President’s Report

Crime Spree

Criminals tend to hit one neighborhood then move to the next. Well, it was our turn where we saw a big spike in residential burglaries. To make matters worse, criminals were burglarizing houses when residents were home asleep. These burglaries are called “hot prowls.” They are not home invasions or robberies. A house cannot be “robbed”—it is burglarized. A robbery is the taking of property from a person in their immediate presence. A home invasion is the forced entry into a home with violent intent.

Scripps Ranch is fortunate to have a low crime rate and we have not had any robberies—besides banks—or home invasions. Our SRCA Neighborhood Watch is a great resource that sends out information about crimes in Scripps Ranch. To get our alerts, go to To have a block party for your area, email us at [email protected]

The SRCA Helps Scripps Ranch

The SRCA, in partnership with the Scripps Ranch Planning Group and Jerabek Elementary School, requested crosswalks be added near the school. City traffic engineers evaluated two intersections: Avenida Magnifica at Mesa Madera Drive; and Mesa Madera at Tribuna Avenue. Given the path of travel to the school, city staff recommended adding the crosswalks. They will be painted after SDG&E completes its work replacing gas lines to avoid painting the crosswalks twice.

Bob Ilko, SRCA President

How Your SRCA Membership Benefits Our Community

The SRCA is thankful for our members and volunteers, without whom we could not exist. As a 100% volunteer organization, your membership dollars directly support the advocacy, activities, and communications that contribute to the vitality of Scripps Ranch.

The pie chart shows how we will transform your membership dollars into tangible actions—and some administrative necessities—during the fiscal year of Sept. 2015 through Aug. 2016.

By renewing—or starting—your SRCA membership this month, you’re providing us with a jump-start on having enough funds to meet expenses. If just 2,000 households join, we’d have the funds to cover this year’s budget and some for future needs. You can learn more about our mission, goals, achievements, and funding at

What’s behind the numbers?

  • Events and Groups: From flagship events—the 4th of July Parade—to special groups like Neighborhood Watch, the SRCA delivers fun and awareness.
  • Communications—Maintaining and enhancing our online presence helps you Stay Connected! to the Scripps Ranch conversation through the SRCA website, emails, Facebook, Twitter, and the digital SRCA Newsletter. To join SRCA’s online community, visit
  • Schools and Community Support—The SRCA believes in giving back to our community through donations, SR High School scholarships, helping promote the activities and needs of other groups, and more.

Make your financial connection today! It’s easy to join online at or mail in the form below. For questions, email [email protected] We look forward to connecting with you!

Jan McGinn, SRCA Membership Chair

Recognition Night 2016 Sponsored by the SRCA

We are pleased to announce the date for the 2016 SRCA Recognition Night: Tuesday, Apr. 5, 2016, at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library. Please mark your calendar. This annual event honors those special individuals and volunteers who make Scripps Ranch such a vibrant community. You know who they are: the people who jump right in to help with Scouts, sports, schools, community and neighborhood issues, or just provide a helping hand to a neighbor. Often unsung, we want to raise a collective voice to say “thank you” to these wonderful volunteers.

If you know someone who has made a special or significant contribution to our community and quality of life, we are now accepting names to honor during Recognition Night. It’s easy to submit your volunteer. Just visit and fill out the form online.

For details about Recognition Night, visit or contact me at [email protected]

Vince Petrucci, Recognition Night Chair

Aging Successfully in SR

  • Friday, Nov. 20, 10–11:30 am
  • Scripps Ranch Library
  • Topic: Managing Chronic Diseases to Live Well: Parkinson’s

Long-term health issues can rob us of our quality of life for decades. Some chronic diseases are preventable, but many are not and must be “managed.” Join the discussion of how we can take control of our health care decisions to truly live well.

Jim Paterniti, PhD and co-creator of the Parkinson’s wellness program “Minds in Motion,” will share his experiences on the journey with Parkinson’s. He will speak on non-medical management and how it empowers people with chronic diseases to live joyful, productive lives.

Jim is a former research pharmacologist. Over a lengthy and varied career, Jim successfully co-developed two drugs, co-authored 60+ scientific publications, and trained a dozen future scientific leaders.

Long-time Scripps Ranch residents, Jim and his wife, Mary Drummond, serve on the SRCA Executive Board. A recent interview with Jim is posted at:

SDG&E Innovation Center Tour

  • Wednesday, Nov. 11
  • Energy Innovations Center

Come with us to see the many new technologies and practices that are energy efficient and environmentally sound. The Energy Innovation Center is designed to be a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum-certified facility and serve as a means of demonstrating technologies and practices for residential and commercial buildings. The special features at the center include:

  • About 85% of the building’s materials are reused or recycled.
  • The roof is covered with special materials that reflect heat.
  • Solar panels do things such as offset the building’s energy use by 34% and heat the water.
  • A rainwater collection unit stores water used for the irrigation system.
  • All of the water fixtures are ultra-low flow, helping reduce water consumption up to 30%.
  • It features the newest technology in lighting, reducing energy use.
  • The center features only low-emitting materials—paint, sealants, adhesives, and coatings.
  • Even the trees are solar. The parking lot features “solar trees”—covered parking areas with solar panels on top that provide both shade for your car and power for the region.

This tour is cosponsored by Sustainable Scripps Ranch. You can carpool from Scripps Ranch or meet in Clairemont at 12:50 pm at the Energy Innovations Center, 4760 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard. RSVP to [email protected] or 397-5747, option 1, to leave a message. Let us know if you need directions or would like to carpool from the “old” Vons parking lot. Carpoolers will meet at 12:20 pm. Departure will be promptly at 12:30 pm. Join us!

New Pickleball Opportunity

The Scripps Ranch Pickleball Club plays on Sundays from 12 to 2 pm at the Recreation Center. Thanks to the Rec Center for setting this up. Check the calendar on page 7 for other Pickleball Club times. For more about the Pickleball Club, see page 49, which also has more information about other Scripps Ranch organizations.

West Sycamore Volunteer Crew

  • Sunday, Nov. 1, 8 am
  • Sunday, Dec. 6
  • West Sycamore staging area, east end of Stonebridge Parkway

Volunteer crews meet on the first Sunday of each month at 8 am, weather permitting, and stop work by noon or earlier. Bring work gloves and wear long pants and sturdy, closed-toed shoes. A hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are recommended on sunny days. Water, Gatorade, and snacks are provided! For more information, contact Mission Trails ranger Andrew Miller at [email protected]

Garden Share

  • Sunday, Nov. 8, 3:30–4:30 pm

What’s abundant in your garden? Come share yours and enjoy ours, along with tea, snacks, and good company.

SDG&E Innovation Center Tour

  • Wednesday, Nov. 11, 1–2 pm
  • Cosponsored by SRCA 50 Plus
  • 4760 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92117

View the latest in energy and environmental technologies in one of just 10 buildings in the world to achieve double LEED Platinum certification. See the article on page 7, and visit for information. Then RSVP—required—to [email protected]

2nd Wednesday Lecture

  • Harvesting Rainwater/Graywater
  • Wednesday, Nov. 11, 6:30–8 pm
  • SRCA Community Center
  • 11885 Cypress Canyon Road

Reducing water use is the most cost-effective way for Southern California to create more water resources. Seventy-five percent of our residential water use is in our landscape. Brook Sarson of H2Ome will discuss ways to decrease outdoor water needs by reusing your gently used laundry and shower water in the garden.

She will cover costs, materials, resources, and options for a variety of different setups including yours! You will walk away excited to find space for a 500-gallon tank, which will cost about 25 cents on the dollar after city of San Diego and Metropolitan Water District rebates.

You also will learn how simple, cost-effective changes in your landscape can reduce your water use, both inside and out. Note: This is an updated version of the popular talk Brook gave us last January.

West Sycamore Third Sunday Guided Nature Walk

  • Sunday, Nov. 15, 8 am

Join Mission Trails ranger Andrew Miller at the West Sycamore staging area for a 90-minute guided nature walk. Please wear comfortable shoes and bring a hat and bottled water. For more information, see

Check out the Spotlight on Scripps Ranch on page 37 that focuses on the new West Sycamore area, where you can take nature walks, hike, and more!

Tips of the Month

  • Free county classes and rebates: A three-hour California Friendly Landscape Workshop, three-hour Landscape Design Workshop, and a four-session Landscape Makeover series. Visit While you’re there, click “Programs and Incentives” to see the county rebates available, such as $135 for a high-efficiency washer and $75 per rain barrel for up to four barrels.
  • Possible free Landscape Design class in Scripps Ranch: We hope to set this up for Saturday, Nov. 7, at the SR library. Check your SSR eblast or website for updates.
  • Rain barrel rebates: Along with county rebates, the city has money to repay you $1/gallon for newly installed rain barrels, up to 400 gallons per residence. See
  • SDG&E Mobile Energy app: One of the first in the industry to offer anytime access to bill payment, payment locations, outage maps, and even a calculator to find out what appliances cost to run. Download it from the app store for your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Android.
  • View your energy use
  • Get outage information, via maps updated every five to ten minutes to display all unplanned outages, including estimated restoration time, outage cause, and affected communities.
  • Try the interactive cost calcula- tor: choose the appliances you use and estimate how many hours you use each appliance every month. The calculator estimates your costs and keeps a running total for your appli- ances as you add them. For example, see how much the old refrigerator in the garage costs you to run each month.

Bob Ilko
SRCA President