President’s Report

Questions About Schools

Some basic background about Intel purchasing most of the Scripps Ranch business park and the ripple affect of that on schools is summarized in the SRCA E-Letter below. It was sent out in mid-January to brief residents what we knew then. As of January 26, we have only limited additional information to pass along.

We have received the strong support of Superintendent Bersin and Councilmember Maienschein for a full-sized middle school. With the purchase by Intel, the City asked the School District if there weren’t another equally good site for the middle school. Superintendent Bersin accepted the challenge with the caveat the site would need to be no more expensive and the middle school would need to open at the same time in fall 2005.

I am happy to report that the City and School District have been working exceptionally hard to identify and evaluate possible alternative sites. At presstime, we do not yet have the list of sites and the decision matrix evaluting each site based on a number of issues: size, access, cost, location, traffic, availability, and so forth.

The chairs of the two planning groups, Rec Council, Schools Committee, and SRCA have been invited to a meeting on Monday, Jan. 29, by the City’s Planning Director, who has been assigned the lead role for the City in solving our school situation. But by this date, this issue of the Newsletter will be at the printer. So, any pertinent information arising from this meeting will be forwarded to SRCA members via an E-Letter similar to the one to the left, and the information also will be posted on the SRCA website. So, if you are a member, you need only watch your email. Others should check our website regularly.

Ideas, Ideas

As you can imagine, there are numerous ideas being offered up as potential solutions to our school issues. Many of these have been researched in great detail over the past years. Some of these options may warrant being revisited because of changes in information, site availability, or funding capability.

In general, the constraints for all options remain basically the same. Can the “solution” meet the following tests:

  1. Solve our overcrowding now and through the community’s buildout;
  2. Be accomplished by fall 2005; and
  3. Stay affordable.

The last factor is a major concern as the School District’s funds are not unlimited and they have many needs to solve throughout the district.

The School District’s committed to providing a “right-sized” middle school and a 4th permanent elementary school. However, to do this under their funding constraints requires that a current facility be “reused” and only one new permanent facility be constructed.

The School District has indicated that they need to move forward with constructing the modular EBS school regardless of any other issues in order to accommodate the expanding number of elementary school students next year. Boundaries for that school will need to be determined soon, probably by mid-February.

Shea Recreation Site

The MRNPC continues to work with Shea on the now infamous 4-acre commercial recreation parcel. One of the latest proposals from Shea entails dividing the parcel in two to permit them to develop one-half with commercial uses immediately, leaving the other 2 acres for sale for community recreational use. Other proposals from Shea include developing the site with commercial uses, with a community activity center on a second story, and evaluating the sale to a non-profit user for a teen center.

From the community’s perspective, the problem with these proposals is that they are not workable and still do not fulfill the intent of the community plan nor the community’s need for a family-friendly recreational facility on the north side of the lake.

It is unlikely the community could develop a useful recreational project on just two acres or by using a second-story space in an office building. Our research and experience have shown that non-profit users don’t have funds for land purchase; rather they need to use their resources for construction of facilities.

The community stands firm in its resolve to continue to require Shea Homes to live up to its promise of providing for a family-oriented recreational facility on the 4-acre parcel, as it committed to do when it “took” 40 acres of the community’s open space for its Scripps Gateway project.

SRCA Membership Update

Thank you again this year for your rapid and extensive response to our membership drive. Our goal this year is to top 2,500 members. With your support, we can keep Scripps Ranch as the best community in San Diego to live and work in.

Community Pillars

We thank the following individuals who by press-time became SRCA members at the community pillar level:

  • Warren Smit and Nicole Chauche;
  • Dr. & Mrs. H. Igor Ansoff;
  • Bob & Gaye Dingeman;
  • Bill & Kady Livesay;
  • Barbara Measelle and Michael Foster;
  • The Rossin Family; and
  • Steve and Pat Weathers.

How Can I join?

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Benefits of SRCA Membership

Each year we have struggled with how to say thank you in a way that you would appreciate and feel was a worthy use of your membership dollars. We focus on doing things for the whole Ranch, but we use your membership dollars to do it. This past year, we think we found two good ways to say thank you just to the SRCA members, because after all, you pay the bills.

  • Park and Trails Map. This exceptionally popular item is a gift to all members. We distributed over 2,000 of them last year to SRCA members. If you are a new member, we would like to make sure you get one. SRCA District Representatives will be delivering them to your house in late February. If you would like another map this year, that is fine too. Just drop us a note or email and we’ll make sure you get another.
  • SRCA E-Letters. Last fall we started this brand new way of communicating with our members. Give us your email address, and we will send you a briefing on late-breaking news that is vitally important to the Ranch, but missed the printing deadline of the Newsletter. For example, in mid-January we sent out an update on schools, shown on page 5. We don’t use SRCA E-Letters often so as not to annoy you, but if it is important, you will hear about it right away via the Internet.