President’s Report

Neighborhood Representatives

We lost a great representative from City Councilmember Mark Kersey’s office as Tiffany Vinson moved to the city’s Office of Homeland Security. We thank Tiffany for her incredible dedication as she worked with our community to make things happen. She was honored at the June SRCA meeting (pictured) with a special proclamation from the “City of Scripps Ranch.” The good news is that we gained a wonderful new SRCA district representative as Tiffany moved to Scripps Ranch!

The SRCA also welcomes district representatives Lenore Evanson, Karen Hern, and Alex Szeto. Thank you for your time and effort representing your neighbors.

If you are interested in serving your community, we still have some openings. Check the Volunteer section on page 57.

Fun on the 4th!

What is it about a small town parade on the 4th of July that doesn’t convey patriotism, honor, community, and pride? The SRCA has hosted the 4th of July Parade for 45 years at great expense but free to participate. It is a wonderful time to unplug the cell phone, turn off the computer, and connect with the neighborhood. There is plenty of space to watch the parade even if you don’t live near it. See our Focus section on pages 34–35 for details.

“Like” the SRCA to Stay Informed

Where is one of the best places to find out what’s happening in Scripps Ranch? The SRCA Facebook page! Want to know why police are at a certain location? Why someone painted her Jaguar pink and green? Who is doing great things like contributing to Little League after the snack bar was burglarized? “Like” the Scripps Ranch Civic Association Facebook page to find out! It is updated frequently by dedicated volunteers and has more “Likes” than any other town council in San Diego.

The SRCA is Here to Help

Recently we received a request for help by a homeowner about a boundary fence that needed to be replaced years ago. One homeowner wanted it replaced but the other didn’t want a fence at all. There was a question about whether the CC&R’s dealt with the issue, as well as the expense of enforcing the CC&Rs.

To assist in this type of situation, the SRCA recommends—free or low-cost—mediation where both sides meet with a mediator and come up with a mutually beneficial agreement. If you have a concern or dispute with a neighbor, let us know so we can help you find a solution. Email us at [email protected]

Leave Your Legacy

Legacies are hard to achieve and become nothing after a period of time if no one is there to teach the values learned. In Scripps Ranch there have been several legacies: Ron McElliot and the Scripps Ranch Old Pros; Ron Curry and the Business Park; Joan Reese and the Scripps Ranch Friends of the Library; and Col. Bob Dingeman and the Scripps Ranch Civic Association, Scripps Ranch Planning Group, and Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee.

As Col. Bob and his beloved wife, Gaye, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary, I questioned what will be remembered and by whom? New residents see and experience all the trappings of Scripps Ranch, but how did we get here? We seek to do what is best for the community by working together, by doing “due diligence,” and finding a “doable solution.” Sometimes it takes compromise.

It takes many hours of meetings, planning, and creativity to improve the quality of life we enjoy in Scripps Ranch. We are blessed, as there are a great number of people working selfishly behind the scenes every day. Finding new volunteers to learn the lessons of our past is valuable so we can continue to build on what we have. Please volunteer so you can leave a legacy for yourself and those who come after you. Email [email protected]

Bob Ilko, SRCA President

The SRCA Newsletter Needs YOU!

Can you give just an hour of your time each month? If so, the SRCA Newsletter needs you! A volunteer is needed to deliver 12 boxes of Newsletters to a Scripps Ranch area north of the lake each month. The boxes will be delivered to you at the end of the month. Any large car, minivan, SUV, or truck can handle it. To help, please contact the SRCA at [email protected] or 397-5747. Thank you!

July Information

There are limited programs in July. Be sure to enjoy the SRCA 4th of July Parade! Please check the calendar at your right for Scripps Ranch 50 Plus meetings and classes, as well as sessions focusing on the 50+ set and sponsored by other groups. Also, check the Organizations section in this Newsletter for times and other Scripps Ranch groups that may interest you.

Let us know what lecture topics you’d like us to have in the future and places you might like to visit on the Senior Living Tour. Send your ideas to [email protected] or call 397-5747, option 1, and leave a message.

SR Residents Eligible for ElderHelp’s HomeShare

HomeShare is a unique, affordable housing solution, focusing on maximizing existing housing by matching seniors who want to remain in their own homes with adults of all ages who need housing. HomeShare is a simple solution that offers great benefit to seniors and those seeking affordable housing. It is more than a roommate-matching service. It offers:

  • Independence—older adults can remain in their homes and the community they know and love;
  • Economics—additional income for home providers, affordable rent for home seekers, and an alternative to waiting lists for subsidized housing;
  • Security—peace of mind for all involved, knowing there is more than one person in the home; and,
  • Companionship—mutual support and the potential to build lasting friendships.

HomeShare offers two options:

  • Rental Exchange—homeowners can supplement their incomes by renting out a spare bedroom or two.
  • Service Exchange—homeowners receive some assistance around the house in exchange for a room. Such help may include housekeeping, cooking, transportation, grocery shopping, errands, yard work or other assistance.

Are you interested in sharing your home or are you looking for affordable housing? Send an email to [email protected] or call 619-284-9281.

Monthly Garden Share

  • Sunday, July 12, 4–5 pm
  • SRCA Community Center
  • 11885 Cypress Canyon Road

Energy Savings

This month is all about cool summer savings by making sure those big energy users, like pools and air conditioners, are operating efficiently. With summer rates in place and rate relief reform delayed, it is more important than ever to understand how to manage and control your energy use and especially the energy use of the biggest summer users. Go to While you’re there, try the energy management tools and find out about rebate programs to save you money.

More Sustainable Landscape

SSR has a new information-packed two-page handout, “Working Toward your Sustainable San Diego Landscape.” Check our webpage at for a downloadable copy.

Confused About Water Use?

Check the city/county of San Diego water department websites for more information on regional plans for long-term solutions. Time of day and day of week watering are more important than ever.

  • County:
  • City:

Information on rebates and incentives:

  • County:
  • City:

We will continue to update our webpage on the changing water regulations. Free hands-on landscaping workshops are available by signing up at

Join the SRCA

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Bob Ilko
SRCA President