President’s Report

SRCA Membership Time

Tempus fugit. Along with all the other calendar-related changes that occurred on January 1, the SRCA began its new membership drive for the year 2000. You should be getting a mailing shortly that describes SRCA and our activities this past year and some of the highlights over the past 30 years. We are proud of our successes, but they happened because of your generous support through annual memberships. Please fill out the membership form and return it the same day you receive it. This prompt reply will enable us to make funding decisions this spring, decisions we could not make without your membership.

You also can turn to pages 44-45 for a summary of who we are and what we do for the Scripps Ranch community. We hope you agree that your $15 membership contribution goes a long way toward ensuring that Scripps Ranch remains an outstanding community for you and your family.

Thanks Printing Shoppe

When you receive the new membership flyer in the mail, you may be a bit taken aback by its professional 4-color design. For this we owe a great debt of thanks to Jerry Wissing and the Printing Shoppe for the design, artwork, and extra quality added to our annual mailing. We hope this allows you to better understand SRCA, our membership drive, and how you can volunteer to help in the community.

Community Volunteers

Yes, one of the great aspects of the membership drive is that we get dollars to make things happen, but we also get new, excited volunteers eager to help. Please fill out the form identifying what you would like to help with. We’ll make sure to contact you, and help you find a niche in our community where you can make a difference.

After working on community-related issues for 12 years, I can honestly say that it provides me ready answers to those occasional, unnerving questions that pop into your head like, “What good am I?” and “What have I done to make my life worth living?” I look around the community and I know I’ve made a difference, both in things and in people. This gives my mind a quiet peacefulness that I treasure.

But I’ll tell you a secret. It sometimes takes a bit of persistence to volunteer. Shouldn’t be that way, but it is true. A single write-in offer or a single phone call make not always work. Not because we don’t want your help, not because we don’t like you, not because of anything except that time and motion don’t always favor getting a new, excited volunteer plugged into a project right away. Sometimes, return phone calls can even languish.

But if you are interested and dedicated, there is a volunteer position in SRCA or another community group that will allow you to answer unequivocally that “Yes, I made a difference.” The quiet peacefulness that you will receive is worth the effort.

Recognition Night

Speaking of volunteers, check out the volunteers we honored at Recognition Night in December. Turn to pages 9-15, scan the photos, and when you see one of the people at Vons or at the park, say thanks for your hard work. These folks don’t do it for the notoriety, but it sure is nice when someone notices.

And as with any good intention, we undoubtedly missed someone(s) who we should have honored this year for their efforts. Please help us identify them by calling me at 695-6835.

Who are Those Guys

So who is SRCA and why do they think they need my $15? The short answer is that the Civic Association is the umbrella community group that tries to give support and order to the many things that our community does. We try to be the glue that holds our growing community–the HOAs, the clubs, the sport teams, the planning groups, the schools, the businesses–together. We try to be the catalyst that gives life to new ideas that make our community stronger.

We have over 2,100 members and nearly 300 volunteers who work in one way or another for the SRCA. Most deliver the Newsletter each month, but many others work on a variety of topics to ensure that Scripps Ranch remains the best little town in San Diego.

We are the group that the City, other elected representatives, businesses, and new residents turn to when they want to know “What does Scripps Ranch think about this or that?” We try to answer fairly, and if we don’t know, we put the question in the Newsletter or host a community forum to find out.

So What Have We Done for You Lately

At the close of last year, SRCA was the strongest it has been since its founding 30 years ago. This enabled us to achieve success in several different areas, including:

  • Acquiring the new Community Information Center. I think it is fair to say that getting the McMillin Information Pavilion for community use would not have happened without SRCA’s strong voice, support, and funding.
  • Obtaining a 4th elementary school. Even before Proposition MM passed, SRCA helped ensure that our community would have a 4th elementary school.
  • Opening the community park. SRCA helped ensure that the new community park was well designed and open for use 1-2 years earlier than otherwise planned.
  • Ensuring a fully operational fire station. SRCA helped ensure that the fire station was constructed expeditiously, and will be outfitted with the best equipment and a full complement of personnel.
  • Hosting a better 4th of July. SRCA coordinated our efforts with those of the Old Pros and WAC to produce any even better 4th of July with sports, parade, music, and picnic.
  • Providing an updated community map. Each year, SRCA provides a free community map. This year we added neighborhood trails to the map and produced it in 4 colors.
  • Expanding community information via the SRCA website. SRCA has expanded use of its website [] to include historic information and frequently asked questions in addition to monthly updates.
  • Forming a Scripps Ranch Schools Committee. SRCA formed a single committee to work with the school district rather than the multitude of different task forces and subcommittees that had been used and that had often created confusion.
  • Creating a fall garage sale. SRCA worked with McMillin Realty to develop a fall community-wide garage sale similar to the one hosted in spring by Coldwell-Banker.

There is more, but you get the idea. Hope you feel your $15 was well spent and that we represented the community in fair and important ways.

What’s on Tap for Next Year?

  • Publishing a new park and trails map for Scripps Ranch;
  • Critiquing the proposed Marine Corps housing;
  • Ensuring the proposed development in East Miramar does not adversely affect Scripps Ranch;
  • Keeping industrial zoning at the Scripps Ranch business park;
  • Making sure the new construction at the Kmart site is done responsibly;
  • Monitoring traffic with the newly purchased SRCA data-collection equipment;
  • Ensuring we get a new post office in the best possible location;
  • Creating playing fields on the Fairbrook school site;
  • Getting an alternative sports park;
  • Hosting a new community-wide event in spring at the community park;
  • Recycling Christmas trees north of the lake; and
  • Developing email capability to SRCA members to communicate late-breaking news.

There is more, but that should be enough to convince you that we have plenty enough going on to keep all those new volunteers busy.

Have a great New Year; and thanks for your continued support!

SRCA Actions

Policies and Procedure

Every couple of months, we get a question as to the SRCA policy on a Newsletter item, on banners, on donations, or on the appropriate role of SRCA with respect to some community event. Many of these questions are addressed in the SRCA bylaws. Some of them are described on the pages of each Newsletter. Some are recorded in minutes of SRCA meetings. And some are simply a part of our institutional history.

To help better answer these questions both for those who ask as well as for new SRCA volunteers, we are developing a formal set of policies and procedures. After this is approved by the SRCA Executive Board, it will be made available at the Library and on the SRCA web site.

Newsletter Notes

Area Code — 619 or 858?

All phone numbers published in the Newsletter are assumed to be in the 858 area code, the one assigned to Scripps Ranch, unless stated otherwise. If you have a phone number listed in the Newsletter, double-check that it is correct, and ensure that it has a 619 prefix if it is in that area code. All phone numbers published in the Newsletter are assumed to be in the 858 area code.

New Advertising Policy

The SRCA Executive Board will review a new advertising policy for the Newsletter at the January meeting. The new policy likely will take effect in the March Newsletter. It is likely that there will be a maximum number of ad pages, and that there will be a maximum number of ads in each size category: full page, half-page, etc. And it is likely that space in the Newsletter will be reservable only once per 3-month quarter. It is possible that the previously available premium pages (inside covers and back page) will not be available in some or all months. We appreciate your patience as we try to develop a policy that is fair, simple, and enforceable.

Political Cartoonist Needed

As the Newsletter continues to evolve in both form and content, we think it would be fun and helpful to have occasional political cartoons that capture the essence of an issue. If you have a knack for this type of drawing, please give Rita a call at 695-6835.

We’re Cleaning House

If you dropped off photos or floppy disks for the Newsletter, they may well be outside our house (11706 Lake Grove Ct.) in a basket. We need to clean out this drop-off box and will discard all remaining items on Tuesday, Feb. 1.

Delivery Schedule

The schedule of the SRCA Newsletter for the rest of 1999 is as follows:





Jan. 8

SRCA membership


Feb. 5

Hidden Valley Aux.


Mar. 4



Apr. 1

Childrens Hosp.


Apr. 29

Jerabek Roundup


June 3

Symphony … Park


July 1

4th of July


July 29

SR Map


Sept. 2

SRHS Foundation


Sept. 30

MRE Halloween


Nov. 4


Dec. 2

Looking Back

The Newsletter is delivered to neighborhood distributors on the Saturday morning listed above, ready to be delivered to individual homes.