President’s Report

Middle School Update

The school district is pursuing 6 sites for the new middle school:

  • 2 sites in the Scripps Ranch business park;
  • the western part of USIU;
  • part of the Davis Ranch located on the northeast corner of I-15 and Pomerado Road;
  • the Renzuilli property near Cypress Canyon Park; and
  • expansion of the present Marshall campus into the community park.

The feasibility, cost, and timeframe to create a properly sized middle school at each site is now being evaluated; it is unlikely this process will be completed before the end of March. When the data are compiled, the school district will bring this information back to the Scripps Ranch community for a decision.

Elections for Odd-numbered District Representatives

Elections for SRCA District Representative in odd-numbered districts will be held on Tuesday, April 10, at the regularly scheduled SRCA meeting. To be eligible for election, you must live in the district and have attended a previous SRCA meeting.

As a District Representative you will have the opportunity to ensure that the quality of life in your part of the Ranch is maintained and is improved. Your primary responsibilities will be to help with one major event during the year, such as the Community Fair, and to attend monthly SRCA meetings and communicate the needs of your part of the Ranch. SRCA meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month. Please contact the SRCA office at 578-0430 if you are interested, or attend the next meeting on Tuesday, March 13, at the Library.

Haunted Chair Needed

We are looking for an especially unusual, weird even, fun-loving person who is willing to co-chair the SRCA Haunted House Halloween project. Over the next few months, we need to plan and construct the street of dreams (or perhaps nightmares). The Haunted House previously was run by WAC, and SRCA wants to make sure it remains alive and well, or perhaps more appropriately dead and demented. All comers will be considered. Call the SRCA office at 578-0430 if you are interested in either the co-chair position, or in helping on the committee.

SRCA Meeting on Feb. 13

At the SRCA meeting on Feb. 13, District Representatives were elected to fill vacancies in districts 14 (Steve Goyette), 19 (Steve Hudson), and 20 (Jan Kane). Budget expenditures were reviewed and the Executive Board members were asked to prepare their budgetary comments for the next meeting.

Wendy Littooy reported that planning for the second annual Community Fair on Sunday, May 6, is progressing well with an even larger committee than last year. Plans include games and entertainment, display booths, and food for sale. It should be great fun.

Jany Staley reported on the progress of the 4th of July committee and in particular actions to coordinate ahead of time with the Old Pros and Symphony in the Park for the various activities.

Bob Cavanagh reported on the progress being made with the City for the enhanced use of the Information Center. For example, MRNPC was able to hold its New Projects subcommittee there for the first time. SRCA is committed to continuing to outfit the Center so that it performs many functions well for the community. For example, soon we will have large, collapsible, parson’s style tables to facilitate larger meetings, but the trick is to find tables that work well and blend with the style of the building.

Bob Dingeman reported on the RSVP, Scripps Ranch Landscape Maintenance District, and various police matters. A short report was given by the San Diego Water Authority who will hold a meeting in the Library on Wednesday, March 28, from 6:30 to 8:30 pm to review their Environmental Impact Report (EIR). You also can review the document in the library and phone your comments to 6l9-533-4679.

SRCA Membership Update

Thank you again this year for your rapid and extensive response to our membership drive. Our goal this year is to top 2,500 members. With your support, we can keep Scripps Ranch as the best community in San Diego to live and work in.

Community Pillars

We thank the following additional individuals who became SRCA members at the community pillar level:

  • Paul and Sheila Donigan;
  • Dan and Cynthia Kronemyer;
  • James and Stacy Donahue;
  • Robert and Madelynn Cavanagh;
  • Tom Goslinowski and Celeste McAllister;
  • Mitch and Merle Brodie;
  • Bruce and Barbara Hanson;
  • James and Kathleen Omsberg;
  • Chet and Tracy Jackson;
  • John and Renee Davis;
  • Ellis and Judy Fisher;
  • Jay and Penny Smith;
  • Bill and Laurie Brainerd;
  • Randy and Martha Willox;
  • Ron and Jan Lewis;
  • Jay Wurtzler;
  • Michael McCormick and Mary Jo Morris;
  • Randy and Leslie Alexander;
  • Steven Fisher; and
  • Hugh and Joyce Rothman.

How Can I join?

Fill out and return the form on page 7. Memberships last one calendar year, and need to be renewed each January.

Benefits of SRCA Membership

Each year we have struggled with how to say thank you in a way that you would appreciate and feel was a worthy use of your membership dollars. We focus on doing things for the whole Ranch, but we use your membership dollars to do it. This past year, we think we found two good ways to say thank you just to the SRCA members, because after all, you pay the bills.

  • Park and Trails Map. This exceptionally popular item is a gift to all members. We distributed over 2,000 of them last year to SRCA members. If you are a new member, we would like to make sure you get one. SRCA District Representatives will be delivering them to your house in late February. If you would like another map this year, that is fine too. Just drop us a note or email and we’ll make sure you get another.
  • SRCA E-Letters. Last fall we started this brand new way of communicating with our members. Give us your email address, and we will send you a briefing on late-breaking news that is vitally important to the Ranch, but missed the printing deadline of the Newsletter. We don’t use SRCA E-Letters often so as not to annoy you, but if it is important, you will hear about it right away via the Internet.

Information Center

Thanks Learning Express!

Special thanks to Ira and Eileen Marks of the Learning Express store in the Marketplace for donating toys for the Information Center. It is our feeling that the Center should accommodate all our residents, including those with children in tow. The Marks agreed and offered to fill our toy box with toys sure to please all, even those kids without a nap at 3 in the afternoon.

Our ultimate goal is to acquire some antique toys reminiscent of the time period of the building, circa 1800s to early 1900s. If you have durable antique toys, such as blocks, to donate, please let us know.

Volunteers Needed

The Scripps Ranch Information Center is up and going, but SRCA now needs volunteers to help with important projects that have been on hold awaiting the opening of the Center. Please contact Gloria at 578-0430 if you would like to help with the following opportunities:

Historical Pictures

Want to learn more about where you live? There’s no better way than through 30 years of historical pictures. A volunteer is needed to help organize Scripps Ranch historical pictures into display albums.

Newsletter Indexing

Imagine being able to go back 30 years and find out information about your area of Scripps Ranch. That’s what we want to make available to all of you at the Scripps Ranch Information Center. Volunteers are needed to help organize 30 years of SRCA newsletters.


Have you lost your CCRs? You may need them someday. The SRCA wants to make all CCRs available at the Scripps Ranch Information Center. But, we need volunteers to help us find copies.

Web News

Plan to check the Hot News area on the front of the SRCA home page [] for the latest news, including information on schools and sports. This gets updated as soon as we have reliable information.

Newsletter Notes

The following is the list of Newsletter delivery dates and Focus articles:





Mar. 3



Mar. 31

Children’s Hosp.


Apr. 28



June 2

Symphony … Park


June 30

4th of July


July 28

SR Map


Sept. 1

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