President’s Report

SRCA Membership Update

As of press time we have received 461 membership forms; do we have yours? You can join the SRCA online at [] or turn to page 7 in the Newsletter for an application.

Happy Valentine’s Day From the SRCA

It’s great to live in a place that is so easy to love! Have you given Scripps Ranch your valentine yet? If not, there is still time to do so. Just join the SRCA. It is a small contribution, but it can make such a difference to your community.

Kudos to Good Neighbors

The SRCA was recently contacted about the strobe lights being used at the new Wendy’s restaurant on Scripps Poway Parkway. When we contacted Wendy’s corporate office for a comment, they told us the lights will no longer be used, and they were not aware the lights were disturbing neighbors. They apologized for any inconvenience and said they want to be good neighbors.

Park News

Planning is underway to light the last play field in our Community Park on Blue Cypress Drive. If you are interested in commenting on this plan, please see the articles on page 17 in the Newsletter.

We have had reports of motorized scooters being used in our parks, especially Spring Canyon Park. Use of motorized vehicles is not allowed in parks or on sidewalks. It is especially dangerous in our parking lots and parks when our schools are letting out, as there are lots of children and cars. If your child has one on these scooters, please remind them they are not allowed in our parks.

To schedule events or reserve fields or facilities in our parks, contact the Scripps Ranch Recreation Center at 538-8085.

School News

Everyone is encouraged to attend the new middle school Design Task Force meetings and help in this important task.

In other school news, the school district has recommended that Miramar Ranch Elementary School retain its 6th grade class next year because of overcrowding at Marshall Middle School. The decision still has to be approved by the Board of Education at its meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 4. The SRCA will report the latest information on our website at [].

Wind and Our Trees

Trees are an integral part of Scripps Ranch and last month’s windstorms did some damage. However, thanks to our Landscape Maintenance Assessment District (MAD), we were able to rapidly handle all of our storm damage.

We will continue to replant trees as appropriate, however, we will be expanding our population by phasing in non-eucalyptus trees.

Marc Sorensen, President

Welcome New SRCA District Representatives

The SRCA has three new district representatives: Wendy Littooy, District 13; Peggy Shirey, District 14; and, Bill Bernard, District 15. Thank you in advance for your time helping the community.

We need a representative for District 9–the area south of Pomerado Road, near Semillon Boulevard. For boundaries, see the map on the SRCA website []. To volunteer, call Gordon Boerner at 689-2411.

This month, we continue to introduce you to the SRCA district representatives.

District 19

My name is Peter Wulff and I serve as the SRCA District 19 representative. I have served on the SRCA board for almost two years. The District 19 boundaries are the city of Poway on the north, Pomerado Road on the east, Spring Canyon Road on the south, and just past Cypress Canyon Park to the west.

I am dedicated to represent and assist our neighborhood concerning various community issues evolving around us. Seeing Scripps Ranch grow the last 15 years, I became interested in being involved with the SRCA–and other community groups–to help with these concerns in our local community:

  • Community and traffic growth impacting our local infrastructure;
  • Schools;
  • Community recreation; and,
  • Road safety.

I have lived and worked in Scripps Ranch since 1985. My family moved into Scripps Legacy when the first homes were built in 1991. When we outgrew our house, we liked the area so much, we moved around the corner!

My wife, daughter, dog, and I enjoy local sports and school activities. I am a chief financial officer for a medical technology company located in Sorrento Mesa. I also worked locally during the 1980s in the Scripps Ranch Business Park at IMED Corporation.

I attend the various community meetings to see what issues affect our community–with recent efforts on both school overcrowding and the 4-Acre Parcel Subcommittee. I am committed to fair, open, and participatory processes at all levels. I have personally met with city and school district officials and will be sure your voice is heard.

In order for me to do a better job, please feel free to contact me to discuss your concerns, ideas, or suggestions to improve our community. Just email me at [[email protected]].

Peter Wulff, District 19 Rep.

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