President’s Report

Have You Joined Yet?

Spring is around the corner, and things are really blooming in Scripps Ranch. Our SRCA membership is more than 1,400 right now, a good number but far short of a majority of Scripps Ranch households. To give you an idea of how big Scripps Ranch is, we deliver more than 11,000 Newsletters each month. So, we would hope that SRCA membership would be much higher.

If you have not joined yet, please take a moment and send in your membership–you can find a form on page 7–or go online at [] and join electronically. Remember all funds collected are expended on projects and events that benefit Scripps Ranch.

New Middle School

Wondering about the $5 million mentioned in The San Diego Union-Tribune article? Well, there are several informational items in this month’s Newsletter– on pages 9 and 15–dealing with this issue, and I would encourage all to read these items as there could be community action in this area in the near future.

The middle school Design Task Force has narrowed down the school layout designs to one they think is best. Please see page 27 for the draft site plan.

Water Department Letters

Yes, they are LARGE, silver, and really out of character with the wall and the community. The SRCA is working diligently to get them changed or removed. As the wall is considered art, modifications to it take special permissions and reviews. The Newsletter and website will report any developments.

Fencing on Miramar Dam

We are still waiting for the security report to be made available so we can determine the next step to take to open Miramar Dam for the community to use. Stay tuned, as we will let everyone know what they can do to help once we know what action we need to take.

Wondering About Scripps Ranch Businesses?

Well, in this month’s Newsletter we have the first of a series of articles about our local businesses. It has been an ongoing topic in the Dialogue section of the Newsletter. So, the SRCA thought it was time to take a look at the businesses we have in our community. It’s quite an impressive list.

It’s important for us to support our local businesses–many of the owners are your friends and neighbors. Please turn to page 22 for our Special Report.

Vandalism in Scripps Ranch

Last month we had to spend $1,000 to repaint the restrooms in Jerabek Park because of graffiti. Marshall Middle School was also "tagged."

With wet weather also comes the potential for serious damage to our park play fields due to inappropriate usage and vehicles being driven on the parks. Please keep an eye out for suspicious activities and report them to the SRCA or the police.

Marc Sorensen, President