President’s Report

Enjoy the 4th

Once again the SRCA is proud to help Scripps Ranch celebrate the nation’s birthday. With the return home of our military from Iraq, it’s a special time to understand and appreciate just what the 4th of July means to America.

We are a country committed to personal freedom and one that understands with freedom comes responsibility to respect other’s freedoms as well as to stand ready to protect yours. So, have a great 4th of July, and if you know someone in the service, say "thank you."

Also, join your friends and neighbors for the 33rd Annual SRCA 4th of July Parade and Festivities. See pages 44-45 for all the details.

Vandalism In Our Parks Again!

Once again we have had cars driving over our parks doing considerable damage. This is becoming an all too regular occurrence, and one that will result in our having to enclose our parks with fences. It’s a shame that we have those individuals who think it is their right to destroy the parks that we so badly need.

Right now, with the current state of the city’s budget, our ability to repair the damage done by these vandals is seriously impacted. If this activity continues, we may be forced to close some parks. If you know anything about these acts of vandalism, please contact the Scripps Ranch Recreation Center at 538-8085 or the SRCA at 578-0430.

Middle School Update

Thanks to our school board representative, Katherine Nakamura, and the school district staff for their attendance at last month’s SRCA meeting where the new middle school was the main topic of discussion. Please see the important information on page 17 to find out more of what was discussed and the issues still facing the school and the community. Between now and November these issues need to be resolved so the school can go forward to completion.

Have You Joined Yet?

It’s still not too late to support Scripps Ranch by joining the SRCA. It’s a small cost–less than $2 per month–but it means so much to our community. Not sure how? Well, just visit the SRCA website at [] or contact any SRCA district rep or officer.

Marc Sorensen, President

New Corporate Member

The SRCA wishes to thank our latest bronze level corporate member, Patrick’s Irish Pub in Poway. Your membership helps support the community in so many ways. If your business would like to be an SRCA corporate member, just visit our website at [].

Development In and Near Scripps Ranch

Last year the SRCA Newsletter updated the community on a number of development projects in our area. In the August Newsletter we will bring you a follow-up Special Report. We will look at the following projects:

  • New middle school;
  • Chabad Hebrew Academy’s expansion;
  • Alliant International University’s (AIU) expansion;
  • Western Pacific Housing’s project near AIU;
  • StoneBridge Estates;
  • Versante; and,
  • Intel.

We have asked each developer or project manager to update the status of their project and tell us how it will impact the community. We specifically asked them about infrastructure issues, such as traffic, schools, and parks and open space.

We have also asked our Councilmember Brian Maienschein to let us know how the city is addressing the issues. The Scripps Ranch Planning Group, the city-chartered group of community volunteers that advises the city on community concerns with respect to planning and development, has been closely monitoring the projects and will give us their perspective as well.

SRCA Representatives

The SRCA has divided Scripps Ranch into districts, each with a representative who deals with issues in the area. To see which district you live in, just visit our website at []. This month, we continue to introduce the district representatives in the Newsletter.

District 9

My name is Shannon Alatorre and I am the new SRCA representative for District 9, the Whispering Ridge area south of Pomerado Road. I moved to Scripps Ranch with my husband, Jose, and our children in 1996. At that time we were looking for an area with a real community feel for our family and found that and much more here. We have three children, a freshman and a junior at Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS), and our youngest is a 7th grader at Marshall Middle School (MMS).

I have been actively involved at the schools and am currently on the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA)/Foundation boards at both MMS and SRHS. I have served in many positions over the years, co-chaired the Legs for Literacy event in 2000 and 2001, chaired the Annual Wine Tasting fundraiser to benefit Girls Athletic programs at SRHS the past two years, and recently started the eScrip program at the high school.

While continuing to work with the schools, I would like to become more involved overall with the community. I feel that as a district representative I will have the opportunity to help with community needs and plan a positive direction for the future. In addition to my volunteer activities, my real estate license enables me to work right here at home while allowing me to meet existing residents and enthusiastic newcomers to our "country living" area. It is extremely rewarding to live and work in a community we are all proud to be part of.

As your new District 9 representative I would like to hear from you. Email me at [[email protected]] with your issues and any suggestions.

Shannon Alatorre, District 9 Rep.