President’s Report

SRCA Newsletter Changes

Producing a community newsletter is no easy task. Hundreds of hours of work go into each issue to provide you the best source for community news. While we have advertising in our publication, the SRCA Newsletter’s focus is not to make a profit but to give you accurate information about Scripps Ranch. Simply put, advertising pays for the Newsletter, so please patronize our advertisers.

We have made changes to the SRCA Newsletter and going full color is just the easiest to see. We are printing more issues, yet paying less. We also are fulfilling a promise to deliver—by volunteers—to every single-family home in StoneBridge Estates. This is long overdue for both StoneBridge and the SRCA Newsletter.

I want to thank our editor Gloria Tran, advertising manager Melissa Allman, graphics editor Victoria Mazelli, distribution manager Jim Caughey, and the SRCA Newsletter Committee for all their work to make this change a reality.

Pomerado Road Update

By the time this SRCA Newsletter is delivered, SDG&E will have restriped Pomerado Road. It took too long, which made it unsafe because it was difficult to navigate the lanes without lines. Resurfacing Stonebridge Parkway should be completed soon, and SDG&E will start energizing the electric transmission line.

From day one of this project—some 23 months ago—the SRCA and Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG) advocated for the repaving of Pomerado Road, and neither organization has stopped working toward that goal. Now we learn that there are no plans to repave Pomerado Road between Avenida Magnifica and Interstate 15. Check out the SRPG report on page 19 to see what you can do that may make a difference.

Over the nearly two year timespan, we were successful in reducing impacts to the community. For example, we detoured traffic through Crown Pointe Estates for the weekend that Pomerado Road was closed for repaving. We owe a special thank you to the Crown Pointe Homeowners Association board and residents for their offer to open their gated community to relieve traffic congestion for residents that weekend. It was a thoughtful gesture to fellow community members.

Thank you, Brian and Kathy!

The SRCA has big shoes to fill. Our board treasurer, Brian Allman, is retiring after 30 years of dedicated work for this community. We aren’t just losing Brian, but also his wife, Kathy. It is a team who has faithfully volunteered for decades on so many projects to make Scripps Ranch better. Kathy was our SRCA Newsletter ad manager, and when she “retired,” their daughter Melissa took over.

Brian has been instrumental in the financial well-being of the organization. He was also responsible for many strategic decisions about how the SRCA helped the community. I recall when Scripps Ranch High School was about to open, and the district was going to give our students used football and cheer uniforms. Marc Sorensen, Colonel Bob Dingeman, and Brian Allman said our students deserved better so the SRCA bought new uniforms.

I can’t say enough about Brian’s financial skills and acumen. He has made conservative decisions about SRCA membership revenues and how we spend them, and those decisions have always benefitted the community.

I am only scratching the surface of all the hours of hard work he has put in for Scripps Ranch. Brian has volunteered without being asked when he saw something that needed to be done. Examples include picking up SRCA Newsletters from our printer every month and helping with the 4th of July Parade.

One of Brian’s greatest achievements is saving the city’s former Information Center when officials wanted to shut it down. He came up with a plan to keep it open. It is now the SRCA Community Center, and it is an integral meeting place for many groups on the Ranch. We have to give huge credit to Brian for being a steward of the center, not only its financial management but also spending endless volunteer hours showing the center to new users, repairing the facility, and helping residents as they schedule its use. Brian and Kathy, we will miss you and wish you well in your earned retirement!

We hope by describing what Brian has done for us, we don’t scare you away from taking this position! We are looking for a competent treasurer who will assist the board in making good financial decisions.

We want someone who will maintain accounts of the SRCA’s business transactions, handle invoices, facilitate payroll, and help with our tax filings. The SRCA meets on the second Tuesday of the each month and we ask the treasurer to attend. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected]

Getting Rid of Graffiti

You do not generally see graffiti in Scripps Ranch and one reason is that we jump on it immediately. For a while there was politically motivated graffiti that ended after about 70 or 80 tags. As of early August we are seeing a new tagger.

We document, report, and remove graffiti quickly in order to let the taggers know it’s a waste of time to tag our community. The city takes about two weeks to remove graffiti, but we do it within an hour of finding out about it.

Please take a photo and send the location by email to [email protected] or by text to 858-243-1235. This is one thing the SRCA does for the community using membership fees. We think it helps maintain our special quality of life.

Bob Ilko, SRCA President

We Need You!

Want to help your community but don’t have much time? We have the perfect idea for you! Become an SRCA Newsletter area distributor. You would deliver boxes to volunteers south of Pomerado Road near the end of each month. It only takes about an hour or two. To find out more information, please email distribution manager, Jim Caughey, at [email protected] Thank you!

Special Event: Date with a Cure

  • Saturday, Sept. 8
  • Clinical Trials Expo—9 am
  • Research Forum—10 am
  • University of San Diego, Shiley Theatre

San Diego is home to some of the brightest minds tackling Alzheimer’s disease across the globe. On Saturday, Sept. 8, Alzheimer’s San Diego will bring together leading scientists, geneticists, and physicians for the annual Date with a Cure research forum.

This free event is open to the public and will provide a rare opportunity to discuss Alzheimer’s and other dementias with the experts working to find a cure. Attendees also will be able to meet with local clinical trial experts before the forum. The first person to be cured of Alzheimer’s will be someone in a clinical trial. Will you help find a cure?

Parking note: free parking is reserved for all attendees in the West Parking Structure. We suggest you enter campus from the West Entrance. Trams from the parking structure to the theater will run from 8 am until 1 pm. For more details, to register, and to get a parking map, go to

Second Friday Lecture

  • History of the Military in San Diego
  • Friday, Sept. 14, 10–11:30 am
  • Scripps Ranch Library

The History Center operates the San Diego History Center and the Research Archives in Balboa Park, as well as the Junípero Serra Museum in Presidio Park. It tells the diverse story of our region—past, present, and future—educates and enriches our community, preserves our history, and fosters civic pride. One of the oldest and largest historical organizations on the West Coast, the San Diego History Center is one of the only institutions dedicated to the heritage of a major American metropolitan region.

A unique civic resource committed to public engagement and collaboration, the History Center partners with other museums, local and regional school districts, other historical organizations, media, businesses, and corporations to deliver programs to the broadest audience. It serves as a lifelong learning center for all members of our community, providing outstanding educational programs for school children and popular programs for families and adults.

The presenter will be Linda Canada, the popular speaker from the San Diego History Center. This event is free and open to the public. No reservation or advanced registration is required.

Aging Successfully Lecture

  • ElderHelp of San Diego
  • Friday, Sept. 21, 10–11:30 am
  • Scripps Ranch Library

ElderHelp is a nonprofit that provides personalized services and information that help Scripps Ranch seniors remain independent and live with dignity in their own homes. ElderHelp is funded through grants and donations, not client fees. Don’t miss this chance to learn about ElderHelp programs and services available to Scripps Ranch seniors, including the following.

Care Coordination Service: This creates opportunities for individuals to live independently and thrive in their own homes. Clients receive one-on-one personal visits in their homes with care coordinators who create a customized network of support.

Seniors are connected to community resources and helped in navigating the health and wellness challenges that can seem overwhelming without the guidance of a trusted advocate. Clients are matched with vetted volunteers, genuinely dedicated to serving aging loved ones and providing services such as:

  • Grocery shopping, either for or with the client
  • Home safety inspections and modifications such as railings and safety bars
  • Organizing mail and paperwork
  • Gardening
  • Social outings to the beach, parks, concerts, or movies
  • Friendly visits to play cards, games, or just chat

Seniors A Go Go: This program provides seniors with escorted, door-through-door transportation, reducing the number of missed appointments and helping save money. Safe, reliable transportation is provided by trained and vetted volunteers, which ensures regular access to medical care, visits with friends and family, and the freedom to enjoy an active lifestyle. Clients request rides in advance, allowing plenty of time for ElderHelp to coordinate details for pickup, drop off, or even door-through-door options.

HomeShare: This program offers guidance and options for those seeking affordable housing. The program connects those who want to share their homes with others looking for alternative housing—an innovative solution to San Diego’s shortage of affordable living options.

Participants include independent older adults or couples, working professionals, and students. ElderHelp maintains each agreement with ongoing support to ensure stable living environments and long-lasting relationships.

Employed Family Caregiver Support: The number of employed family caregivers is on the rise. Balancing work and family is a challenge. ElderHelp offers support and solutions to ease the burden by identifying individual needs and connecting caregivers to relevant resources, improving their mental, physical, and financial well-being.

ElderHelp raises awareness of the increasing challenges affecting employers and those caring for loved ones. They offer education opportunities through:

  • Onsite corporate presentations such as “Lunch and Learns” or wellness workshops
  • Corporate health fairs
  • Webinars and online courses to present resources and tips for family caregivers

Volunteers: For just a few hours each month, volunteers deliver vital services that provide opportunities for healthy living. Join the ElderHelp team of dedicated volunteers who support clients and empower them to thrive in the community. It takes as little as two hours per month. Volunteer opportunities include: providing rides and transportation; in-home help; home safety and maintenance; and directly supporting the organization through administrative work, special events, group volunteer activities, and board or committee involvement.

Come get the details about how you can take advantage of these programs. The lecture is free and open to the public. No advance registration or RSVP is required. For more about ElderHelp, visit

Senior Living Tour

  • Silverado of Escondido
  • Wednesday, Sept. 26

Many memory care communities offer support only for “mild to moderate” Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related conditions. What happens when care is needed for severe or late-stage dementia? The circumstances vary from person to person, but Silverado of Escondido has the expertise to care for individuals from the very early stages of dementia through end of life. Not all memory care residences have caregivers that are trained to handle this full range of dementia stages.

Silverado has been leading the way in memory care for 20 years. Located near where Interstate 15 and State Route 78 meet, it is just 20 minutes north of Scripps Ranch. Amenities such as gourmet food, engagements, social events, pets, and clinical staff are augmented by programs unique to Silverado:

  • Nexus, an innovative research-based program for early stage residents combining science and social engagement
  • Staff specially trained in the challenges of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Lewy Body, and other types of dementia
  • A physician as medical director, a master’s level social worker, and 24/7 licensed nurses onsite

A bus will pick us up on Wednesday, Sept. 26, at the SRCA Community Center, 11885 Cypress Canyon Road. Arrive at 11:15 am, and the bus will depart promptly at 11:30 am. The visit will include a short presentation, tour, and lunch. You will have the chance to experience a brief virtual dementia tour—using special glasses, gloves, and footwear to get a sense of the problems and frustrations experienced by someone with dementia.

Note again, this is a community specializing in dementia care. Tour spaces are very limited and reservations are mandatory. SRCA 50 Plus volunteers will assign spaces based on a random draw of all requests made on or before Monday, Sept. 17. This is a change from first come first served, as various people receive their printed or digital SRCA Newsletter or 50 Plus emails on different days.

Preference will be given to people who have not visited this community with SRCA 50 Plus before, unless the circumstances are that you are now looking for something in the near-term. To request a reservation, we strongly encourage you to email your request to [email protected] If you do not have email, call 858-397-5747, Option 1, and leave a message.

You do not have to pay for transportation—when provided—lunch, or anything else when attending an SRCA 50 Plus Senior Living Tour. There are placement agencies that may collect a fee from a senior living community if they connect you, or a loved one, with them. However, no one from SRCA 50 Plus is such an agent. We do not ask for, or receive, payments for arranging the tours.

Resources: Online Learning

Sharpen your skills or pursue your interests. Explore online classes at:

  • Coursera:, free classes from 140+ universities and educational organizations
  • EdX:, free courses from the world’s best universities, such as Harvard and Berkeley
  • Kahn Academy:, learn anything for free; there are 10,000+ videos in math, science, history, and more

New Landscape Incentives

San Diego County residents now can receive $2.75 per square foot for replacing turf with sustainable landscaping features as part of a new Landscape Transformation Program launched in July across Southern California. Visit for details.

Free WaterSmart Checkups

Free Recycled Water

You can use this water for landscape irrigation, non-drinking purposes, and power washing. It’s available at the recycled water fill station in the Business Park, at 10139 Meanley Drive, through November during the following hours:

  • Tuesdays, 9 am–1 pm
  • Saturdays, 8 am–2 pm

For more information, visit

Peoples Climate March

  • Saturday, Sept. 8

The Peoples Climate Movement will bring tens of thousands of people across the country into streets, town halls, and community forums. This movement will demand action on climate, jobs, and justice. For information on San Diego events, visit

City Farmers Nursery

  • 3110 Euclid Avenue, SD, 92105
  • Saturday, Sept. 15, 10 am
  • Rainwater harvesting, Brook Sarson of H2Ome

Learn how to harvest rainwater from simple, no-cost landscape solutions to simple gravity-fed storage to high-level water retention and storage.

  • How much rain you can catch?
  • What kind of containment options work in San Diego?
  • What costs are associated with parts, installation, and water delivery, including and, most importantly, how to keep it simple and cost effective? Skip the barrel, go for the tank to get your best return on investment.
  • Rebates for rainwater tanks.

Master Gardener Fall Plant Sale

  • Balboa Park–Casa del Prado
  • Saturday, Sept. 22, 9 am–3 pm

They have a great collection of plants—succulents, California natives, decorative plants, and unusual varieties—to choose from, as well as other garden items. They will have many master gardeners on hand to answer your questions.

Scripps-Mesa Garden Club

  • Tuesday, Sept. 25, 5:45 pm
  • Scripps Ranch Library

Master gardeners will discuss “Earth Friendly Gardens” and “Horticultural Fact or Fiction.” How do you research what is true, what is an “old wives tale,” and what is “snake oil”?

West Sycamore Events

At the West Sycamore Staging Area, east end of Stonebridge Parkway.


  • Friday, Sept. 28, sunset, rain or clouds cancel

Gardening Societies and Clubs

Here is a great website to check out many of the San Diego clubs and societies:


  • Check that your contact information is up to date. SDG&E will notify you during power outages or other emergencies. Visit #espsdge
  • Get energy safety tips and emergency checklists at #espsdge

Bob Ilko
SRCA President