Birthday Celebration

       The SRCA will celebrate its 30th birthday by hosting the first annual Community Fair on Sunday, May 7, from 1 to 5 pm, at the new community park on Blue Cypress Road. The Heroes will provide music; we will have birthday cake in abundance and scrapbooks of past days on the Ranch; the new Scripps Ranch Recreation Center will be open to tour; and we will take a few hours to kick off our shoes and enjoy the special community we live in. At press time, plans for the fair are still evolving. Please contact Wendy Littooy, SRCA District 19 Representative, at 635-6722 if you are interested in helping out or if your non-profit Scripps Ranch group is interested in having a booth at the fair.

Graphic Artist Needed to Create Park and Trails Map

       Do you have a talent for graphic arts and some computer skills. We can use your talent to create the newest edition of the Scripps Ranch Park and Trails map. Presently, we have the artwork in Adobe llustrator software and we want to create an 11-inch by 17-inch, 2-sided, 4-color publication. One side would have the standard map of streets and trails; the other side would have a description of the parks and trails. If you can help, please call Al Hofstatter, Chair of the SRCA Trails Committee, at 271-1242.

President’s Report
Out with the Old

       Last summer, I had made a commitment to my wife and children that I would complete my term as SRCA President and then devote additional time to them, the house and yard, and my real job as a hydrologist for the USGS. So at the last SRCA meeting on April 11, a transition began. I stepped down as SRCA President and Marc Sorensen, who had previously led SRCA, was kind enough to step in as an interim President while we seek a permanent replacement.

       Over the past 3 years, my primary goals as President were to ensure SRCA’s financial stability, and to increase the number of residents who are actively involved in SRCA. I believe that in a large measure we have accomplished those goals and have set in motion an organization that is capable of leading a community of 10,000 homes and 25,000 people. Important changes have been made in SRCA in several areas:

SRCA bylaws were revised to simplify the organizational structure and remove inconsistencies;

Vice President positions were increased from 1 to 4;
District Representative positions were increased from 15 to 20;

District Representatives were made full voting members of the SRCA
Executive Board; and
Regular monthly meetings were instituted.

During that period, SRCA’s:
Membership increased from about 1,600 homes to over 2,200;

Ready cash increased from about $10,000 to over $20,000.

Annual budget increased from about $22,000 to $33,000; and

Newsletter increased from about 72 pages distributed to 8,800 homes, to
88 pages distributed to over 10,000 homes.

SRCA also was able to:

  1. Help obtain the Information Pavilion for use as a community-wide
  2. Form a Schools Committee that has been accepted by the school district;
  3. Produce the SRCA community map in 4 colors and make it available
  4. Update the trails map, and plan for the next publication of the Scripps
    Ranch Parks and Trails pamphlet;
  5. Expand the SRCA website;
  6. Create a membership database; and
  7. Host the first annual community fair.

And, we have begun to:

  1. Monitor traffic conditions on the Ranch;
  2. Create of a set of historical photos for the library and Information
  3. Develop a map database (GIS) for all of Scripps Ranch; and
  4. Create an office in the Scripps Ranch Information Center.

A few crucial things will continue to need attention. First among these

  • Ensuring that the new middle school is constructed and that interim
    plans are created that continue the high quality of education we have
    come to expect;
  • Preventing further erosion of our balanced community, in particular that
    caused by the proposed conversion of the Scripps Ranch business park to
    multi-family homes; and
  • Integrating the continuing influx of new residents with the existing

       In closing, I appreciate the opportunity to have led a volunteer organization with close to 300 active participants. We have made significant progress not because of the efforts of a few, but because of the groundwork laid by the many who came before me, and by the many who work long and hard behind-the-scenes each day, making Scripps Ranch the special place it continues to be.

        I appreciate the strong mentorship provided by Bob Dingeman over these past 12 years, first in MRNPC and now in SRCA, and the wise counsel provided by the many community volunteers who have become my best friends. Who would think we could accomplish so much via email between 10 pm and 6 am.

        Many times over the past 12 years, people have asked why I volunteer to work in the community. Is it to get an elected public office? Is it to enhance your business? Is it to gain some notoriety? The answer is really quite simple. When I was a Boy Scout, I was taught that you should provide service in the community, state, and nation. It’s as simple as that.

God bless. See you at the fair.

Wes Danskin, Past President

In with the New

       Actually in this case, it’s in with the older! First of all, I wish to express my thanks to Wes and his family for the time and energy that they allowed Wes to expend on our behalf. Running an organization like the SRCA and representing a community like Scripps Ranch is sort of like riding a tiger, always interesting, always challenging, never routine, and very stressful. Wes, you rode the tiger well, and we are a better community for it. Thank you!

       As Wes mentioned above, I am filling the role of President on a interim basis as the SRCA Executive Board reviews its options and determines the best person to continue the organization’s evolution. I was honored that Wes asked me, and I will try and continue Wes’s vision for the organization.

       As we are all aware, Scripps Ranch is a special place to live, but being special takes a lot of work and daily care. What makes Scripps Ranch special is you and only you can keep it special. It takes all of us working together-being mindful of not only what’s important to us, but what’s important to our neighbors-to keep Scripps Ranch the wonderful community that it is. We have a great place to live and enjoy life, and I will do my best to help maintain and enhance the uniqueness that is Scripps Ranch.

Marc Sorensen, President

SRCA Actions

New Advertising Policy

       A new advertising policy will be put into effect on June 1. The goal of the policy is two-fold:

  • To rebalance the amount of news and advertising and make them more equivalent each month; and
  • To make the amount of space in the Newsletter more predictable so that organizations can more readily count on having room to announce their many activities on the Ranch.

    For the advertisers, the change will mean that roughly the same amount of space in the Newsletter is available for advertising as last year. But the space may not be available in a specific month.

    The new policy is as follows:

  1. All text and advertising copy is due on the 10th of the month preceding publication.
  2. Advertising space is limited in each issue. In particular, the number of double, full-page, and half page ads is limited, and the total number of pages of ads is limited. A backup list for ads will be will be maintained.
  3. Reservations for space in the next issue of the Newsletter will be accepted, on a space-available basis, on the 1st of the preceding month. Camera-ready, advertising copy with payment is due on or before the 10th of the month. For example, reservations for an ad in the July issue will be accepted beginning June 1; payment and copy will be due by June 10. Advertising space can be reserved ahead of time for one issue per quarter. Quarters are defined as January?March, April?June, July?September, and October?December. Payment is due at the time of reservation and secures that price regardless of any subsequent increase in advertising rates. Reservations for the next year are accepted beginning November 1.
  4. Advertising rates are left unchanged, except the price for a double-page ad was increased from $640 to $800 to make it comparable to other premium pages.
    Because of this new advertising policy, no prepayment of ads, except those reserved per quarter, is possible.

    Vacancies for SRCA District Representatives
    We have filled nearly all the vacancies for District Representatives, but we still have vacancies in the following areas:

     Wine Country – Named after the streets with names of wine such as Riesling and Charbono, this area is bounded by Pomerado Road, Spring Canyon Road, and Semillon Blvd. Improvement of the Semillon tot lot might be a goal of a future district representative. Marketplace –  named for the area near the new Vons, this area includes the Windchime and Heatherwood neighborhoods. Issues include expansion of the shopping center, design of the new elementary school, and creation of a new recreational club.

    Newsletter Notes
    Delivery Schedule

           The schedule of the SRCA Newsletter for the rest of 2000 is as follows:

    Month Delivered Focus
    May Apr. 29 Jerabek Roundup
    June June 3 Symphony … Park
    July July 1 4th of July
    Aug. July 29 SR Map
    Sept. Sept. 2 SRHS Foundation
    Oct. Sept. 30 MRE Halloween