President’s Report

Fabulous 4th

Be sure to join us for the annual 4th of July Parade, with this year’s theme, “Stars, Stripes, & Dreams. The SRCA hosts this event each year out of patriotism and love of our community, but it comes with a cost—nearly $9,000. We gather many $30, $48, $60, and $100 memberships to put together one of the best small town 4th of July parades in San Diego.

The work behind the scenes to get permits, insurance, volunteers, port-a-potties, and much more takes time. Generous volunteers work for about six months to organize, plan, execute, and enjoy the day. After all, it isn’t work when you love what you do!

Please celebrate our country’s birthday with us. For all the details, check out page 7. I’ll let you in on a little secret—the Loire Valley residents may be back with a float this year. Have a happy 4th of July!

Neighborhood Watch Works

The SRCA makes Scripps Ranch our priority by focusing on issues that are important to residents. Crime always seems to top the list.

The SRCA restarted the Neighborhood Watch (NW) program eight years ago when residents on Red Rock Drive were burglarized. They invited the SRCA to a block party meeting with the San Diego Police Department (SDPD). From that meeting we understood how the NW program was failing, so we made it more efficient, responsive, and easier to join.

Anyone can sign up to get our email alerts. We use free, no obligation email subscriptions to share crime information, requests for assistance, and crime prevention tips. Cheryl Shaw, our fabulous NW chair, works closely with me, our SRCA Newsletter editor, and SDPD.

There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes: answering residents’ questions and concerns individually; asking police to verify reported crimes; hosting block parties; and solving problems. Being detail-oriented—dare I say obsessive?!—I have saved nearly every email sent and received about SRCANW for the past eight years. We have more than 31,500 emails archived, which is about 10 emails per day for eight years!

You can sign up to get emails by going to Don’t worry, you won’t get 10 a day! We only send emails when crimes occur or there’s important information. More than 2,800 Scripps Ranch residents are subscribed! For more about how the SRCANW works for you, check out pages 28–29.

SRCA Scholarships

We award the Colonel Bob Dingeman/SRCA Scholarships to Scripps Ranch High School seniors for academic and volunteer achievement. This year two outstanding students received $1,500 each. Read about the recipients and their accomplishments in Bob’s What’s Happening report on page 13. The awards are funded by SRCA memberships.

Helping Our Students Soar

Also funded by SRCA membership contributions from residents are grants to our seven local public schools, totaling $3,500. The grants go directly to classrooms and school site needs. Each school applies for the grant for whatever they need to help our students.

It is important to the health of the community to have successful, effective, and meaningful education for our children. One of the primary reasons for good property values in Scripps Ranch is high-achieving public education.

Parking Issue Resolved

As SRCA president and chair of the Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) Traffic Committee, there was a request to drastically remove parking on Old Grove Road where Ballast Point Brewery is located. About a decade ago Ballast Point asked the city to convert parallel parking to angled parking on the south side of the road. Roughly 70 spaces were made available. A business recently moved in and was concerned about exiting their property given the angled parking.

The property owner requested the city revert the angled parking back to parallel parking—with the possible loss of 30 spaces. The city sought the recommendation of the SRPG who formed an ad hoc committee to evaluate options and form a recommendation.

We had several meetings with the 10 property owners on Old Grove and hotly debated three options. Working with city traffic engineers and negotiating among the group, we agreed to remove four angled parking spots and add two parallel spaces, for a net loss of only two spots.

Bob Ilko, SRCA President

SRCA Newsletter Needs You

The SRCA Newsletter is distributed to each Scripps Ranch home by an incredible network of about 300 volunteers. While this task is vital to the community, it is only done once a month.

The SRCA Newsletter is looking for an area distributor to deliver 12 boxes to volunteers in the northern part of Scripps Ranch, north of Spring Canyon Road. If we get two volunteers, they could split the load and get it done in half the time.

Please consider joining this special group of people, led by distribution manger Jim Caughey—the SRCA Citizen of the Year for his decades of giving back to the community! Email Jim at [email protected] Thank you.

Bob Ilko

SRCA President