President’s Report

This month is always special for the SRCA as our 4th of July celebration is our “signature” event. It’s a great time of year to shout to the world what a great place Scripps Ranch is to live in.

However, one of the “jobs” of the SRCA President is to be a listening post for the community. When things start to aggravate our residents, they naturally turn to the SRCA to see if we can help restore the quality of life that they have come to expect.

So I thought I would share some of our most common complaints, sort of a good neighbor check list that we all can use to review how well we as individuals make Scripps Ranch a great place to live.

They may be your best friend, but are they your neighbor’s?

Scripps Ranch is a family community with kids and pets, especially dogs. However, we also are a community that is out and about a lot. Does your dog bark when you are gone? I have had several calls and letters pointing out situations where owners are letting their dogs out in the yard in the morning, and then leaving for the day.

Dogs get lonely, and their natural instinct to bark is quite annoying to those residents who are still home, especially when it’s warmer and they naturally want to open their windows.

RVs are fun on the open road, but…

RVs are great ways to enjoy life, but they can “dominate” neighborhoods when they are parked for long periods of time. They can be hard to see around on our streets, and they really stand out when parked in front of homes.

How fast do you drive in Scripps Ranch?

Traffic speed on our residential streets is the largest single complaint we receive. Speeding is not only noisy; it’s also very unsafe. Scripps Ranch has a distinctive topography of hills and winding streets, which seem to attract the race driver in a lot of us. Please remember that we are a community with lots of children and active adults who walk, run, and bike. The speed limit on most of our streets is 25 m.p.h.; so please obey that law and drive carefully.

Eucalyptus trees are our signature, but…

Our numerous eucalyptus trees make Scripps Ranch a special place. However, these trees require care. They grow fast and when planted near property lines, they can become a significant problem to your neighbors. Are your plants taking over your neighbor’s yard? Please consider what effect your landscaping may be having on your neighbor.

Good neighbor fences should be just that…

As our homes get older and our plants get bigger sometimes the fences between our homes are what end up giving way. How are your fences doing? Are they falling into your neighbors yard?

So what to do?

Most folks would say this list is pretty tame, and I would agree with them. It’s great not to have to worry about drugs and crime as the main issues facing our community. However, we all have expectations about living in Scripps Ranch, and little irritants seem to have a way of stealing our peace of mind.

Most of these issues can be addressed readily by friendly conversation and cooperation with your neighbors. So go talk to your neighbors, and make sure that Scripps Ranch continues to be a great place to live for all of us.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!

SRCA Actions

New Advertising Policy

A new advertising policy is now in place as of June 1. Thank you for your collective patience in both awaiting and accepting the new policy. It already has made a big difference.

Administrative Services

The SRCA is seeking administrative services as described below. The ideal candidate will be a Scripps Ranch resident, interested in the community, and familiar with providing high-quality administrative services. A retired person or a stay-at-home parent might find this an ideal opportunity to provide service to the community as well as to obtain a modest compensation; but note that most meetings are held in the late afternoon or evening.

If you are interested, please mail a resume and letter of interest to: SRCA Administrative Services, 9974 Scripps Ranch Blvd., PMB 317, San Diego, CA 92131. We will take applications until August 1.

  1. Acts as an independent contractor to the SRCA for the purpose of providing administrative services. No benefits are provided.
  2. Reports to the SRCA Secretary and the SRCA President.
  3. Prepares and maintains a mailing list for the SRCA. Included in the mailing list are about 100 individuals or organizations.
  4. Prepares an agenda for the monthly SRCA meeting from information obtained from the SRCA Secretary.
  5. Distributes the agenda for the monthly SRCA meeting electronically and (or) via U.S. mail to the individuals and organizations on the mailing list.
  6. Prepares an information packet in advance of the SRCA monthly meeting from information provided by the SRCA Secretary and the SRCA President. The information packet typically includes about 15 documents totalling about 50 single-sided pages.
  7. Distributes the monthly information packet to the SRCA Executive Board and about 10 other individuals, via hand delivery or U.S. mail.
  8. Records and prepares minutes of monthly SRCA meetings. Each meeting lasts between 2 and 2.5 hours. Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month from 7 to 10 pm. No meeting is held in December.
  9. Records and prepares minutes of SRCA subcommittee meetings. These meetings occur about 1-3 times per month. Meetings are commonly held in the late afternoon or evening, on weekdays or weekends, often at the Scripps Ranch Library or sometimes at a Scripps Ranch home. Holidays typically are not used for meetings. Advance notice of a subcommittee meetings usually is a week or two, but may be only a couple of days.
  10. Reserves meeting rooms for use about 3 times per month by the SRCA.
  11. Uses Word and Excel computer programs to prepare electronic information for use by the SRCA.
  12. Uses email to communicate with the SRCA.
  13. Provides information to the SRCA webmaster for posting on the SRCA webpage(s). Information includes the monthly agenda and information packet.
  14. Provides such other duties as assigned by the SRCA Secretary, the SRCA President, or the SRCA Executive Board.
  15. Time commitment per month is estimated (in hours) to be: prepare agenda (1), prepare and distribute information packet (3), record minutes (3), prepare minutes (3), update mailing list (2), reserve meeting rooms (1), respond to email (3), provide information to the SRCA website (2) and miscellaneous work (2). Additional work for SRCA subcommittees, including preparation of minutes, may total an additional 10 hours per month.
  16. Total estimated time to provide these administrative services to the SRCA is 20 to 30 hours per month.
  17. Financial compensation is available.

SRCA Website Redesigned

If you haven’t gotten around to checking out the SRCA website lately, you should. Our new webmaster Greg Minter is doing a great job putting the pieces together for what will become a major resource for our community. For example, we have added:

  • Search engine–So you can find information in old issues of the Newsletter, which are now being loaded onto the site. If you have a question about an old issue or classified ad, just search our website.
  • Hot topics–On the front page, so you can quickly go to information you just heard about at the park or at a meeting in the library.
  • Forms page–So that you (and we) will have all the forms that seem to disappear just when you need to sign up for a league, for the parade, for the 10K run, etc.

We definitely are open to suggestions for how the website can be made more useful to you. Please send your suggestions to the webmaster address on the website, or to [[email protected]].

Our goal is not to try to do everything since there are many complementary sites out there, but we should be able to provide you with even more information about our community to augment what you find in monthly issues of the Newsletter.

Vacancies for SRCA District Representatives

We have filled nearly all the vacancies for District Representatives, but we still have vacancies in the following areas:

  • Wine Country — Named after the streets with names of wine such as Riesling and Charbono, this area is bounded by Pomerado Road, Spring Canyon Road, and Semillon Blvd. Improvement of the Semillon tot lot might be a goal of a future district representative.
  • Marketplace — Named for the area near the new Vons, this area includes the Windchime and Heatherwood neighborhoods. Issues include expansion of the shopping center, design of the new elementary school, and provision for a recreational club.

If you are interested in helping your neighborhood as well as the rest of the Ranch, please contact SRCA Executive Vice President Gordon Boerner at 689-2411.

Newsletter Notes

Delivery Schedule

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