President’s Report


On May 16 the San Diego City Redistricting Commission held its District 5 meeting at the Scripps Ranch Library. Every 10 years following the US Census, the City Charter requires that the eight City Council Districts be reviewed towards the goal of equalizing the number of citizens per district. Based upon the census information District 5 is the largest district and needs to reduce its population by around 36,000.

Since Scripps Ranch population is around 25,000 and we are near the southern end of the District it is possible that we could be considered for movement out of district 5. If this were to occur the most likely scenario would have Scripps Ranch move to district 7 (Tierra Santa-College area). On paper this looks like a reasonable solution since we share a boundary with district 7.

However, this solution is not in Scripps Ranch’s best interests nor does it truly meet the intent of redistricting, which is to protect and preserve voter representation. Scripps Ranch does not really share a common boundary with District 7, rather we are separated by MCAS Miramar, 25,000 acres of open land under federal control. We share no common issues or activities. Our common issues are with those communities in district 5 located along the I-15 corridor.

This message was presented to the Commission at the meeting and we will continue to present this position at every available opportunity. If Scripps Ranch is moved to district 7 we become an isolated island of population separated from the core of the district by both geography and by common issues. Both of these conditions will act to actually “disenfranchise” our votes rather than strengthen them.

This is a very important issue for all of us and we will keep updating you via the E-letters, Web site, and Newsletter so that you can stay informed and, more importantly, let you know when and where you can voice your concerns on this critical issue.

School Status

On May 8 the Board of Education approved an action to expand the current Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for location of a “right sized” middle school in Scripps Ranch to include two additional sites for the school, USIU West and Cypress Canyon East (not the park site). The district staff felt that these two sites were the best alternatives to the Scripps Ranch Business Park location, which is also included in the EIR. The staff plans to get a preliminary analysis of feasibility done by September of this year which should determine if either site is a good potential school site.

At the Board of Education, positions were presented that requested that the study be expanded to include all other potential sites and options including the build out of Marshall Middle School at its current location. However, the district staff did not support these other options due to cost and time constraints.

The School Committee is currently reviewing plans and options and may hold meetings this summer to gather community input on both the district’s plans and other options that they feel need to be reviewed. The SRCA will make available all its communications resources to the School Committee to help facilitate communication and information flow within Scripps Ranch, so if you are interested in this issue please check out the web site regularly.

School Is Out…

Yes, its that time of year again, the kids will out playing and having fun. So I would urge two things;

Please drive carefully.We all know we have a speeding problem in our community, it’s us who are the problem so please SLOW DOWN and hang up the cell phones for all our children’s sake.

Please be aware of other activities. We have problems with some partying and activities that go on in our community, especially from some of our teenagers. Every summer there have been instances with parties and drinking getting out of hand. We experience acts of vandalism in our parks and other areas. We want all our kids to enjoy their summer, but not at the expense of their neighbors or the rest of the community. If you notice inappropriate activities occurring around Scripps Ranch please report them to the Police Store Front.

Editor’s Note: Bob Dingeman also reported on the Redistricting Meeting and in his report he noted that there were 106 residents in attendance! Most of the residents were apparently from Scripps Ranch! What an awesome community spirit we have. If anyone ever asks you why Scripps Ranch is so different from other communities, it is just such team work and community spirit that sets us apart from other less-involved communities; we show our strength in numbers and our commitment to a cause. Thanks for making us proud to be members of this community!