President’s Report

Did You Vote?

California set a "record" so to speak with one of the lowest voter turnouts in recent history. It was reported that voter turnout was about 30%. With all our displays of pride and patriotism this year, you would think that the cornerstone of our country would have received more attention. Please spend the next few months learning about the candidates and issues and make November a different kind of record, one that shows how committed we are to our country and its freedoms.

School Update

Well, by now you will have heard that the School District staff has recommended building a full-sized middle school in the business park. This decision, as described briefly on page 27, has the two planning groups as well as the schools committee burning the midnight oil so to speak. If you are interested in this issue, we will have a community meeting on Monday, Apr. 1, at the Scripps Ranch High School auditorium from 7 to 9:30 pm.

You also can watch the Scripps Ranch website as we will post all relevant information as it becomes available. If you are a member of the SRCA and we have your email address, you will be informed via an E-Letter of the latest information on this and other subjects of interest.

SRCA Elections – In April

As we have reported for the last several months, the SRCA will hold its general elections at the April meeting. Those positions up for election are all even-numbered district representatives as well as the officers of the SRCA. If you are a member, please come and vote. If you are interested in a position, please contact the SRCA Secretary.

Vandalism on the Ranch

On Saturday night, Mar. 9, some individuals broke into the Girls Softball League storage shed at Cypress Canyon Park. They stole bases and a chalker, and tried to break into the snack bar. What’s even worst is that they left a "swastika" on the sidewalk in chalk.

We continue to have senseless acts of vandalism in and around our parks. From broken trees and windows, to graffiti on bathrooms, to cars driving on and tearing up our turf. All these acts cost us scarce park maintenance dollars to fix. This latest event takes this stupidity to a level of hate that we cannot simply ignore.

Please, if you see or know anything about acts of vandalism in our community, contact the Scripps-Mesa Police Storefront or the SRCA.

4-Acre Recreational Parcel

The various community groups have endorsed taking the next step towards establishing a YMCA at this location. This process can take time and will take community commitment to achieve. We will be reporting on the plan’s progress and informing the community of what they can do to help bring this idea to a reality. Turn to pages 28-29 to find out the status of this project, and watch the SRCA website for further information.

Community Leaders Forum

Thanks to the outstanding efforts of Elissa Barber and Bob Cavanagh, SRCA was able to host our annual Community Leaders Forum on March 19 at the Information Center. The forum was instituted several years ago as a way for community leaders to meet their counterparts, to put a face with a name, and to better meld the community organizations together.

Elissa chaired the event and made sure all groups were invited, and that the forum had a good balance of food, socializing, and substance. At the forum, we were able to formally recognize the architect of the Information Center, who passed on just after the building was opened, and to thank McMillin and Brookfield for donating the building to the City and community. Plaques describing these contributions will be placed by the fireplace at the Center for all to see.

Thank you Brian

Although the City budget is measured in millions of dollars, sometimes all it takes is a few dollars here and there to make a measurable difference in the quality of life in a community. We appreciate that our City Council representative Brian Maienschein has been so willing to use his scarce discretionary dollars to make a measurable difference in several ways in Scripps Ranch.

Brian came to the aid of the Scripps Ranch open space by contributing additional funds to remove dead and diseased trees damaged by the lerp parasite. His help will improve safety and the appearance of the Ranch.

Brian also has contributed funds to ensure that use of the Information Center is maximized. Through Brian’s help, we will be getting additional tables for meetings and for the geographical information system, cabinets to store historical items and past issues of the Newsletter, and slide screens to improve use of the Center. Brian also was willing to give up his office at the Center so that the SRCA Newsletter could stretch its legs and improve its operations. Thanks Brian, you continue to make a difference!

Our Apologies to 7/11

In our February Newsletter, we inadvertently linked the 7/11 with workers gathering for day employment and littering the surrounding area. For this we apologize. The 7/11 store, in the Vons shopping center, has no control of the driveway adjacent to their store and is in no way connected to the gathering of these men each day, nor are they responsible for cleaning up after them.

The store owner has reported the condition on numerous occasions, but that is all that he can do. Again, our apologies to the 7/11 store, its owner, and the staff for this mis-information.

Drive Safely as Light Increases

Don’t forget that with increasing length of daylight, our children will be out playing and need your awareness.

Marc Sorensen, President

3rd Annual Scripps Ranch Community Faire

Spring is just around the corner and planning for the 3rd annual Scripps Ranch Community Faire is underway. The Faire, sponsored by your SRCA, will be at the Scripps Ranch Community Park on Sunday, May 19.

As the new chairperson of the Faire this year, I would really appreciate feedback from the Scripps Ranch community regarding what you would like to see or do at the Faire. This event is a perfect opportunity to meet your neighbors and spend a wonderful day outdoors with family and friends.

Would you be willing to help this year with the Faire? It takes many dedicated volunteers working behind the scenes to create all the fun events this community has to offer. Our committee is looking for volunteers to do all types of tasks.

We are really excited about expanding the format of the Faire to include more fun activities for children, for example inflatable jumps, slides, obstacle course, clown, face painting, balloons, and llama rides. We’ve already had some suggestions that there should be more food, such as cotton candy, snow cones, kettle corn, hot dogs, and some real "grown up foods" as well.

Hey, put on our dancin’ shoes Scripps Ranch, we’re really gonna have a good time. We’ll be rockin ‘n rollin’ to the beat of the Bayou Brothers. They will be playing music for us all during the Faire.

So, even if you are a "Seasoned Scrippy" or "New on the Ranch," you’ll find all kinds of vendors, organizations, and businesses represented at the Faire. Meet them up close and personal.

Again, we want to hear your ideas. If you represent a business or organization that would like to have a booth at the Community Faire, please call me right away, Bev Cassity at 586-7933 or email me at [[email protected]].

Now turn to page 8, and read about all the fun things you’ll find at the faire; then call or email me with whatever you’d like to help with or participate in. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Vacancies in SRCA District Representative Positions

Do you want to join the Executive Board of the Scripps Ranch Civic Association, and participate in improving the quality of life on the Ranch? There are currently openings for the following District Representatives:

  • District 2: Hoyt Park area, north of Scripps Ranch Blvd. and west of Aviary/Red Cedar Drives, including residents of those streets; and
  • District 13: Gateway area of new homes, on top of the hill north of Miramar Lake, extending north to Scripps Poway Parkway.

A district map can be found on the SRCA website [], or obtained from the Information Center on Cypress Canyon Road.

Please call Gordon Boerner at 689-2411 if you are interested in finding out more about this volunteer opportunity to help make Scripps Ranch a better place to live.

Newsletter Changes?

The change in the Newsletter Editor position prompts us to consider making a number of changes to the format, style, and content of the SRCA Newsletter. We would like your suggestions.

  • What works?
  • What doesn’t?
  • What would you like to see? Color front cover? Color centerspread? A different layout? A different paper size?
  • Can we put much of the directory information on our website?
  • Please send your comments and suggestions to us via U.S. mail or to [[email protected]].

We understand that to a great extent the Newsletter works well, so we won’t be making changes, just to make a change. But we now have more people involved, and can take a breath and can consider making changes that simply were too time-consuming for one person to make before.

Related to the Newsletter is the SRCA website. Are there related changes that we should make so that the printed Newsletter and our website work even better together? For example, what form of calendar do you think works best?

To honor the many contributors and advertisers, we’ll weigh the suggested changes carefully and go slowly. But we’d like to know what directions you think we should head. Thank you for your continued interest and support.

Welcome Paul and Angie

Congratulations to our most recent District Representative Paul Lebidine. Paul and his wife Angie, who volunteered to be the Assistant District Representative, will be SRCA’s eyes and ears in District 15, which covers the area between Spring Canyon Road and Scripps Creek Drive, including Spring Canyon Park and Dingeman and EBS schools. Welcome Paul and Angie; thanks for stepping forward to help.

Thank you, SRCA!

On behalf of the Scripps Ranch Theatre board of directors, we’d like to once again thank the SRCA for their continued financial support of our efforts. This year our attendance will reach almost 85% of available seats, a testimony to our ability to entertain our audiences with a quality theatre experience.

The donation has helped underwrite our productions and allowed us to build better sets and attract the top talent in San Diego County. Our audiences, mostly Scripps Ranch residents, tell us they would rather see shows right here at home than travel to many of the "professional" theatres in the city.

We also appreciate your sponsorship of the evening for the Newsletter distributors, as well as our feature in the Focus section of the Newsletter to promote our new season. We’re able to reach potential audience members in a way we couldn’t afford to do otherwise. We pledge to continue to be an organization that all of Scripps Ranch can be proud of and look forward to the SRCA’s continued support.