Published On: July 14th, 2018Categories: News

SRCA 4th of July 2018 – 1st, 2nd, 3rd Winners

Car Clubs
1st – Corvette Club – 20 participation, zigzag in unison
2nd – Model A Club – 15 oooga booga, decorations
3rd – Bombshell Bette Jeeps, 5 lots of flags

Decorated Vehicles
1st – Ural Sidecar Motorcycle – most unusual, performed for judges
2nd – Scripps Ranch RSVP – 2 cars decorated flags
3rd – Scripps MiraMesa Fireworks – decorated

1st – Loire Valley – Superheros, amazing work done on the float,
Red, White & Blue and stars, and multiple characters dressed up.
2nd – Cub Scouts, with Tepee, scooters, paraded around the tepee
NO 3rd

Marching Group
1st – SRHS Band – 30 participants, 15 flag girls
2nd – Golden Retrievers, 25 participants
NO 3rd

Performing Group
1st SRHS Falcon Corp, Color Guard, Cheerleaders
2nd – Fitness Quest 10, Star Spangled Trainer, 5 one $ bribe
3rd – Society Preservation of the Middle Class, routine

Youth Group
1st – Scripps Ranch Softball, routine, trophies in cart, helium balloon
2nd – Girl Scouts, families, a lot of participants, singing
3rd – Dingeman Elementary, dance routine, flags, 15 participants

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