President’s Report

Apartment Project

One thing the Scripps Ranch Civic Association (SRCA) does for residents is keep you informed about development projects. Otherwise you may not know about it until you see the construction. The SRCA works tirelessly to bring you updates that we generate through our contacts.

The school district and developer Monarch Group, who want to build a four-story apartment complex at the Innovations Academy site, tell us the environmental impact report scoping meeting should be in January. The purpose of the meeting is for residents to tell the district what they want the study to evaluate.

We don’t have a date for the meeting, and it might be called on short notice. Therefore, we will publicize it on the SRCA Facebook page, Twitter, and through emails. Questions or input? Email me at [email protected]

Learn to Use an AED

The SRCA teamed up with the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department (SDFD) and Project Heartbeat a few years ago to buy automated external defibrillators (AED) for each public school, the library’s community room, and our SRCA Community Center. An AED is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias—sudden death—and treats them through defibrillation, which uses an electrical shock and lets the heart establish an effective rhythm.

AEDs are used when someone has sudden death—and are unconscious—not a heart attack. People can be conscious during a heart attack. If a heart attack leads to sudden death, then it’s appropriate to use an AED. Anyone can use the machine because when it is opened, it audibly tells you what to do step by step.

Along with using an AED the SDFD wants you to use hands-only CPR—100+ compressions a minute, about one-third the depth of the chest on every compression. Unless trained as a medical professional, no mouth to mouth is needed. The compressions put air in the lungs, which increases the survival rate to nearly 90%.

For the second year the SRCA co-hosted an AED training session (using the mannequin and machine pictured above) along with the SDFD, Project Heartbeat, and the Scripps Ranch Library. As the SRCA holds public meetings and events and operates the SRCA Community Center, we trained our board members to use an AED in case of an emergency. In 92131 for the past five years, 45 residents reported sudden cardiac arrests—15 last year alone. Your quality of life—and your life—is important to the SRCA Board.

Honor Someone Special

Has someone in the community done something special for you or your family? A school volunteer, kid’s coach, church or synagogue helper who has given his or her precious time? Maybe made a meaningful contribution to your group?

Reward him or her this holiday season by submitting his or her name for a special honor by the SRCA at our Recognition Night event on Monday, Apr. 3. Just go to

From my family to yours, have a safe and wonderful holiday season!

Bob Ilko, SRCA President

Reflections on a Year of Connections

The end of the year is often a time when we reflect on our accomplishments. Did we exercise enough? Fund retirement? Take a family vacation? Have more fun? Reconnect with good friends?

We’d like to share with you reflections on the SRCA’s 2016 accomplishments:

  • Provide you with open monthly meetings to inform and discuss community planning issues
  • Connect you to experts with sustainable solutions, fire safety, and senior care
  • Help you stay safe via Neighborhood Watch alerts and volunteers
  • Give back through donations to schools, community groups, the library, and scholarships
  • Promote community groups at events and the 4th of July Parade
  • Help you sell or dispose of your extra “stuff”—Community Garage Sale and Clean-Up Days!
  • Showcase the beautiful constellations and planets in the night sky
  • Acknowledge the thousands of members and volunteers who support the SRCA
  • Keep you “in the know” through the SRCA Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, and emails

As evidenced by these highlights, our goal is to continually connect you with the people, resources, and communications you need to enhance your unique quality of life in Scripps Ranch. Help keep our accomplishments going. Join today at If you have questions, email [email protected]

May you and yours find wonderful connections filled with warmth, comfort, and good cheer during this holiday season.

Jan McGinn, SRCA Membership Chair

We Represent YOU

The SRCA Board has an envoy for each area on the Ranch. These amazing volunteers represent you: your viewpoint, needs, and concerns. To find your area, visit

Bob Cronk—District 14

Hi, my name is Bob Cronk and I am your representative serving District 14, the area around the Scripps Ranch Marketplace where the “new” Vons is located. I have been on the SRCA Board since 2012. Back then I was the branch manager of the Scripps Ranch Library and attended the monthly SRCA meetings. As a resident of Scripps Ranch I found out District 14 was vacant and volunteered.

I am a native Californian and moved to San Diego to attend San Diego State in the 1980s. I moved with my family to Scripps Ranch in 1995. I am married and have two sons, both of whom attended Scripps Ranch schools including Dingeman Elementary. I coached Pop Warner and was a volunteer board member and officer of the city’s largest public labor organization.

I am a librarian and the deputy director of public services for the city of San Diego Public Library System. I have worked at the library for more than 26 years.

I volunteer my time to the Scripps Ranch Civic Association because I believe in the idea of a strong community. I have helped set up barricades for the 4th of July Parade and participated in outreach to solicit community input for the organization.

I appreciate the work that the SRCA Board does. Before I joined the board I didn’t have a good idea of how much time and effort these volunteers put in to making Scripps Ranch such a great place to live. And while I may not have the time to do as much as many of them, I am glad to help where and when I can.

Please reach out and contact me at [email protected] if you need help or have questions. If I don’t have the answer, I will try to find it for you.

Aging Successfully in SR

  • Empowered Aging
  • Friday, Dec. 16, 10–11:30 am
  • Scripps Ranch Library

Aging can be full of fears, phobias, and potholes, but we can give ourselves the power and authority to “Age Successfully.” Join us for a lively discussion about:

  • Busting through ageism and stigmas
  • Overcoming fears
  • How to stay engaged, involved, and empowered
  • Living life from a place of action versus reaction

This is your chance to share your thoughts and experiences. Our moderator will be Kristen Chazaud, who is on the ElderHelp of San Diego Board of Directors and owner of a senior placement and referral service. Kristen has a wide range of experience working with seniors who live independently, those who need assistance, and those who require skilled nursing.

She is moved by the grace with which this accomplished group handles aging. She hears their requests to live at home, where they feel comfortable. Her personal mission is to help them do so safely.

Aging Successfully lectures are held on the third Friday of each month and are free and open to all. No registration is required.

Technology for Older Adults

This class is held on Mondays at 3:30 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library. Learn new skills about computers, the internet, social media, and more in this weekly class sponsored by the San Diego Community College District.

Save the Date: Second Fridays!

Starting in January there will be a new set of classes, discussions, and events on the second Friday of each month from 10 to 11:30 am at the Scripps Ranch Library. We will cover popular and fun topics: history, travel, food and cooking, saving money, new technologies—you name it. We plan to have family and kid-oriented events on some Saturdays too. This will be brought to you through the collaboration of SRCA 50 Plus, Sustainable Scripps Ranch, the Scripps Ranch Friends of the Library, and the Scripps Ranch Library.


This is sponsored by the Scripps Ranch Pickleball Club. See the schedule at

Holiday Potluck and Recycled Gift Exchange

  • Friday, Dec. 9, 5:30–8 pm
  • Steve and Terry’s home

Let’s celebrate another good year of learning and sharing with our Scripps Ranch neighbors. Join us for a potluck. If you want, bring a recycled gift to exchange.

All are welcome, whether you’ve been active in Sustainable Scripps Ranch or just want to say hello. To RSVP—required!—and get directions, email [email protected] or call 397-5747.

Monthly Garden Share

  • Saturday, Dec. 17, 3–4 pm
  • SRCA Community Center
  • 11885 Cypress Canyon Road

Check our webpage for any late changes.

Landscape Rebates Available

The San Diego Sustainable Landscapes Program offers $1.75 per square foot for qualified applicants who replace water-intensive turf grass with landscaping that provides several environmental benefits. Eligible projects must include rainwater capture and retention, soil enhancements, climate-appropriate plants, and water-efficient irrigation methods. Sites are subject to inspection. For more information, visit

Helping Your Trees in a Drought

Your trees provide an immense range of health, energy, and environmental and economic benefits. Read this great info at

West Sycamore Events

Volunteer Crew

  • Sunday, Dec. 4, 8 am
  • West Sycamore Staging Area—east end of Stonebridge Parkway

Get your exercise for the day and help improve your park at the same time. Please bring gloves and wear long pants, sturdy shoes, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Water, Gatorade, and snacks are provided! For more details, contact ranger Andrew Miller at [email protected]

Guided Nature Walk

  • Sunday, Dec. 18, 8 am, 90 minutes
  • 16281 Sycamore Canyon Road 92064

Join Mission Trails ranger Andrew Miller for his monthly 90-minute guided nature walk, focused on the plant communities and animals commonly found at West Sycamore. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a hat and bottled water. More information is at

Stargazing in Scripps Ranch

There is no star party in December due to the holidays.

Solar for Homeowners

  • Tuesday, Dec. 13, 5:30–7:30 pm
  • SDG&E Innovation Center
  • 4760 Clairemont Mesa Boulevard, 92117

Check out for other solar dates.

Electric Bill Rate Changes

The California Public Utilities Commission approved a new electric rate structure that is being phased in through 2020. California’s energy utilities are changing the way they charge for energy based on when you use it. Find out more about how energy rates are changing in San Diego at #espsdge

We Want Your Suggestions!

Do you have ideas for topics for next year? Want to lend a hand or help establish a Community Garden? Please contact us.

You also can help support us by joining the SRCA—just go to Happy holidays to all Scripps Ranch residents!


Bob Ilko

SRCA President