President’s Report

If You Build It, They Will Come

They say build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door. The volunteers who make up your SRCA take that saying to heart: that if you build a better community, the residents will beat a path to being members. Sometimes, though, you need to ask and remind people, because everyone is very busy!

We think we have worked diligently, appropriately, and with integrity to improve the lives of Scripps Ranch residents and businesses. It is no easy task to be proactive in approaching problems because it takes dedication and patience to get things accomplished.

For example, we started the process to acquire land for Fairbrook Park in 1998. The park design was approved in 2017, and it should be completed in 2019. Just one example of persistence and patience!

We anticipated issues with SDG&E’s construction of the transmission line and worked behind the scenes for four months before construction started to reduce the impacts to the community. It has been a year of nearly daily communications with residents, SDG&E, and the city on the project. We also provided an email for residents who had concerns or suggestions about the traffic impacts—[email protected] We respond quickly and try to address issues immediately.

The SRCA tries to tackle problems proactively by doing due diligence, overcoming obstacles, and offering a Bob Dingeman “doable solution.” A recent case in point is the Marshall Middle School Parent-Paid Bus Program, which was on the brink of being eliminated by the district. The SRCA volunteered to step in and organize a new bus committee, which is now an independent organization with bylaws and new volunteers. We provided leadership not only to help the students but also the parents, administration, school district, and our residents. Busing means fewer cars driving to and from the school each day and, therefore, less traffic on your commute.

Your SRCA membership benefit isn’t a soft new blanket or tickets to see animals perform. Your SRCA membership benefit is an improved community that doesn’t have many of the problems other neighborhoods face. Your benefit is having people immediately available who care about Scripps Ranch as their number one priority. I am always available to you. Email me at [email protected]

So please beat a path to our door and become an SRCA member. The article on this page has even more information about your membership benefits and how to join.

Police Department Changes

With any large and dynamic organization like the San Diego Police Department, there will be leadership changes. The Northeastern (NE) Division, which oversees Scripps Ranch, has seen more than its fair share of changes because those who serve us do a great job.

Captain Stephanie Rose left NE to lead the SWAT and K-9 teams. We thank Captain Rose for her service and welcome Captain Chris Knighten, who comes from Internal Affairs.

Also moving up is our beloved Community Relations Officer (CRO), Shannah Oliveras, who is now an instructor at the regional police academy. Juvenile Services Team officer Christina Santos is our new CRO. Officer Santos has 18 years of experience and previously worked in NE, so she’s familiar with our community. We look forward to working with both Chris and Christina.

Bob Ilko, SRCA President

Why Join the SRCA?

You read about some benefits of an SRCA membership, but there’s more. You get the benefits from the hard work of more than 200 volunteers dedicated every day to make Scripps Ranch a better place to live, work, and play. Where else can you get unrelenting community service from an organization with a remarkable 48-year track record of success for as little as $30 a year? We do the little things that no one knows about and everything in between. SRCA volunteers make Scripps Ranch our priority. Here are a few more investments you benefit from:

  • Our Facebook page has the most followers of any town council in San Diego County—3,990 as of Jan. 11; search “Scripps Ranch Civic Association” and “Like” us
  • Dynamic and immediate updates to Facebook during emergencies, rainstorms, school lockdowns, and more—all information is verified
  • We have the county’s largest and best Neighborhood Watch program, a model the police department uses for other communities
  • Quintessential 4th of July Parade—a 48-year tradition

Volunteers have done it all and will do much more, but we need your financial support. Your membership allows us to continue investing in Scripps Ranch so you can enjoy the benefits. Please send in the form you received in the mail or join online at

Thank Those Volunteers

Have you ever thought about how different our community would be without any volunteers? Who would coach our kids in various sports leagues? How about those who put on community events? We couldn’t hold any. Don’t forget those classroom volunteers who teach art or chaperone a field trip. The bottom line is that Scripps Ranch is not Scripps Ranch without each and every valuable volunteer.

Now is your chance to publicly thank those people. You can do so by honoring them at the SRCA’s annual Recognition Night. Just fill out the form on page 7 or go online to Then join us on Monday, Apr. 2, at 6:30 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library for a special evening honoring our community volunteers.

Second Friday Lecture

  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Climate, Atmospheric Sciences, and Physical Oceanography
  • Friday, Feb. 9, 10–11:30 am
  • Scripps Ranch Library

This is another in our series of talks about the world-class Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO). We will have:

  • A brief overview of SIO
  • An introduction to the Climate, Atmospheric Sciences, and Physical Oceanography (CASPO) Division, including its people, resources, facilities, and relationships to other agencies and organizations
  • An overview of the division’s research areas, activities, and results
  • Other information that the division would like to share

The lecture is free and open to the public. No RSVP or reservation is required.

Aging Successfully in SR

  • Transportation Options for Scripps Ranch Seniors
  • Friday, Feb. 16, 10–11:30 am
  • Scripps Ranch Library

What are the transportation options, other than driving your own vehicle, available to Scripps Ranch seniors? Come find out about all of the free and low-cost ways to get around. We will include programs run by organizations such as Facilitating Access to Coordinated Transportation (FACT), Jewish Family Services, and ElderHelp of San Diego. Plus, we will cover special ride-sharing programs for seniors who use Uber or Lyft.

This will be your chance to find out about the qualifications, costs, and service areas available for all of the transportation choices for you or family members. The lecture is free and open to the public. No RSVP or reservation is required.

Senior Living Tour

  • White Sands La Jolla
  • Friday, Feb. 23

At White Sands you’re close to everything that La Jolla and the San Diego area have to offer. Take advantage of it. Its life plan community includes newly renovated features and offers residential living with life-enriching amenities and a secure plan for future health care, if ever needed. Living options involve a nominal entrance charge and monthly fees but no buy-ins.

  • Independent living includes beautifully designed residences in a variety of shapes and sizes, many with ocean views. Residential living provides lifetime priority access to White Sands continuum of on-site health services as well as in-home care for those needing a little occasional assistance rather than a higher level of care.
  • Assisted living features a comfortable and vibrant environment and access to all the community services and amenities. The Lodge at White Sands offers personalized assisted living for those who need extra support with daily activities. Assisted living is available to White Sands residents and non-residents through direct admission.
  • Skilled nursing care: The Village is available to White Sands residents in residential living, assisted living, and memory care as part of the on-site continuum of care. Kind, expert team members work with residents and their families to customize a personal care plan.
  • Memory care: The Grove offers an uplifting, person-centered approach to dementia care that honors individuality in a safe, homelike setting. Support is available to White Sands residents and non-residents through direct admission.

We will have a tour and lunch. We will meet at the SRCA Community Center, 11885 Cypress Canyon Road, on Friday, Feb. 23, at 10:15 am. The bus will leave promptly at 10:30 am. Spaces are very limited and reservations are required. To request a reservation, please email [email protected]—preferred method—or call 858-397-5747 to leave a message if you do not have email.

SR50Plus and SSR Lecture

  • Scripps Institution of Oceanography: Climate, Atmospheric Sciences, and Physical Oceanography
  • Friday, Feb. 9, 10 am
  • Scripps Ranch Library

Please see the article above for details.

Hawk Watch

  • Every Saturday in February, 10 am

This event in Ramona is free and fun for kids and adults of all ages!

Garden Talks

SSR Garden Share

Check our webpage at for date and time.

Sunshine Care

  • 12725 Monte Vista Road, Poway
  • Saturday, Feb. 18, 10:30 am

A look at the successes and failures in your fall and winter veggie gardens, as well as a look ahead to spring. If you have any questions and to RSVP, please email farmer Roy, director of horticulture, at [email protected]

Armstrong Nursery

  • 9939 Carmel Mountain Road, 92129
  • Saturday, Feb. 24, 10 am
  • Gardening for Beginners

Learn the basics and gain the confidence to grow anything.

I Love A Clean San Diego

  • Encinitas Union School District’s Farm Lab, 441 Quail Gardens Road, Encinitas, 92024
  • Saturday, Feb. 3, 10 am–noon

This free event covers topics such as zero-waste kitchen and bathroom tips, DIY, and on-the-go reusable options!

West Sycamore Events

All events at the West Sycamore Staging Area, far east end of Stonebridge Parkway

Volunteer Crew

First Sundays of the Month

  • Sunday, Feb. 3, 8 am

Get your exercise and help improve your park by lending a hand. For more information, email [email protected]


Mountain Bike with a Park Ranger

  • Saturday, Feb. 10, 9–11 am

Join ranger Araceli Dominguez and San Diego Mountain Bike Association member Maggie Holloway for this fun-filled nature and progressive beginner series of rides. Come early and volunteers will help adjust your bike. Bring safety gear, hydration pack, sunscreen, and food. If the trails are wet, the event will be cancelled. For questions, email [email protected] or call 619- 668-2744.


Nature Walk

Third Sundays of the Month

  • Sunday, Feb. 18, 8 am

Join ranger Andrew Miller for his 90-minute guided nature walk, focused on the plant communities and animals. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a hat and bottled water.


Stargazing in Scripps Ranch

Fourth Fridays of the Month

  • Friday, Feb. 23, sunset, rain or clouds cancel

Please park on the street and walk in. Kids are welcome.

Energy-Saving Tips

Check out SDG&E’s Electric Vehicle Guide at Answer five quick questions and instantly receive a list of electric cars that may fit your lifestyle. #espsdge

Do you want to save energy? Start with small actions. It’s easy to do, and you’ll see your utility bills decrease while you create a more energy-efficient, comfortable home. #espsdge

Bob Ilko

SRCA President