President’s Report

SRCA Membership Drive 2001

Check out the Focus section this month and you will see that SRCA is doing even more in our community to ensure that we remain the best little town in San Diego. We have taken on two new annual events: the Community Fair in May and the Haunted House in October.

We also have made a major commitment to ensuring that the newly opened Scripps Ranch Information Center provides all of the capabilities that you want: City information, community information, computer access, historical photos, comfortable and functional meeting rooms, and a special place that resembles the town halls of a century or two ago.

Each of these efforts requires volunteer support and funding. Therefore, we have added many new volunteers and have authorized an increase in our membership dues to $20 per year. This increase has been suggested for years, but we wanted to make sure you saw clear benefits before we asked for additional funds. We think you’ll be pleased with the recent changes, and your continued support will allow us to make even more advancements this next year.

Soon you will receive an SRCA membership form in the mail; please return it promptly and indicate how you would like to help out as a volunteer. We also are in the process of obtaining credit card capability on our website, so this will be used with our email database to facilitate membership renewals.

Special thanks to Rob Burns, Jerry Wissing, and The Printing Shoppe for taking the lead again this year on the membership drive. This is a mammoth effort all done at a difficult time of the year. Thanks guys.

With the help of all the residents on the Ranch, SRCA can make a difference in Scripps Ranch. Thank you!

Park and Trails Map

Our new SRCA Park and Trails map has been distributed to all 2,137 SRCA members. Interested in getting one? Well, just join the SRCA. You will receive a membership mailing shortly. Maps will be distributed to our new SRCA members in February.

If you were an SRCA member in 2000 and did not receive a map, please let us know by calling 578-0430 or send us a note at [[email protected]]. We thank Western Press for providing the printing of the membership thank yous that were included with the maps.

Thanks Old Pros for Your Tree

Thanks to the Old Pros, the Scripps Ranch Information Center received a beautiful 12-foot tall, Noble pine for the holidays. You guys are the best! Additional information about the Information Center can be found on page 25 of this issue of the Newsletter.

Citizen of the Year

SRCA Citizen of the Year for 2000 is Claudia Unhold. Her award was presented by our new Councilmember Brian Maienschein. Thanks Claudia for all your hard work and Brian for your help in honoring our volunteers. All of the residents who were honored are listed on pages 9-15 of this Newsletter. When you see Claudia and the others around the Ranch, please stop for a moment and thank them for their efforts. They make a difference in all our lives!

Intel in Scripps Ranch

You may have heard the rumors, and yes they are true; Intel Corporation is interested in acquiring a major portion of the Scripps Ranch business park to develop an engineering facility. Intel is a world-class corporation whose contributions to local schools and communities is wonderful. This is a major accomplishment for San Diego and for Scripps Ranch. The City and School District have begun exploring alternative sites for our “full sized” middle school and both have expressed their full commitment to getting this school “on line and on schedule.”

Information Center Volunteers Needed

The Scripps Ranch Information Center is up and going, but SRCA now needs volunteers to help with important projects that have been on hold awaiting the opening of the Center. Please contact Gloria at 578-0430 if you would like to help with the following opportunities:

Historical Pictures

Want to learn more about where you live? There’s no better way than through 30 years of historical pictures. A volunteer is needed to help organize Scripps Ranch historical pictures into display albums.

Newsletter Indexing

Imagine being able to go back 30 years and find out information about your area of Scripps Ranch. That’s what we want to make available to all of you at the Scripps Ranch Information Center. Volunteers are needed to help organize 30 years of SRCA newsletters.


Have you lost your CCRs? You may need them someday. The SRCA wants to make all CCRs available at the Scripps Ranch Information Center. But, we need volunteers to help us find copies.

Vacancies for SRCA District Representatives

We have vacancies for three District Representative in the following areas:

  • Marketplace (District 14). Named for the area near the new Vons, this area includes the Windchime and Heatherwood neighborhoods. Issues include expansion of the shopping center, construction of the new EBS elementary school, and provision for a recreational club.
  • Cypress Canyon Park (District 19). This district includes Legacy and Huntington homes. Issues include construction of 1,000 homes south of Pomerado Road.
  • Village Ridge (District 20). The area north of Scripps Poway Parkway. Issues are similar to those for District 14.

If you are interested in helping your neighborhood as well as the rest of the Ranch, please contact SRCA Executive Vice President Gordon Boerner at 689-2411.

Web News

Hot News Online

To augment what you read each month in the Newsletter, we have added much of the recent school information under Hot Topics which appears on the front page of the SRCA website []. Plan to check this area for the latest news, including charts and graphs that are discussed at school forums.

Using our website to augment the Newsletter was one of our original goals. We hope this will help keep you the best informed community in San Diego.

Newsletter Notes

Old Newsletters Needed

Do you have old copies of the SRCA Newsletter? If so, could we have or borrow them for our archives? Special thanks to the several people who have called already. We are making progress. But we still are short of sufficient copies, even fairly recent ones. Our goal is to create bound copies of all issues of the Newsletter from 1972 to present, and place the bound copies at the library and the Information Center. We also will scan old issues and place a complete set on CD and on the SRCA website.

You can help in two ways: first by providing old Newsletters, and second by volunteering to work on this archive project which involves some careful copying of old issues. If you can help in either of these ways, please contact Wes at 695-6835 or send email to [[email protected]]. Thanks much.

Area Distributor Needed

We need to find a volunteer to replace Jason Minter as an area distributor of the Newsletter. He delivers to neighborhood distributors in the northeast section of Scripps Ranch near the community park. Please contact Jason at 566-5954 if you can help out. Thanks.

New Email Addresses

Note that a few months ago SRCA obtained new email addresses. They are:

Use of the various email addresses was designed to be self explanatory: srca for general information; ads for Newsletter ads; newsletter for all Newsletter text and non-ad questions.

What’s it Worth?

What do you suppose a copy of the Newsletter is worth? As it turns out, each copy costs about $1.50, a pretty penny, as my grandmother would say.

So, when you run into one of our advertisers, please say thank you. They are the ones who pay that $1.50 for each of us. And while you are at it, please thank the person who delivers your issue each month for free. Their volunteer effort keeps the Newsletter affordable for both residents and advertisers.





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