President’s Report

Membership Quandary

I and the SRCA are really struggling with our current membership status. We know there are over 10,000 homes in Scripps Ranch because that’s how many Newsletters we deliver each month, yet to date we have received fewer than 1,500 memberships this year. This ratio is very troubling as it seems to indicate that either there is a significant “disapproval” of the SRCA in the community or that we have failed to communicate just how important your membership is to our community.

Scripps Ranch always has been a community of bright, articulate, passionate people who express their views and let us know when they feel they are not being well represented. Since the SRCA has not received much in the way of complaints of our actions I do not believe that most of our community “disapprove” of the SRCA–so it must be that we have failed to clearly identify how important your membership is to our community.

What does your membership mean? Well for starters your membership contribution does not in any way fund our Newsletter. The Newsletter is completely self-sufficient; our advertising rates are geared to cover all costs of the Newsletter. But SRCA needs to remain healthy in order to continue to put the Newsletter out each month. Good health comes from volunteers and your membership dollars. Without a healthy, well-supported SRCA, the Newsletter will disappear.

So what does your $20 membership cover? Well a partial list is…

  • our 4th of July Parade;
  • Community Fair;
  • Information Center enhancements;
  • anti-drug DARE programs in the elementary schools;
  • Contributions to the Scripps Ranch Library, Symphony in the Park, and Scripps Ranch Theater;
  • Major contributions to Marshall Middle School and Scripps Ranch High School;
  • Sponsorship of a team in all youth sports programs; and
  • All financial support of our two planning groups as they work hard to help protect Scripps Ranch.

These are just some of the groups and activities that we contribute financial support to. Our goal is to return every dollar in membership fees to the community and we do just that. The more memberships we have, the more support we can give. This keeps volunteers active and accomplishing things for the larger community, and keeps SRCA healthy.

A key benefit of a large membership is that it enables the SRCA to better represent our community with the various public and private agencies that can and do impact our quality of life.

So I am hoping that in the crunch of normal hectic Scripps Ranch living most of our residents just overlooked joining the SRCA. Please, take a moment as you read this to find our membership form on the next page (7), fill it out, and return it. Don’t forget to include your email address so that we can send you timely and important community information via our E-Letters.

If you do have a complaint about the SRCA, please send them to me so that we can take the appropriate actions. Thank you for taking the time to join and support Scripps Ranch, it’s what makes us the best community in San Diego.

Common Misconceptions

  • Question: Why did the School District let Intel “have” the land in the business park?
  • Answer: They didn’t! The land sale was a private transaction between the land owner and Intel. The School District, being a public entity, has a public process it must follow to purchase land and they were in the middle of that process at the time of the sale and had no “rights” to the land at the time of the sale. The various community groups continue to work on the issue of schools in Scripps Ranch.
  • Question: Is the Rancho Encantata development a great deal for Scripps Ranch?
  • Answer: Despite the nice promotional flyer sent to Scripps Ranch, our community provided 32 pages of questions and concerns on this project in response to their Environmental Impact Report. The various community groups have serious concerns and reservations about this project and are awaiting the answers to our questions.

Elections for Odd-numbered District Representatives

Elections for SRCA District Representative in odd-numbered districts will be held on Tuesday, April 10, at the regularly scheduled SRCA meeting. To be eligible for election, you must live in the district and have attended a previous SRCA meeting.

As a District Representative you will have the opportunity to ensure that the quality of life in your part of the Ranch is maintained and is improved. Your primary responsibilities will be to help with one major event during the year, such as the Community Fair, and to attend monthly SRCA meetings and communicate the needs of your part of the Ranch. SRCA meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month. Please contact the SRCA office at 578-0430 if you are interested, or attend the next meeting on Tuesday, April 10, at the Library.

Important Notice!

Attention Distributors!

The SRCA is being fined by the postal service, apparently for placing Newsletters “in, upon, attached to, supported by, or hung from private mail receptacles.” The fine for this occurrence is $101.36 for 56 pieces of mail. Please remember that Newsletters must not be put in or near boxes used for U.S. mail.

Haunted Chair Needed

We are looking for an especially unusual, weird even, fun-loving person who is willing to co-chair the SRCA Haunted House Halloween project. Over the next few months, we need to plan and construct the street of dreams (or perhaps nightmares). The Haunted House previously was run by the Women’s Athletic Club and Old Pros, and SRCA wants to make sure it remains alive and well, or perhaps more appropriately dead and demented.

So we are looking for a chair and volunteers. All comers will be considered. Call the SRCA office at 578-0430 if you are interested in either the co-chair position, or in helping on the committee. You will have a great time, and have wonderful stories to tell around the crypt.