President’s Report

Birthday Celebration

A wonderful new Scripps Ranch tradition will begin soon. We will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the SRCA with the first annual Scripps Ranch Community Fair. Make sure you reserve the date Sunday, May 7, and join us between 1 and 5 pm in the Community Park on Blue Cypress Drive for music by The Heroes, lots of birthday cake, and a relaxing time to talk with your neighbors and to meet new friends.

New residents often ask me how many people live in Scripps Ranch, and I reply about 25,000–a number that boggles my mind since our community seems so much smaller. How is this possible?

Well one reason is that we act smaller than we are. We talk to our neighbors, often. We stop and help folk when their cars break down, as anyone who drives an aging VW van or used to drive an MG can appreciate. We let our kids bicycle over to one of our three lakes and go fishing. We pick up our kids and our neighbor’s kids from school and watch over them until their parents return. We ask our more senior citizens to watch over our homes when we go on vacation. We have our kids mix and match between schools, and sports teams, and scouts so that pretty soon they know kids from all over the Ranch. And we host many community parties throughout year, make them free, invite everyone, and look forward to seeing our friends and making new ones. We don’t have 600 residents anymore, but we still act like it. See you on May 7th.

Unanswered Phone Calls

If you have tried to call in response to the secretary, webmaster, or other issues this past month, my sincere apologies. Life has been a bit crazy with all the school stuff going on and Deana moving, and many balls have been dropped, especially with respect to getting back to folks. Email to the SRCA site is often more effective since I can reply to that after 10 pm, which seems to be the start of the volunteer day. But with many folks stepping forward to help, I expect we will be back and functioning at an even higher level in the next few weeks.

Graphic Artist Needed to Create Park and Trails Map

Do you have a talent for graphic arts and some computer skills. We can use your talent to create the newest edition of the Scripps Ranch Park and Trails map. Presently, we have the artwork in Adobe Illustrator software and we desire to create an 11-inch by 17-inch, 2-sided, 4-color publication. One side would have the standard map of streets and trails; the other side would have a description of the parks and trails. If you can help, please call Al Hoffstatter, Chair of the SRCA Trails Committee, at 271-1242.

Membership Drive

By now you should have received your second mailing for membership in SRCA, if you did not return your first mailer. We culled the mailing list so that no one responding to the first mailing should have received a second.

Our membership goal is 2,500 for this year, up from a total of 2,200 memberships received last year. We seem to be in good shape to make a serious run at achieving this higher number. But we need your support.

Your membership dollars, just $15 per family per year, will be used in several critically important ways this year, including:

  • To ensure that the many school issues are brought before you in handouts and forums;
  • To pay for the first annual Scripps Ranch Community Fair;
  • To start up the community office in the Scripps Ranch Community Information Center;
  • To pay for additional facilities for the Scripps Ranch Rec Center;
  • To ensure that Evans Pond is retained in its present form; and
  • To prevent unwise changes in land use from occurring in or around Scripps Ranch.

SRCA Actions

New Advertising Policy

A new advertising policy will be put into effect on June 1. The goal of the policy is two-fold:

  • To rebalance the amount of news and advertising and make them more equivalent each month; and
  • To make the amount of space in the Newsletter more predictable so that organizations can more readily count on having room to announce their many activities on the Ranch.

For the advertisers, the change will mean that roughly the same amount of space in the Newsletter is available for advertising as last year. But the space may not be available in a specific month.

The new policy is as follows:

  • All text and advertising copy is due on the 10th of the month preceding publication.
  • Advertising space is limited in each issue. In particular, the number of double, full-page, and half page ads is limited, and the total number of ad pages is limited. A backup list for ads will be will be maintained.
  • Reservations for space in the next issue of the Newsletter will be accepted, on a space-available basis, on the 1st of the preceding month. Camera-ready, advertising copy with payment is due on or before the 10th of the month. For example, reservations for an ad in the July issue will be accepted beginning June 1; payment and copy will be due by June 10.
  • Advertising space can be reserved ahead of time for one issue per quarter. Quarters are defined as January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December. Payment is due at the time of reservation and secures that price regardless of any subsequent increase in advertising rates. Reservations for the next year are accepted beginning November 1.
  • Within a single month, backup reservations for advertising
  • Advertising rates are left unchanged.
  • Because of this new policy, no prepayment of ads, except those reserved per quarter, is possible.

Vacancies for SRCA District Representatives

We have filled nearly all the vacancies for District Representatives, but we still have a vacancy in the following area:

  • Wine Country — Named after the streets with names of wine such as Riesling and Charbono, this area is bounded by Pomerado Road, Spring Canyon Road, and Semillon Blvd. Improvement of the Semillon tot lot might be a goal of a future district representative.

If you are interested in helping your neighborhood as well as the rest of the Ranch, please contact SRCA Executive Vice President Gordon Boerner at 689-2411.

Increased Traffic Surveillance

SRCA has supported, via the Traffic Committee, creating safer neighborhood streets, in particular near our schools. At the last SRCA meeting, we received word that the San Diego Police Department will be increasing its surveillence of traffic throughout Scripps Ranch. This is part of a city-wide program to make residential streets safer. Ironically, it is primarily the local residents of Scripps Ranch who cause the unsafe conditions. How to get these people’s attention has been a continuing topic not only of SRCA, but also of the Police Department.

Therefore, you are forewarned that the police will be present and will issue citations as needed for a variety of offenses that you may have gotten away with in the recent past. The police say that they will instituted a zero tolerance policy on the following infractions, with the associated fines:

  • Speeding in a school zone, $ll9;
  • Parking within an intersection, $35;
  • Violation of posted signs, $35;
  • Making a U-turn in a residential district within 200 feet of clearance, $82;
  • Standing , stopping, or parking along red curb whether vehicle is attended or unattended, $35;
  • Parking in a cross walk, $35;
  • Parking in bus drop-off zone, $35;
  • Parking too close to a fire plug (l5 feet), $60; and
  • Parking in marked disabled parking space, $340.

The SRCA traffic committee is continuing to look at options that will make the streets safer, but also have them operate efficiently with smoothly flowing traffic. If you have questions about these policies or the activities of the SRCA traffic committee, please contact Luis at 578-9230.

Newsletter Notes

Consider Using Autoreply for Email Submissions

If you submit articles to the Newsletter via email, as most of you do, it may be handy for you to add an auto-response option to your email. That way you will know that it was received. This is much easier than requesting a reply from us in the text, which may not be read for several days after receiving and filing the email.

Old Newsletters Needed

Do you have copies of the SRCA Newsletter prior to 1980? If so, could we have or borrow them for our archives? Please contact Wes at 695-6835 or send email to [email protected] Thanks much. Our goal is to provide all monthly issues of the Newsletter back to 1972 on a CD and eventually on our website.

Subscription Rate

We now offers a subscription rate of $72 per calendar year as a courtesy to those who may wish to routinely have a copy of the Newsletter, but live outside of Scripps Ranch. Newsletters will be mailed via U.S. mail to subscribers. Please contact the SRCA as described on the front page if you are interested. Please note that the SRCA newsletter sans advertising is available on the SRCA website [].

Newsletter Volunteers

As a result of our membership drive, SRCA is likely to have a fairly large number of residents who volunteer to help deliver the Newsletter. If you are having trouble getting the Newsletter out to your neighbors on time, or if you would like to have someone do part of your route, or if you would like to have someone cover you occasionally, please call Chuck at 271-8853. We’d be happy to help you out. And thanks for all of your help; it makes a world of difference.

Delivery Schedule

The schedule of the SRCA Newsletter for the rest of 2000 is as follows:





Apr. 1

Childrens Hosp.


Apr. 29

Jerabek Roundup


June 3

Symphony … Park


July 1

4th of July


July 29

SR Map


Sept. 2

SRHS Foundation


Sept. 30

MRE Halloween


Nov. 4



Dec. 2

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