President’s Report

Dear SRCA resident,

This letter is being sent to ask you to join-renew your membership in the SRCA. I can spend lots of time extolling the virtues of the SRCA, but then you already know them because you live in our wonderful community. Over the years Scripps Ranch has grown from a small, isolated community to a community that has over 10,000 homes, yet in that growth we have maintained a quality of life that is the envy of many.

How was that accomplished? By having a united community with active and involved residents who come together and provide for all the wonderful things we enjoy. Many communities have outgrown their roots, its hard to maintain that small community feel when you grow, but so far Scripps Ranch has not lost that feel in large measure because of the efforts of the SRCA.

Just think of the things that set Scripps Ranch apart and you will find the SRCA there, being involved, helping, and taking a leadership role in the fight to preserve and enhance our community.

So I ask that you take the time to join. It’s not expensive, especially since all the money raised is returned to the community. It’s not very difficult, you can do it online at [], you can do it at the Information Center (which the SRCA helped get established and operate), and you can do it by mailing in your membership form on page 7 of this Newsletter.

Please join today, its an investment in your community and its future.

SRCA Elections

In April of each year the SRCA holds its annual elections. This year, being an even year, we are electing District Representatives from the even-numbered districts as well as the officers of the SCRA: President, 4 Vice Presidents, Treasure and Secretary. Please look for the article in this month’s addition to learn more. If you are interested in running for any of the offices, please contact the SRCA Secretary or any of the other officers.

Proposed Increase in LMD Fees

This month there is more information in the Newsletter (page 21) and on our website [] about the upcoming Landscape Maintenance District (LMD) ballot. It does appear that both the Scripps Ranch and Miramar Ranch North LMDs will need to increase their fees above the current cost of living increase, so a vote of the affected homes will be required.

The vote should occur in May, and we will strive to bring all the information to the community so that you may make an informed decision. If you have any questions that you would like answered, please submit them to our website or you can send them to the SRCA at its U.S. mail address.

Middle School EIR

As you are aware, the Draft EIR for the 4 potential middle school sites is out. I know that various community organizations have provided input concerning this report, and knowing Scripps Ranch and our strong involvement, I am sure there were inputs from individuals as well. This is the first step towards finalizing the solution to many of our school issues. No, it will not solve them all; but it is a strong start.

The SRCA will follow and report on this process and will post all relevant information on our website. I encourage all interested residents to visit the website often, as it is our best and fasted method to get the latest information out to the community.

Vacancies in SRCA District Representative Positions

Do you want to join the Executive Board of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association, and participate in improving the quality of life on the Ranch? There are currently openings for the following District Representatives:

  • District 2: Hoyt Park area, north of Scripps Ranch Blvd. and west of Aviary/Red Cedar Drives, including residents of those streets;
  • District 13: Gateway area of new homes, on top of the hill north of Miramar Lake, extending north to Scripps Poway Parkway; and
  • District 15: Spring Canyon Park area south of Scripps Poway Parkway, north and east of Spring Canyon Road.

A district map can be found on the SRCA website [], or obtained from the Information Center on Cypress Road.

Please call Gordon Boerner at 689-2411 if you are interested in finding out more about this volunteer opportunity to help make Scripps Ranch a better place to live.

Newsletter Changes?

The change in the Newsletter Editor position prompts us to consider making a number of changes to the format, style, and content of the SRCA Newsletter. We would like your suggestions.

  • What works?
  • What doesn’t?
  • What would you like to see? Color front cover? Color centerspread? A different layout? A different paper size?
  • Can we put much of the directory information on our website?
  • Please send your comments and suggestions to us via U.S. mail or to [[email protected]].

We understand that to a great extent the Newsletter works well, so we won’t be making changes, just to make a change. But we now have more people involved, and can take a breath and can consider making changes that simply were too time-consuming for one person to make before.

Related to the Newsletter is the SRCA website. Are there related changes that we should make so that the printed Newsletter and our website work even better together?

To honor the many contributors and advertisers, we’ll weigh the suggested changes carefully and go slowly. But we’d like to know what directions you think we should head. Thank you for your continued interest and support.