President’s Report

SRCA Membership Time

Have you joined SRCA for 2000? We are looking to surpass our goal of 25% of the households on the Ranch joining this year. Membership for a household is still only $15, and if you read this Newsletter very often, you’ll know it makes a difference. To our long-time members and the members who round up their $15 check, thank you so much. We notice.

Dingeman Scholarship

Speaking of making a difference, each year the SRCA sponsors the Bob Dingeman scholarship for high school students. It provides a nominal amount of money ($500) to a Scripps Ranch High School senior who will attend advanced education and who has demonstrated academic and civic skills and a commitment to helping others. If you are interested in applying, please contact Bob Dingeman at 566-6083.

4th of July Parade Theme?

We need to pick a theme for the 4th of July parade this year. Do you have a clever idea? We’d love to hear it. Last year we suggested that this year we would attempt to honor the year 2000, the turn of the century, the coming of a new whatever. So we can, but a well worded phrase will spawn a wonderful array of floats. Symphony in the Park already is planning on having two bands that day, so it will be fun. Please contact Deana Fulbright, chair of the SRCA 4th of July activities, at 566-9688 with your ideas.

Why Vote — Tuesday, March 7?

Communities that vote get attention from elected officials! The voter turnout in the March election will determine the political influence that Scripps Ranch has to get the city, county, and nation to do things that we suggest. In recent years, the decline in voting by Scripps Ranch residents has resulted in a perception by elected officials that Scripps Ranch is less interested and influential.

We used to be right up there with Rancho Bernardo as having a huge percent of our residents vote. Ranch Bernardo is still at the top of the list, but we are now in a second tier of communities. This will mean that we will get a second-tier level of service from our elected representatives and their staff. Not because they are not conscientious; just the opposite.

Like any good business, elected officials listen to those who elect them. They don’t know who actually voted for them, but they do know if you went to the polls. Apathy of voting does result in apathy of response.

We can’t afford apathy of response when there are a large number of important decisions that will be made for our area (schools, traffic, parks, more development, Marine Housing, etc.). When you go to the polls and sign in, you are recording your belief that Scripps Ranch matters. That is why you vote, even in a primary, even if you think the candidates are equally good, or equally bad. We need to rise back to the top tier of communities that vote each and every time.

Elections for SRCA

Speaking of elections, SRCA will have theirs at the meeting on Tuesday, Apr. 11. The positions to be filled are all officers and one-half of the district representatives, those representing even-numbered districts. The officers include:

  • President;
  • Executive Vice President;
  • Vice President, Communications;
  • Vice President, Membership;
  • Vice President, Operations
  • Secretary; and
  • Treasurer.

The even-numbered districts are listed in the Directory section of the Newsletter each month and are identified on the Scripps Ranch map which is available at each of the local copy shops.

We always want new faces to become involved in the SRCA and give us new ideas and new energy. We have split many of the tasks that SRCA is responsible for into more manageable efforts, and are in the process of doing more of this. If you are interested in running for an office, please contact the nominating committee chair Bob Dingeman at 566-6083.

Vacancies for District Representatives

We presently have 3 vacancies for District Representatives in the following areas:

  • Cypress Canyon Park — This area includes the Legacy neighborhood. It is particularly important to have a representative here because the nearby proposed Sycamore Canyon, Montecito, and Marine housing projects will significantly affect this part of Scripps Ranch.
  • Wine Country — Named after the streets with names of wine such as Riesling and Charbono, this area is bounded by Pomerado Road, Spring Canyon Road, and Semillon Blvd. Improvement of the Semillon tot lot might be a goal of a future district representative.
  • Oceanview — This area includes Waterford, Crown Collection, Terraza, Willows, and the other neighborhoods immediately north of the lake. This area has the newest homes in Scripps Ranch and likely will have new-household issues that SRCA can help with.

If you are interested in helping your neighborhood as well as the rest of the Ranch, please contact SRCA Executive Vice President Gordon Boerner at 689-2411.

Modifications to the Bylaws

The SRCA Executive Board will consider the following changes to the SRCA bylaws at the next meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 8.

  • All SRCA officers and district representative must be members of SRCA.
  • All SRCA district representatives must live in the district they represent; if no candidate is available from a district, a resident from another district can be elected or appointed to represent that district for the remainder of the term.

SRCA Actions

Policies and Procedure

Every couple of months, we get a question as to the SRCA policy on a Newsletter item, on banners, on donations, or on the appropriate role of SRCA with respect to some community event. Many of these questions are addressed in the SRCA bylaws. Some of them are described on the pages of each Newsletter. Some are recorded in minutes of SRCA meetings. And some are simply a part of our institutional history.

To help better answer these questions both for those who ask as well as for new SRCA volunteers, we are developing a formal set of policies and procedures. After this is approved by the SRCA Executive Board, it will be made available at the Library and on the SRCA web site.

Newsletter Notes

Consider Using Autoreply for Email Submissions

If you submit articles to the Newsletter via email, as most of you do, it may be handy for you to add an auto-response option to your email. That way you will know that it was received. This is much easier than requesting a reply from us in the text, which may not be read for several days after receiving and filing the email.

Old Newsletters Needed

Do you have copies of the SRCA Newsletter prior to 1980? If so, could we have or borrow them for our archives? Please contact Wes at 695-6835 or send email to [email protected] Thanks much. Our goal is to provide all monthly issues of the Newsletter back to 1972 on a CD and eventually on our website.

Area Code — 619 or 858?

All phone numbers published in the Newsletter are assumed to be in the 858 area code, the one assigned to Scripps Ranch, unless stated otherwise. If you have a phone number listed in the Newsletter, double-check that it is correct, and ensure that it has a 619 prefix if it is in that area code.

New Advertising Policy

The SRCA Executive Board will review a new advertising policy for the Newsletter. The new policy likely will take effect in the April Newsletter. It is likely that there will be a maximum number of ad pages, and that there will be a maximum number of ads in each size category: full page, half-page, etc. And it is likely that space in the Newsletter will be reservable only once per 3-month quarter. It is possible that the previously available premium pages (inside covers and back page) will not be available in some or all months. We appreciate your patience as we try to develop a policy that is fair, simple, and enforceable.

Political Cartoonist Needed

As the Newsletter continues to evolve in both form and content, we think it would be fun and helpful to have occasional political cartoons that capture the essence of an issue. If you have a knack for this type of drawing, please give Rita a call at 695-6835.

Subscription Rate

We now offers a subscription rate of $72 per calendar year as a courtesy to those who may wish to routinely have a copy of the Newsletter, but live outside of Scripps Ranch. Newsletters will be mailed via U.S. mail to subscribers. Please contact the SRCA as described on the front page if you are interested. Please not that the SRCA newsletter sans advertising is available on the SRCA website [].

Newsletter Volunteers

As a result of our membership drive, SRCA is likely to have a fairly large number of residents who volunteer to help deliver the Newsletter. If you are having trouble getting the Newsletter out to your neighbors on time, or if you would like to have someone do part of your route, or if you would like to have someone cover you occasionally, please call Chuck at 271-8853. We’d be happy to help you out. And thanks for all of your help; it makes a world of difference.

Delivery Schedule

The schedule of the SRCA Newsletter for the rest of 2000 is as follows:





Feb. 5

Hidden Valley Aux.


Mar. 4



Apr. 1

Childrens Hosp.


Apr. 29

Jerabek Roundup


June 3

Symphony … Park


July 1

4th of July


July 29

SR Map


Sept. 2

SRHS Foundation


Sept. 30

MRE Halloween


Nov. 4


Dec. 2

Looking Back

The Newsletter is delivered to neighborhood distributors on the Saturday morning listed above, ready to be delivered to individual homes.