President’s Report

Joy of the Season

It’s December so we want to wish you holiday cheer. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays!

Still Developing…

For a community that is 45 years old, we haven’t reached full build-out. The Glen at Scripps Ranch—the proposed senior community—is expected to be approved by the city in December, and Chabad will start grading for its dormitory units. For more information on this, check out the Scripps Ranch Planning Group report on page 17. In addition, the Watermark shopping center was approved, and the Carroll Canyon mixed-use development is in environmental review.

There is now the Monarch proposal for developing the Innovations Academy site owned by the school district. The Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) and the Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee bring you a detailed three-page look at the proposal. You will not find more information than what the SRCA brings you in our Newsletter. See pages 31–33.

Holiday Crime

One of the ways the SRCA keeps residents informed is through our Neighborhood Watch program. We not only provide information that a crime has occurred, but we give you the behind-the-incident information you can use to help avoid becoming a victim. The holidays are especially busy for burglars. Page 13 has some tips on how to keep your family safe.

Historic Season!

History is being made at Scripps Ranch High School by the Women’s Golf Team. For the first time in school history, the team qualified to go to CIF playoffs! SRHS has a good record of both women and men golfers, such as former SRHS golfer Xander Schauffele, who is now playing in the pros. Read more on page 35.

Final Notes

To keep the community updated, the city’s code compliance and police are working to resolve issues about vendors on Pomerado Road.

If there is some reason you or someone you know is not in a festive holiday mood, please reach out. There are people who care. I, for one, am available: 243-1235.

Bob Ilko, SRCA President

Bah Humbug!?

Not in Scripps Ranch! We are blessed to live in a wonderful community—strong, caring, neighborly, civic-minded, and volunteer-oriented. During December’s festivities, let’s take a moment to thank that special person—neighbor, volunteer, coach, scout leader, teacher, friend. It’s our connections with each other that add to the unique quality of life on the Ranch.

The SRCA helps strengthen community connections, such as between you, planning groups, developers, and the city. This year, dedicated SRCA and planning group volunteers provided leadership and opened a dialogue to ensure our community’s planning and traffic interests were well represented. They made sure you had a voice and were kept informed. It’s one of the many benefits behind SRCA community connections.

So when you stop to thank those special people for their help in 2015, we hope you remember to thank an SRCA representative. Not sure who they are? Visit Show your support by becoming an SRCA member in December, and we’ll pass along your thanks to them. Visit If you have any questions, email us at [email protected]

May you and yours find a connection filled with warmth, comfort, and good cheer during this holiday season.

Jan McGinn, SRCA Membership Chair

Recognition Night 2016

The date is set for SRCA Recognition Night 2016! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, Apr. 5, from 6:30 to 9 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library. This night is set aside to recognize and honor those who volunteer for the good of our community by helping with beneficial projects, programs, and events throughout Scripps Ranch. It’s easy to honor that special volunteer at

To learn more about the background, presentation, volunteer honorees, and more, visit You also can see event night pictures at

Last year’s event was a spectacular success and we plan to have another great turnout this year! SRCA Recognition Night 2016 is only a few months away, so let’s start submitting the names of our deserving volunteers. For more information about Recognition Night, visit or contact me at [email protected]

Vince Petrucci, Recognition Night Chair

Newsletter Distributors

Been At It Long?

If you are one of our SRCA Newsletter distributors who have 20 or more years on the “job,” please let us know. We would love to recognize you at our annual Recognition Night. Please send an email to [email protected]

We Need YOU!

Looking for a way to give back to your community but don’t have much time? If you can give just an hour each month, you can help distribute the SRCA Newsletter! A volunteer is needed to deliver 12 boxes of Newsletters to a Scripps Ranch area north of the lake each month. The boxes will be delivered to you at the end of the month. Any large car, minivan, SUV, or truck can handle it. To help, please contact the SRCA at [email protected] or 397-5747. Thank you!

  • 17th SRCA Community Fair
  • Sunday, May 15

We are “Celebrating a Community of Cultures” at next year’s second largest community event. To make that happen, we want to showcase the many cultures of Scripps Ranch through exciting and new exhibitors, such as nonprofits, community groups, vendors, sponsors, and those in the performing, visual, or culinary arts.

What would you like to see, hear, eat, and do at next year’s fair? Email me your thoughts, ideas, and recommendations. We would love to hear from you!

We also are looking to showcase local businesses, crafters, nonprofits, community groups, and performers. If you’re interested in becoming part of the fair tradition, let me know. Also visit

If you’re that special someone who wants to become more involved in community events, join our volunteer team! We meet the first Tuesday of the month and have a variety of positions available. Contact me at [email protected] to join our group. See you at the fair!

Jan McGinn, Community Fair Chair

Garden and Christmas Share

  • Saturday, Dec. 12, 3–4 pm
  • SRCA Community Center
  • 11885 Cypress Canyon Road

This fun event is co-sponsored with Sustainable Scripps Ranch. The regular Garden Share—produce and fruit from our gardens, recipes, seeds, plants, and so forth—is being expanded to include Christmas items. Come share candles, ornaments, household items, or anything else you would like to make or share.

Take this opportunity to meet fellow residents and share what you have. As always, please don’t hold back if you have nothing to share. If you’d like, you can always donate to help the SRCA and our sustainable community. We plan to meet outdoors to enjoy good weather, but will be indoors if needed.

2-1-1 San Diego

Keep this number in mind: 211. 2-1-1 San Diego is a free resource and information hub that connects people with community, health, and disaster services through a 24/7 confidential phone service and searchable online database. 2-1-1 serves the entire population of the county.

Every hour of every day, someone in San Diego County searches for services— from substance abuse treatment to care for a child or aging parent, food, housing, or financial assistance. With more than 6,000 health and human service programs, finding help can seem insurmountable. By dialing 2-1-1, you will be linked to a live, highly-trained client service representative, who will navigate you through your situation by assessing your needs and matching them to the best and closest resource in your community. Assistance is confidential and offered in more than 200 languages and dialects.

During a disaster 2-1-1 works with San Diego County’s Office of Emergency Services to provide information to the community, rumor control, and trend analysis to county officials. It also reports community needs that are not being met and acts as the central communications point for other community agencies and non-governmental organizations.

For example, as potential El Niño rains approach, the county has put together recommendations for how you can prepare. Those include looking around your property to see if you are in a flood-prone area or near a hillside with little or dead vegetation that could allow erosion and checking the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s resources at For more information about the services available through 2-1-1 San Diego, visit

Zumba Gold

Please note that the Zumba Gold classes previously held on Mondays at 9:30 am at the library have been cancelled. There is, however, still a regular Zumba class on Thursdays at 4 pm at the library.


Sponsored by the Scripps Ranch Pickleball Club, pickleball is played:

  • Sundays, 12–2 pm; Mondays, 1–3 pm; and Tuesdays, 12:30–3 pm, at the Scripps Ranch Recreation Center, 11454 Blue Cypress Drive
  • Wednesdays and Thursdays, 3 pm– dark, Cypress Canyon Park

Holiday Potluck and Recycled Gift Exchange

  • Friday, Dec. 4, 5:30–8 pm
  • Steve and Terry Carter’s Scripps Ranch home

Let’s celebrate another good year of learning and sharing with our neighbors. Join us for a fabulous potluck supper at Steve and Terry’s beautiful home. If you want, bring a recycled gift to exchange. Recycle the packaging too for extra credit and creativity kudos. All are welcome, whether you’ve been active in Sustainable Scripps Ranch (SSR) or just want to say hello. To RSVP—required—and get directions, email [email protected] or call Lynn Owens at 566-7717.

West Sycamore Volunteer Crew

  • Sunday, Dec. 6, 8 am

Get your exercise for the day and help improve your park—weather permitting—at the West Sycamore staging area, at the west end of Stonebridge Parkway. Please bring work gloves and wear long pants and sturdy closed-toed shoes. A hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are recommended. Water, Gatorade, and snacks are provided! For more information, contact ranger Andrew Miller at [email protected]

Garden Plus Holiday Share

  • Saturday, Dec. 12, 3–4 pm
  • SRCA Community Center
  • 11885 Cypress Canyon Road

We have a special treat this month! In addition to sharing produce, snacks, and conversation, we have a great collection of candles, baskets, and other holiday paraphernalia available for all who want them. Even if you’re not a regular participant in our Garden Share, please join us if you think you could use some of our giveaway goodies. As usual, we welcome your produce to share or anything else you’d like to pass along to grateful homes.

West Sycamore Third Sunday Guided Nature Walk

  • Sunday, Dec. 20, 8 am

Join Mission Trails ranger Andrew Miller at the West Sycamore staging area—very east end of Stonebridge Parkway—for a 90-minute guided nature walk. He will focus on the plant communities and animals commonly found at West Sycamore. Please wear comfortable shoes and bring a hat and bottled water. For more information, see

CA-Friendly Landscape Class

  • Friday, Jan. 15, 5–8 pm
  • SRCA Community Center

Pre-registration is required at

Tips of the Month

Clotheslines in HOAs: A bill signed into law by Governor Brown recently means that homeowners associations (HOAs) can no longer ban clotheslines, except for safety or access purposes. Line drying uses free solar energy.

By contrast, clothes dryers are usually one of the most energy-intensive appliances in a home. Here’s more information about the change:

WaterSmartSD Mobile App: has launched a great new smartphone app that lets you report water waste such as broken sprinklers, excess irrigation, and potential violations of local water-use rules with the option of including a photo or video. The app is free for both iPhone and Android devices through the app stores. There also is a link to the app on the San Diego County Water Authority’s website at You can report waste by either entering an address or using the geolocation feature to pinpoint a problem location.

The app includes other features such as links to online water conservation resources and rebates, a local water agency map and locator, and information about local and state restrictions. It can be used across all areas of the county served by the Water Authority’s member agencies.

SDG&E Winter Tips: Here are suggestions to keep us efficiently safe, warm, and lighted in this cold, dark season:

  1. Schedule a free SDG&E gas appliance safety check-up through or 1-800-411-7343.
  2. Replace the filter on your gas furnace.
  3. Replace batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
  4. Lighting can account for 20% of your electric bill. LED lights are a bright idea for energy savings! To find efficient lights for your home, visit the SDG&E Marketplace at

Bob Ilko
SRCA President