President’s Report

SRCA Membership Drive

If you have not yet joined the SRCA or renewed your membership, it is not too late. I encourage you to join and help keep Scripps Ranch such a great place to live. Membership in the SRCA is a great way to show support for our community, and it helps empower Scripps Ranch, as well as makes funds available to many local community organizations and causes. Membership in the SRCA does not fund the Newsletter–that is solely supported by its advertising.

You can join the SRCA online at []. Or, just fill out the membership form on page 7 and send your check to:

SRCA Membership

10845 Loire Avenue

San Diego, CA 92131.

We have received several letters and emails letting us know that residents who have already joined the SRCA are receiving our second mailing. We do apologize for this, however, with direct mailings it can take time and money to separate out those members from a 92131 zip code mailing. It would be great if we did not have to do a second mailing, but this has not been the case.

The SRCA Trails Map that goes to every member was distributed during March. If you have not received yours, please let the SRCA know and we will get it to you.

Community Fair Date Set

Just one of the many community events that your membership dollars support is the SRCA Community Fair. The 4th annual Fair will be on Sunday, May 18, from 11 am to 4 pm at the Community Park on Blue Cypress Drive. It will be a fun-filled family event.

Wet Weather

We are finally getting the rain we so desperately needed. However, wet weather brings concerns to our community. Wet streets can be more dangerous, especially around schools. Children rushing to get out of the rain may not take the time to watch traffic. This, along with slippery roads, requires drivers to be more vigilant and to slow down.

Park Usage

When the fields are wet, they are very susceptible to damage from park usage and vandalism. This situation is made worse by the current budget condition that the city faces, as there are little funds available for park repair. Please observe "Park Closed" signs, and if you see vandalism in our parks, get any information you can–such as license numbers and descriptions–and report them to the Recreation Center at 538-8085.

Fossils Found in Scripps Ranch

There was a very interesting find under Scripps Lake Drive–45 million-year-old fossils! See page 15 for details.

New Middle School

The community is currently working with the San Diego Unified School District to define and design our new middle school. We are also reviewing our community-based public funds to see how we might help with the middle school. Please see page 15 for more information.

Signs in the Ranch

We all see them and mostly they are informative. However, we do need to insure that they do not become "permanent fixtures," so to speak. There are "guidelines" for when, where, and how long signs can be displayed, and the SRCA will take appropriate action to insure that these guidelines are adhered to. You can see the article from last month’s Newsletter that spelled out the specifics by visiting the SRCA website at [].

Marc Sorensen, President

Garage Sale and Clean Up Day

Coldwell Banker will sponsor the Ranchwide Garage Sale on Saturday, Apr. 5, and the SRCA will sponsor the annual Spring Clean Up Day on Saturday, Apr. 19. If you want to have your group clean up a specific area, please contact Bob Dingeman at 566-6083.

The hours for the Clean Up are specified by the city now–8 am to 12 pm. Separate your metals into separate containers, and we do not take hazardous waste. We will set up in the usual place in the Business Park with the assistance of the Kiwanis Club.

A special oil and auto waste recycling–to include filters, antifreeze, and old batteries–will be held in the Mira Mesa High School parking lot on Saturday, May 17, from 9 am to 1 pm. Call 619-235-2105 for details.

If you have other discards, remember the Miramar Landfill will accept many items on Saturdays starting at 9 am. What you can bring is limited–for example, they will not accept old computers–so call ahead rather than waste a trip. The Recycling Hotline is 467-0903.

Welcome New SRCA District Representative

The SRCA is pleased to welcome Shannon Alatorre as the new District 9 representative. District 9 is the area south of Pomerado Road, near Semillon Boulevard. Shannon is an involved community member who understands school issues due to her involvement in many school organizations. Thank you, Shannon, for volunteering your time.

We continue introducing our SRCA district representatives to the community. Please contact them if you have questions or concerns about your area. To see which district you live in, check out the map on the SRCA website at [].

District 13

My name is Wendy Littooy, and I am pleased to be the new district representative for the SRCA’s District 13–Gateway. This area is where most of the new homes have just been completed above Interstate 15, just south of Scripps Poway Parkway at the top of the hill.

District 13 is made up of many new residents of Scripps Ranch and many continuing residents who have relocated across town. Being a resident of the neighboring District 12 and the assistant District 12 representative for the past two years, I have volunteered to be the District 13 representative until a resident would like to hold this position.

I have lived in Scripps Ranch with my husband, Hans, and my two children for almost five years. My children attend Miramar Ranch Elementary School and are very involved in community sports and Cub Scout Pack 613.

I am a mechanical engineer and program manager who has worked for both aerospace and automotive companies. In 1998 I decided to take a year off work to dedicate more time to my family. That year has turned into five very fulfilling years of dedication to my family and community.

Since moving to Scripps Ranch, I became the founding chair for the SRCA Community Fair in the spring of 2000. I was also the SRCA representative for District 19–Legacy and Huntington homes–from 1999 to 2001. I was on the Legacy Homeowners Association board of directors from 1999 to 2001. After moving across town to District 12 two years ago, I stayed involved with the SRCA and started Neighborhood Watch programs in the Terraza neighborhood.

Being an integral part of this community, I feel I am very close to the issues surrounding our residents. I really enjoy volunteering with the SRCA, raising issues, and seeking their resolution to help improve the lives of my neighbors.

I look forward to hearing from the residents in my district. Please contact me at [[email protected]] with your concerns, questions, or issues. I will do my best to address them. And to all the new residents of District 13, welcome to our wonderful Scripps Ranch community!

Wendy Littooy, District 13 Rep.

Newsletter Notes

Looking for an opportunity to help your community? There’s a way that only requires your time once a month. The SRCA Newsletter needs an area distributor to deliver newsletters to volunteers north of Miramar Lake.

Volunteers should have a vehicle capable of carrying 27-plus boxes of newsletters–such as a minivan, small or large pickup truck, or SUV. The boxes weigh approximately 45 pounds each.

If you are interested in this important volunteer position, please contact the SRCA Newsletter’s distribution manager, Chuck Adkison, at 578-0430 or [[email protected]].