainability, gardening, and outdoor activities. Wonderful entertainment onstage during the day. All capped off with a rockin’ free concert that night featuring Breezn’.

And, of course, food! No need to bring your own. This year we have all new food vendors offering tantalizing and well-priced entrees, such as handmade tamales!

At the fair you’ll find new and fun ways to connect with your neighbors, friends, and the community while you peruse a wide variety of booths featuring crafts, goods, services, and community groups. A special shout-out to local businesses, crafters, nonprofits, community groups, and performers: there’s still time to join the fair and showcase your products, services, and talents to Scripps Ranch. Sign up at

Stay current on fair happenings at or “Like” the fair on the SRCA’s Facebook page. Questions? Email [email protected]

Jan McGinn, Community Fair Chair

Aging Successfully Lectures

  • Balboa Park History
  • Friday, Mar. 20, 10–11:30 am
  • Scripps Ranch Library

Balboa Park is the nation’s largest urban cultural park. Home to 15 major museums, renowned performing arts venues, beautiful gardens, and the San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park has an ever-changing calendar of museum exhibitions, plays, musicals, concerts, and classes—all in the beautiful and timeless setting of this must-see San Diego attraction.

It hasn’t always been this way, of course. Our speaker will be the popular Linda Canada on behalf of the San Diego History Center. She will trace the history of the park for us, starting with 1,400 acres of land set aside in 1868 by San Diego civic leaders, running through the 1915–1916 Panama-California Exposition, and culminating in a 2015 yearlong celebration of the art, science, and culture of Balboa Park and the city of San Diego. It will be a year of breathtaking performances, awe-inspiring exhibitions, and historical experiences relating to how San Diego has grown and how Balboa Park has evolved over the last century.

Senior Living Tour

  • Wednesday, Mar. 25, 11:15 am
  • The Remington Club
  • Rancho Bernardo

The Remington Club is a full-service senior living community located in Rancho Bernardo. It offers the finest in independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing services, as well as respite or short stays and outpatient therapy. The beautifully landscaped grounds include an outdoor pool and waterfall. Located within walking distance to shopping, restaurants, and golf, there is always something fun to do at The Remington Club!

The Remington Club does not have a buy-in fee. They charge a move-in/community fee that is equal to or less than one month’s rent. Services and living accommodations are charged on a monthly basis.

We will meet on Wednesday, Mar. 25, at 11:15 am at the SRCA Community Center, 11885 Cypress Canyon Road, and board a bus for The Remington Club. Lunch will be served, and we expect to return by 1:30 pm. Tour space is limited. Reservations are required. Please email [email protected] or call 397-5747, option 1, and leave a message.

Intergenerational Earth Day

Scripps Ranch 50 Plus, Sustainable Scripps Ranch (SSR), and Innovations Academy Charter School are partnering with the North County Intergenerational Council to hold an Intergenerational Earth Day Festival on Thursday, Apr. 9, from 9:15 am to 1:30 pm. Children—kindergarten through 8th grade—and adults will have an opportunity to meet each other and participate in a variety of Earth Day, sustainable, and healthy activities.

We need adults to participate with the kids, and we need help to set up and coordinate event activities.

  • Participants will be paired with two or three kids and perform hands-on activities related to gardening, energy, water savings, zero waste, health and nutrition, and nature. These activities will be fun and educational for the kids and you! The activity levels will be matched to the kids’ ages and capabilities: K–2; grades 3–6; and grades 7–8.
  • Volunteers will help sign people in, set up tables and activity areas, assist in guiding various activities—orientation will be provided—and help serve breakfast and lunch.

To receive more information about assisting or to be an adult participant, let us know by sending an email to [email protected] or calling 397-5747, option 1, and leaving a message. We will respond to you with the details.

Other Programs

Please check the SR 50 Plus calendar for Pet Advice for Wise Seniors (PAWS), Blues and Folk Music Group, Chair Exercise, Tai Chi, Silver Age Yoga, and Zumba Gold times and locations. Also, see the Organizations calendar on page 49 for details about the Pickleball Club and other groups that may be of interest to you.

Monthly Garden Share

Sunday, Mar. 8, 4–5 pm

  • SRCA Community Center
  • 11885 Cypress Canyon Road

Share what you have, enjoy what others bring. We’ll be outside if it’s nice weather or inside if needed. Either way, we’ll have tea and snacks, so stop by and say hello.

San Diego Water, What’s New?

  • Wednesday, Mar. 11, 6:30 pm
  • SRCA Community Center

Drought, population growth, salinity, water wars: there’s plenty of scary water news lately. Two speakers, one from the city and one from the county, will update us on changes in the local water scene.

First we’ll hear about Pure Water San Diego, the city’s 20-year program to provide a safe, reliable, and drought-proof drinking water supply for San Diego. Proven water purification technology will be used to produce one-third of San Diego’s drinking water supply by 2035. We’ll learn about local water sources and challenges and hear the results of the city’s Water Purification Demonstration Project and future plans for full-scale water purification facilities.

Next we’ll “dive in” to the Carlsbad Desalination Project, which is two-thirds complete. It includes the largest, most technologically advanced, and energy-efficient seawater desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere. It’s a 10-mile large-diameter pipeline, with improvements to enable distributing desalinated water throughout San Diego County.

The $1 billion project may produce drinking water for the San Diego area as soon as this fall, providing a major new drought-proof water supply that will meet about 7% of the county’s water demands in 2020. An engineer from the County Water Authority will teach us about the plant, desalination process, and the water authority’s diversification efforts in the face of a severe drought. This is an opportunity to learn about a fundamental topic.

Scripps-Mesa Garden Club

  • Tuesday, Mar. 24, 5:45 pm
  • Scripps Ranch Library

Jeff Moore, owner of a specialty nursery in Solana Beach, will present information about succulents.

Intergenerational Earth Day

  • Thursday Apr. 9, 9:15 am–1:30 pm
  • Innovations Academy

Scripps Ranch 50 Plus, Sustainable Scripps Ranch, and Innovations Academy Charter School are partnering with the North County Intergenerational Council for a first-in-San-Diego intergenerational green living festival. We need 100+ adult volunteers to interact with the 340 kids from Innovations Academy, so come join the fun! For details, see this month’s Scripps Ranch 50 Plus column on page 5 or email [email protected]

Tips of the Month

  • It’s time to plant your spring and summer vegetables—hooray! If you haven’t pruned your grapevines and fruit trees, you might still catch the end of the winter dormancy season. It’s best to prune before plants start their new spring growth.
  • Want to learn more about our city and county water but can’t get to the March talk? Visit, which is full of information about the city’s water plans, methodology, and tours. If you missed our February tour of the Miramar Landfill, the city offers them monthly. Email [email protected] for details.
  • Here’s a sustainability book to check out: Grass, Soil, Hope by Courtney White. The core concept: soil is wealth, and we’ve learned, unlearned, and re-learned a lot in the last 20–30 years. The author visited farms and ranches around the world to learn the secrets of great soil and its far-reaching impacts. Did you know that healthy soil is a huge reservoir that holds carbon in non-damaging, usable form as well as a great water-capture tool? Did you know an underground biome of bugs, bacteria, worms, and more is responsible for creating the glomalin “glue” that holds together healthy soils, yet scientists only discovered glomalin in 1997? Did you know that plowing, artificial fertilizers, and pesticides destroy this living biome, but “soil pioneers” are inventing healthier methods. It is fascinating reading, and you can reserve a copy from the library.

Bob Ilko
SRCA President