President’s Report

Thanks Deana and Michael!

We say goodbye to Deana Fulbright and her husband Michael Lopez. SRCA mainstays for the past several years, Deana was chair of the 4th of July parade and picnic, SRCA webmaster, and provided secretarial services for SRCA. Michael provided logistical support for the 4th of July parade including providing signs, barricades, and phones. Thank you Deana and Michael for your years of unselfish devotion to Scripps Ranch. We hope your new community in Atlanta knows what treasures they are getting.

Newsletter Finds Cartoonist

As you undoubtedly noticed this month, we were successful in finding a new highly talented volunteer for the Newsletter. Resident Kathy Loeber’s work is on the front page reminding us to vote, and in the Dialogue section reminding Shea Homes “a deal is a deal.” We’ll try to be accurate and fair with future cartoons, but it has never been our style to shy away from an important topic.

So if you have an idea that you think Kathy should hear about, especially if it is one to poke fun at SRCA–because we too need to stand back occasionally and look in the mirror–then please mail it to Kathy’s attention at 9974 Scripps Ranch Blvd., PMB 317, Scripps Ranch, CA 92131.

Thanks Kathy! Your efforts are much appreciated, and as Emeril would say, “Bam! You’ve kicked the Newsletter up a notch.”

Time to Branch Out

The Scripps Ranch community is almost built out. We have about 1,000 homes left to build before we reach our maximum of 11,400. Along the way we have been focused on the many problems and concerns of a growing community: schools, parks, libraries, fire stations, roads, and open space. Certainly, we continue to have concerns, major concerns about having adequate schools and parks. But we are turning a corner.

Around the corner we will find ourselves with fewer problems and much more experience and resources than many communities in San Diego. Now is the time to begin thinking about how to fulfill a role that is larger than providing for the specific needs within Scripps Ranch.

Several groups have been doing this for years. The Children’s Hospital Auxiliary continues to provide important support for children who arrive at the hospital with both physical and emotional needs. The churches, the scouts, and the Women’s Club each has helped others outside of Scripps Ranch. Most recently, the Hidden Valley House Auxiliary was formed and already has made a difference in the lives of women and their children who seek shelter from difficult and abusive environments.

I would encourage each person and each group in Scripps Ranch to identify other parts of San Diego and Mexico where they can make a difference. There are undoubtedly many ways:

  • Teaching other communities how to form a community organization like SRCA, or SRFOL, or SRWC;
  • Replicating the SRCA Newsletter in other communities;
  • Using the tons of items that we donate after each community-wide garage sale to make a substantial difference in a specific community or village;
  • Helping to form strong scouting groups in other neighborhoods;
  • Creating community-wide adult sports leagues like Old Pros and WAC; and
  • Setting up computer and library services in communities where becoming more educated is a huge, daily challenge.

SRCA can help make these things happen. Give us a call if you’re inspired to branch out.

SRCA Elections in April

SRCA will have elections at the meeting on Tuesday, Apr. 11. The positions to be filled are all officers and the district representatives for even-numbered districts. If you would like to run for an office, please contact Bob Dingeman at 566-6083.

All SRCA members are eligible to serve and to vote. District Representatives are elected by SRCA members in their respective district. A map of districts is available at each of the copy shops in Scripps Ranch, and officer positions are listed in the directory page of the Newsletter.

Skateboard Park

Good news for skateboarders: the City of San Diego has established a skateboard park at Robb Field in Ocean Beach. The skatepark, which opened in February, has more than 40,000 square feet of bowls, ramps, and rails. A one-year membership can be purchased for $30. Daily rate is $5. Helmets and elbow and knee pads are required.

This outstanding facility proves an alternative sports park can be built with the support of the City of San Diego. It probably wasn’t easy, but they have paved the way. Perhaps we can follow their lead. SRCA is still awaiting the strong resident advocacy group necessary to make it happen.

Webmaster Needed

With the departure of Deana Fulbright, SRCA needs to find a new webmaster for the SRCA website []. We also are in the midst of redesigning the site to provide much more complete information about SRCA, community events and organizations, and historical documents, including all past issues of the SRCA Newsletter. You can lead the way, if you call me at 695-6835. A modest monthly compensation is available.

Secretarial Services Needed

We also need contract secretarial services to record and distribute minutes of monthly meetings and to maintain and use mailing lists. Again modest monthly compensation is available.