President’s Report

Happy 4th of July

This 4th of July, the first since September 11, is an especially important time to reflect on what this day really represents. On the very first 4th of July, a challenge was laid down for Americans to fight for liberty, and this year we face challenges similar to those the first Americans faced.

We have had our way of life attacked and we are responding. In that response, we must remember our heritage. Our armed forces are fighting overseas to protect us, and we owe them more than we can say. We also owe them to remember and honor what makes America great.

We must always strive to be a country of tolerance, understanding, and justice. That is what our men and women are fighting for and we must support them and our country by continually exhibiting these traits that make us the great nation that we are.

Tight Security at the Dam

The Miramar Lake dam will open for the Old Pros’ annual run and ride on the 4th of July. But, please be aware, it will be open to race participants only. It will not be open for recreational purposes. Also, security will be extremely tight.

MAD Ballot

Well by now you have received, and hopefully returned, your MAD ballot mailed to you in early June by the city of San Diego. If you have not yet completed and returned your ballot, please do so as the election period is only 45 days.

At the end of that time, only those ballots received will be counted. If you have not received your ballot, please contact the Maintenance Assessment District office at 619-533-6779.

Tom Hankins Remembered

I have always maintained that what makes Scripps Ranch special is the people who live here. Tom Hankins was one of the special ones who quietly gave to our community. Regretfully, Tom passed away on May 31 at the age of 70.

Tom was a strong but quiet individual, one who when he saw something that needed doing would step in and quietly get the job done. We all knew that Tom had retired as a Major from the USMC, but few of us realized Tom had held every rank in the Marine Corps–from recruit to Major. That is quite an accomplishment for a 27-year military career that started in 1949 when he enlisted in the Marines from his native Arkansas.

I first met Tom and his family 13 years ago when my daughter played on a girls Little League softball team coached by Tom and Amy. Yes, back then, girls’ softball was part of Little League, but not for long.

Tom and a group of dedicated parents felt it was time for the girls to have a league of their own. So, they established the Scripps Ranch Girls Softball League, the same league that today is a wonderful recreational opportunity for hundreds of Scripps Ranch girls.

During those first years, Tom was the president and a tireless worker for the league and the girls. He could be found daily at our new Cypress Canyon Park working on the fields, helping the girls, and running the snack bar from which the league raised most of its money.

When our new high school opened, Tom was there helping establish and fund the girls’ softball team. The team went from a new start in 1994 to CIF champions in 1996. This accomplishment was built on the success of Tom and those few dedicated parents who had the foresight to work and give our girl softball players the opportunity to excel.

Tom was an active member of the Scripps-Mesa Kiwanis, and served as president. (The Kiwanis pay tribute to Tom on page 63). He was also a member of the North Star Community Church and a volunteer with the San Diego Police. And, Tom was one of the first and strongest Scripps Ranch supporters of Dick Murphy for mayor.

To his wife, Amy, son, Tommy, and daughter, Kris, I would like to say thank you from all of Scripps Ranch for sharing Tom with us. He was an important part of our community and will be missed.

Future Development in Scripps Ranch

In this month’s Newsletter, we begin a series of reports on the potential development of the land located south of Pomerado Road as well as the development of the Scripps Ranch Business Park. See page 24 for our Special Report.

The purpose of these articles is to allow the community to understand and hopefully participate in the development process. This can best be done by working through the Scripps Ranch Planning Group (SRPG). As with all potential development on the Ranch, the impacts on public facilities as well as quality of life are everyone’s concern. These issues include, but are not limited to:

  • How will the proposed development impact our road systems?
  • How will the proposed development impact our schools?
  • How will the proposed development impact our parks and open space?
  • How will the proposed development impact our fire and safety services?
  • How will the proposed development impact the neighborhoods nearby?

For the record the developments that will be looked at this month are:

  • The Intel project at the Scripps Ranch Business Park.
  • The area south of Pomerado Road–from Chabad in the east to Alliant International University in the west–that has four separate developments in the planning and execution stages.
  • Chabad Hebrew Academy’s expansion plans;
  • Western Pacific Housing’s plan for residential and commercial buildings;
  • Alliant International University’s plans for campus improvements; and,
  • The new middle school site.

Our Special Report includes updates from the entities involved with each of the development projects. We encourage all residents to get informed and get involved.

To this end, the SRCA Newsletter and our website [] will report information as it becomes available. We encourage those interested to attend and participate in the SRPG meetings, held on the first Thursday of every month at 7 pm at the library.

Return of Beat Officers

The San Diego Police Department is returning to assigned beat officers. This system worked well in the past and the SRCA welcomes the return. The assigned officers are able to get more knowledgeable about our community, enabling more effective policing and prevention of incidents within Scripps Ranch. If you have anything you would like to relay to our beat officers, please contact the police storefront.

Marc Sorensen, President

4th of July

This month, we celebrate the 4th of July. People will spend time with friends and neighbors going to the beach, barbecuing, having parties, and watching fireworks. It is a time to celebrate.

This year, democracy and freedom have been brought to the forefront of our minds, not only with what happened on September 11, but also what is going on all over the world. On July 4th, I hope we all take a moment to reflect on what a truly wonderful country we live in. A country our forefathers fought hard to give us.

We also hope that you will spend part of your July 4th attending the SRCA’s annual parade. This is the 32nd year for the parade and lots of fun is planned for all. We pride ourselves on the local participation of our residents, clubs, groups, businesses, and local dignitaries.

Our theme this year is "United Through Our Cultural Heritage." The parade begins at 10 am. The streets affected by the parade will be closed at approximately 8:30 am.

Just a reminder that the parade route has been enlarged to allow more residents to view the parade. It will begin on Red Cedar Drive near Red Cedar Way, and end at the intersection of Scripps Ranch Boulevard and Aviary Drive. No viewing on Aviary will be allowed this year. Please see the map below for the new parade route.

4th of July committee members and parade marshals will be wearing gray shirts with the SRCA logo on the front. If you have any questions or concerns during the parade, please look for one of these volunteers and they can assist you.

Right after the parade, we will again have various activities in Hoyt Park. The Old Pros and WAC will sponsor food booths, a beer garden for those 21 years and older, and business booths. The SRCA will sponsor the band The Players from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, as well as face painting, hat making, and air jumps.

The SRCA and Cabrillo Federal Credit Union will again co-sponsor the ice cream social that will provide free ice cream cups beginning at 11:30 am. There will also be a SRCA Community Pride table where you can purchase items with the Scripps Ranch logo. And, finally, if you have not joined or renewed your SRCA membership, you can do so there.

Jany Staley, 4th of July Chair

Get to Know Your SRCA District Representative

Do you know which SRCA district you live in and who your district representative is? You can contact them if you have a concern about your area. To help you become more familiar with them, we will introduce them during the next few months in the Newsletter.

Districts 10 and 13 currently do not have a representative. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Gordon Boerner at 689-2411. For district boundaries, check the SRCA website at [].

District 1

I am Mike Gallivan, the SRCA District 1 representative. I am a court reporter by trade, coach girls softball, and watch girls water polo. I also have two daughters, ages 11 and 15.

I am your representative by default. My next door neighbor, Ray, explained that your former representative, Bob Cavanagh, had moved up the ladder in the SRCA to vice president and we needed a representative. He figured I didn’t know enough to say no. Ray’s a sharp guy.

This spring I said I would help with the SRCA Candidate’s Forum and now I am the chair. It is a very dedicated group of people who attends the meetings and represents all the districts.

The most important issue facing District 1 is the placement of the new middle school. The school district has approved the Alliant International University site. While that is not in District 1, it will have a major impact on our area. I believe that the school start time is at least a partial answer to the traffic impact and safety issues. A more immediate concern is what resources we have to fix up the small canyon and play area between Atrium and Rookwood Drives.

District 1 is a diverse area encompassing historic Scripps Ranch, bordered on the north and east by Scripps Ranch Boulevard, on the south by Pomerado Road, and the east by I-15.

Hendrix Pond and canyon land between Atrium and Rookwood Drives compose our open space areas. The Vons shopping center and the industrial center south of Scripps Ranch Boulevard are the commercial interests.

Residentially we are a mix of single-family homes and townhouses. It is of note how many seniors have chosen to stay on the Ranch after their children have moved on. When houses do become available, more often than not, younger families with small children move in, rejuvenating houses and neighborhoods.

I see a very defined sense of community in the veterans that is rightfully being passed on to a younger regime. The younger folks are starting to care a little more about our open areas, including myself. Thanks, Ray.

To reach me, you can email me at [[email protected]].

Mike Gallivan, District 1 Rep.

District Rep 3

My name is Kent Calvert and I represent District 3. I was born in Ohio and joined the Navy in 1942, operating as an air crewman in dive-bombers (SB2C) and torpedo bombers (TBM).

In 1946, I married Betty and we were blessed with four children. In 1947, I was assigned to Patrol Medium Light Squadron Two (VPML 2) at what was then NAS Miramar. I became enthralled with the area.

I retired from the Navy in 1963 and moved to Scripps Ranch in 1974. From 1994 to 2001, I was a member of the Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP), and I am presently a member of the RSVP board of directors.

My general duties as a district representative consist of:

  • Reporting concerns and opinions from residents in my district at the SRCA meetings;
  • Proposing solutions to concerns in District 3 or other areas on the Ranch, and enacting these solutions with the approval of the Executive Board; and,
  • Identifying possible replacements for my position if I am unable to perform the duties.

The District 3 boundaries are Pomerado Road on the south, Scripps Lake Drive on the north, Mesa Madera Drive on the east, and Aviary and Red Cedar Drives on the west. The homes in the area are among the oldest in the Ranch. One of the distinguishing features of District 3 is the unique streetlights. Another is that it hosts the 4th of July parade each year.

It has been noticed that shrubbery has grown during the spring season to the extent that it blocks the sidewalk. This forces pedestrians to detour into the street. Please look at your front plantings and prune them back if they intrude onto the sidewalks or streets.

For questions or concerns, email me at [[email protected]].

Kent Calvert, District 3 Rep.

Aloha Friend!

We say goodbye to one of our SRCA district representatives. William Staton represented District 10 for three years. He has moved to Maui to live near his son, daughter-in-law, and grandson.

During his tenure as a district representative, he focused on traffic, hazardous conditions in his district, and the traffic problems on the southbound 15 onramp. William says he will miss Scripps Ranch and all his friends here, but looks forward to being near his family and living in beautiful Maui.

William, the SRCA thanks you for the time you put into helping your community and helping to make Scripps Ranch a great place to live. You will be missed.