You have many options where and when to advertise. The Scripps Ranch Civic Associations recognizes that. We are unique and we believe advertising with us is a good and effective business decision. Here are 23 reasons why you should advertise with us!

1. Targeted audience: The Scripps Ranch Civic Association Newsletter reaches a targeted audience of residents in Scripps Ranch, San Diego, which means that advertisers can effectively reach their target market.

2. High readership: The newsletter has a high readership rate as it is delivered directly to the residents’ homes, which means that advertising in the newsletter has a high chance of being seen.

3. Trustworthy source: The Scripps Ranch Civic Association is a trusted organization in the community, which adds credibility to the advertisements placed in its newsletter.

4. Brand awareness: Advertising in the newsletter can help build brand awareness among the community residents and strengthen brand recognition.

5. Cost-effective: Advertising in the newsletter is cost-effective compared to other advertising mediums, especially for small businesses.

6. Frequency: The newsletter is published monthly, providing advertisers with a consistent opportunity to reach their target audience.

7. Wide coverage: The newsletter is distributed to over 12,200 homes in Scripps Ranch, providing a wide coverage area for advertisers.

8. Local focus: The newsletter focuses on local news, events, and issues, which makes it an ideal medium for local businesses to advertise their products or services.

9. Community involvement: Advertising in the newsletter shows support for the community and helps businesses get involved with local events, programs and causes.

10. Long-term exposure: The newsletter is often kept by residents for future reference, which means that the advertisements have the potential for long-term exposure.

11. Professional design: The newsletter has a professional design and layout, which ensures that the advertisements look attractive and appealing to readers. We use Kim Cuffe with Studio K. We can help you with designs.

12. Creative freedom: Advertisers have creative freedom to design their advertisements to match their branding and marketing goals.

13. Multiple ad sizes: The newsletter offers multiple ad sizes to fit different budgets and marketing goals.

14. Print and online options: The newsletter is available in both print and online versions, providing advertisers with more options to reach their target audience.

15. Easy to read: The newsletter is easy to read and navigate, which ensures that the advertisements are seen and understood by the readers.

16. Eye-catching graphics: Advertisers can use eye-catching graphics and images to draw readers’ attention to their ads.

17. Diverse content: The newsletter covers diverse topics, including community news, events, and local business updates, which provides advertisers with various opportunities to advertise.

18. Personal touch: The newsletter has a personal touch as it includes stories and articles from community members, which makes it more relatable to the readers.

19. Positive association: Advertising in the newsletter can create a positive association with the community and residents, which can benefit businesses in the long term.

20. Informative content: The newsletter provides informative content to the readers, which can help businesses establish themselves as experts in their field.

21. Higher response rate: Advertising in the newsletter can lead to a higher response rate from the target audience as they are more likely to trust and act upon advertisements seen in a trusted community source.

22. Online readership: The online version of the newsletter has a wide readership as it is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, which can help businesses reach a wider audience.

23. Mobile-friendly: The online version of the newsletter is mobile-friendly, which means that the advertisements are easily accessible on mobile devices.

We love to have your business and will continue to work hard for not only you but the community. A shared common interest here in Scripps Ranch.

Advertising Submissions

Advertising can be contacted by email here ([email protected])

All advertising is accepted on a space-available, first-come-first-served basis.

As a community Newsletter, we reserve the right to refuse any ad.

Advertising space is limited in each issue. In particular, the number of double, full-page, and half page ads is limited, and the total number of ad pages is limited. A backup list for ads will be maintained. Reservations for space in the next issue of the Newsletter will be accepted, on a space-available basis, beginning on the 1st day of the preceding month. Advertising copy with payment is due on or before the 10th of the month. For example, reservations for an ad in the July issue will be accepted beginning June 1; payment and copy will be due by June 10.

Advertising space for the inside full cover and full back cover pages can be reserved in advance for one issue per quarter. A calendar quarter is defined as January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December. Payment is due at the time of reservation and not subject to any subsequent advertising rate increases.

Advertising Rates

Monthly ad rates are determined by the SRCA; sizes listed below are width by height; no inserts or other sizes are accepted. Classified ads also are published on the SRCA web page and the digital version of the SRCA Newsletter.

The SRCA approved Newsletter advertising rates, effective 2021, as follows:

Classified ad, extended obituary $4 per 40-character line
Business cards (3.5 inches by 2.0 inches) $65
Banner size (7.5 x 2 or 2×10) $125
Quarter page (3.5 inches by 4.75 inches) $135
Half page (7.5 by 4.75 inches, or 3.5 by 10.0 inches) $270
Full page (7.5 inches by 10.0 inches) $520
Inside covers $650
Back cover $725
Double page $1,300

Ads due the 10th of each month

Advertisement - 1 month
Advertisement - 3 months (15% discount)
Advertisement - 6 months (20% discount)
Advertisement - 12 months (25% discount)