President’s Report

Leadership in our Community

Leadership can be taking on a fight yourself or identifying an issue and helping others take up the cause. The SRCA was instrumental in bringing the San Diego Unified School District’s redevelopment plans of the Innovations Academy site to the attention of the community. We didn’t stop there. We brought forward information both from the school district to the community and from the community to the district. We stepped up and said “No” to the plan!

Now that the district is continuing its plans for 264 apartments and retail space, the SRCA hasn’t stopped in its leadership. We are working with residents who formed Voice of Scripps Ranch (VOSR).

VOSR is kicking off a yard sign campaign and working on gathering information on every aspect of the proposal. (Please see the VOSR article on page 15.) The SRCA continues its proactive approach. In addition, we will keep you informed on the project and suggest you “Like” our SRCA Facebook page, where we post breaking news. Just search “Scripps Ranch Civic Association.”

Helping Fight Crime

The SRCA Neighborhood Watch program is hosting the annual National Night Out on Tuesday, Aug. 2. It’s a great event where you could enjoy time outside, watch the kids or grandkids, socialize with neighbors, and prevent crime. We expect nearly 40 block parties. If you would like more information, please visit or email [email protected] We’d love to help you.

Bob Ilko, SRCA President 

SRCA Newsletter Advertisers

Effective with the October 2016 SRCA Newsletter, we will offer our customers the ability to pay for advertising by credit card. In addition, rates will increase for all display ads. Please see the new rates on page 4. This is the first rate increase since January 2013. We thank our advertisers for supporting the SRCA Newsletter and our readers for supporting our advertisers.

Your Voice in the SRCA

The Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) has divided the Ranch into districts, each with a representative to help you. To find your district, visit, then go to to find your rep. We are introducing these extraordinary volunteers in the Newsletter.

Wally Wulfeck—District 8

Hi. I represent District 8, which is the Chantemar and Loire Valley areas south of Pomerado Road. Local issues often are referred to our two homeowners associations, but many broader Scripps Ranch and San Diego city issues affect us. Most recently, we have been working on city maintenance of stormwater systems and the planned Fairbrook Park.

I served on the Chantemar HOA Architectural Committee from 2005 to 2007 and as board president from 2007 to 2009. During that time we significantly modified our architectural guidelines and installed a security system in our recreation area. I joined the SRCA as a district representative in 2010. In 2012 I joined the Scripps Ranch Planning Group and was elected chair in 2013, a position I still hold.

My family has lived in Scripps Ranch since 1994. We lost our house in the 2003 Cedar Fire and rebuilt in 2005. This experience sensitized me to the importance of public safety and communication in our community. Many of us take the SRCA for granted, but I urge you to join and support your SRCA. I can be reached at 566-2376 or [email protected]

Spectacular 4th of July!

I wish to thank all the participants and spectators for making the 46th Annual SRCA 4th of July Parade one to remember—a prefect day, a great turnout, and a lot of fun! It’s wonderful to see the support we receive from the community year after year for this Scripps Ranch tradition.

I also wish to thank our elected officials for celebrating the 4th of July with us: Mayor Kevin Faulconer, Congressman Scott Peters, Assemblymember Brian Maienschein, County Supervisor Dave Roberts, Councilmember Mark Kersey, and School Board Trustee Kevin Beiser. Additionally, a big thanks goes to the rest of the dignitaries: Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman, Fire Chief Brian Fennessey, “Mr. Scripps Ranch” Colonel Bob Dingeman, and the school principals.

This year the 4th of July Committee made a point to find new parade participants. I think the group did a great job. The word on the street was that the golden retrievers, horses, and car clubs were big hits! For next year’s parade, if you have any suggestions on what you’d like to see, please let us know at [email protected] We’ll try our best to make it happen.

All the festivities were captured on video this year. Thanks go to Dan Janes for the aerial video and photos and Jerry Yang for his short film “Best 4th of July Parade EVER!” You can find the videos on the SRCA website at Check them out!

Congratulations to the award winners, noted on page 7. There were so many great entries, I’m certain the judges had a difficult time making their decisions.

These events never go off without some kind of snafu, like the shock we experienced when we found out that our power source for the emcee’s public address system was dead. The “Save the Day Award” goes to Tommy Sardo at Little Italy Bar and Grill. Thank you, Tommy, for allowing us to run 500 feet of extension cords to Little Italy to power our PA!

Last but not least, I want to thank everyone behind the scenes who made this event happen: the SRCA, 4th of July Committee, and the numerous volunteers who spent countless hours putting out “No Parking” signs, staging the participants, and doing everything in between. You know who you all are. It’s because of you that the tradition continues!

Gary Clark, 4th of July Chair

Parade Winners

The SRCA extends a big thank you to everyone who took part in the parade. Congratulations to the winners:


Youth Group

  • 1st—E.B. Scripps Elementary, picture on page 29
  • 2nd—Cub Scouts Pack 614 and 615, Pack 614 picture on page 35
  • 3rd—Jerabek Elementary

Decorated Vehicle

  • 1st—Loire Valley
  • 2nd—SD Police Department, Taxi/Police Car and Paddy Wagon
  • 3rd—Smallest Car Howdy Doody

Float, one entry

  • 1st—Canyon Springs Church

Performance Group

  • 1st—Fitness Quest
  • 2nd—SRHS Spirit Squad
  • 3rd—Scripps Ranch Pop Warner Football/Cheer

Marching Group

  • 1st—Scripps Ranch Stroller Strides
  • 2nd—Watame Sushi
  • 3rd—SR All-Star Softball

Car Club

  • 1st—DeLoreans
  • 2nd—Model As
  • 3rd—Mustangs 

Thank you to the parade judges—Roger Boates, Claude Braunstein, Paul Lichtenstein, and Victoria Mazelli—who said some decisions were very close!

50 Plus Needs You!

To continue and expand our efforts in the community, 50 Plus needs volunteers to help with planning and coordinating:

  • Aging Successfully Lectures
  • Senior Living Tours
  • Activities sponsored or promoted by SRCA 50 Plus, such as Chair Exercise classes or Pet Advice for Wise Seniors (PAWS) meetings
  • 50 Plus participation in major city and county programs/partnerships
  • 50 Plus articles in this Newsletter
  • Interactions with other organizations such as the SR Friends of the Library, ElderHelp, and AARP
  • 50 Plus participation in the SRCA Community Fair, 4th of July, and events held by SRCA 50 Plus
  • Social activities

Volunteers should be able to a commit two to 20 hours per month, depending on the task. These are planning and coordination positions. If you wish to provide hands-on assistance to seniors, let us know and we will refer you to ElderHelp of San Diego or other organizations. For more information or to volunteer, please email [email protected] or call 397-5747, option 1, and leave a message.

OASIS/Scripps Ranch Friends of the Library

  • Why Religion?
  • Saturday, Aug. 27, 10 am–noon
  • Scripps Ranch Library

What is religion? Has it runs its course? Has science replaced or enhanced religion? Join us for an inquiry into these and other questions as we search for ways to adapt the ancient forms of religion to the ever-changing realities of the dawning new age. Peter Bolland, M.A., professor of philosophy and humanities, will lead this class. It is free and open to the public.


Are you looking for couples to play canasta? How about folks to do a round-robin potluck dinner? The SRCA Newsletter would like to help seniors connect with each other to enjoy social get-togethers. If you have an idea, send it to [email protected] If we get submissions, we will include them—free!—in the Classifieds at the back of this Newsletter.


Sponsored by the Scripps Ranch Pickleball Club. Special hours for August:

  • SR Recreation Center (indoors), 11454 Blue Cypress Dr.: Sundays, 12–2 pm; Thursdays, 6:45–8:45 pm
  • Cypress Canyon Park basketball court (outside): Mondays, Tuesdays, 8:30–10:30 am; Wed., 4–6 pm

There are beginning Pickleball classes at the Rec Center. Call 538-8085 to register.

Save the Date

The Scripps Ranch Expo—Creating a Smarter and Safer Community is only one month away: Saturday, Sept. 24, 12–5 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library.

Learn from experts about water conservation, energy efficiency, and drought-tolerant landscapes. Hear from our fire and police chiefs about emergency plans and community systems that will make us safe in an emergency. Details will be in the September SRCA Newsletter. This event is sponsored by Sustainable Scripps Ranch and the Scripps Ranch Fire Safe Council.

Events at West Sycamore

Stargazing in Stonebridge: Join us on Friday, Aug. 26, starting at sunset in the West Sycamore staging area at the far eastern end of Stonebridge Parkway. Rain or clouds cancel. For updates, including event times and the go/no-go status, check the San Diego Astronomy Association’s website at Please park on the street and walk in.

Volunteer Crew and Hiking with a Ranger are cancelled due to hot weather.

Energy and Safety Updates

  • In July electric rates were consolidated from three to two tiers. To see why, go to #espsdge
  • Need more energy tips? Here are 10 tips for saving energy in the summer: #espsdge
  • Cool savings! Save money and energy by lowering the temperature of your pool. Each degree warmer equals 10–30% more in cost. Visit #espsdge
  • Looking for a cool place to chill? In San Diego, 100+ public Cool Zones are open now through Monday, Oct. 31. For details, visit #espsdge

Support SSR and the SRCA

If you like what SSR does, please consider supporting us by joining the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA), of which we are a standing committee. Membership starts at $30 a year. Go to Thanks!

Bob Ilko
SRCA President