President’s Report

Community Votes to Purchase the Shea Parcel

In a whirlwind of meetings, the two planning groups, recreation council, and the SRCA all voted to expend $1M from our City controlled community funds to purchase the 4-acre parcel of land adjacent to the new Vons center from Shea homes. Our Councilman Brian Maienscshien negotiated this opportunity. The land was last appraised at around $2.5M and Shea agreed to sell it to the City for $1.2M. Scripps Ranch will expend $1M from the V&C settlement fund and the rest will come from City funds.

All four groups met and discussed this opportunity and decided to accept the offer as long as the land could be designated as recreational land. While there was discussion of a YMCA going on the site the actual usage plan will be decided over the next few months as the community studies how best to use this land.

For all the SRCA members, who responded via the E-letter that was sent out, thank you. Your comments were very helpful in determining whether this purchase was a good use of the community’s public funds, but also showed us that we need to take some time to determine how best to use this asset to benefit all of Scripps Ranch.

Community Votes to Approve Rancho Encantada

After months of intense negotiations between Scripps Ranch and McMillin in which every aspect of this plan was discussed and evaluated, all the groups voted to support Rancho Encantada with the extensive mitigations agreed to by the developer. Below is the report made by Scripps Ranch to the Planning Commission.

Honorable Commissioners: As you know, the Scripps Ranch community has watched this proposed development with significant interest from the beginning, including attending the two Workshops held previously by this very Commission. It’s clear to all that virtually the entire impact of this project will be felt directly to the West, encompassing the Scripps Ranch and Miramar Ranch North Planning Areas. While you, the Planning Commission, act as the designated Planning Group advisory, the Scripps Ranch community also heard your distinct request for our feedback at the prior workshop.

Therefore, last December, the two community planning entities collaborated with the three other organizations who have involvement in land-use related items within the Scripps Ranch community: the Civic Association, the Recreation Council, and the Save Our Scripps Ranch organizations. This brought together a core team of approximately 20 individuals with planning experience, who listened to numerous presentations from the applicant, took a comprehensive look at the voluminous Application & Precise Plan documents, and authored 22-pages of Draft EIR comments addressing issues and concerns with this project.

After reviewing City staff’s responses to these comments, this same group of organizations continued to meet with the developer, in a good faith effort, to identify potential mitigations which could make this application acceptable.

After a series of subsequent meetings between the five groups and the applicant, a consensus was forged on providing adequate mitigation measures to offset the significant infrastructure compromises created by this project within the Scripps Ranch community. Those agreements include required mitigations to primarily address Traffic and Recreation issues, in addition to the community library and elsewhere.

The City Staff report within your packet, documents some of these good faith efforts, however, it will require additions and appropriate refinement of these issues in order to accurately reflect the consensus necessary mitigations forged between the applicant and the five community groups.

A documented summary of these agreed upon “necessary mitigations” has been executed by each of these five Scripps Ranch Community groups. The highlights of the agreed to mitigations are:

Rancho Encantada shall deliver three million dollars be used only for I-15 transportation main-lane improvements from Miramar Way to Scripps Poway Parkway

Rancho Encantada shall contribute land and an amount not to exceed one million five hundred thousand dollars improvements for provision of an additional six acre improved park within Rancho Encantada. This is above the already planned 8 acres of active recreational space.

A materials endowment will be created to benefit the Scripps Ranch Library in the amount of $102,800. Also $35,000 will be donated o be used for the design and installation of a stairway to access the walkway to the library from additional parking areas.

Rancho Encantada will also commit to the following: 1) Fund $35,000 toward the cost of a traffic study upon the request of the Miramar Ranch North and Scripps Ranch Planning Committees/Groups, but in no event later than the date of the issuance of the 301st building permit; and 2) Fund $750,000 (including the required improvements identified in the EIR) in improvements to Spring Canyon Road prior to the issuance of the 500th building permit.

In addition to the Spring Canyon Road improvements summarized above, Rancho Encantada will provide improvements to the northbound left turn lane/pocket from Spring Canyon Road to westbound Scripps Ranch Boulevard.

Redistricting Commission

Currently the new District Map, which has been presented by the Commission for public input, has Scripps Ranch remaining in District 5. We thank the Commission for realizing that Scripps Ranch belongs in District 5 and we will continue to work with the Commission and for Scripps Ranch to insure that we stay where we belong, District 5.

SRCA Membership Update

Thank you again this year for your response to our membership drive. With your support, we can keep Scripps Ranch as the best community in San Diego to live and work in.

Community Pillars

We thank the following additional individuals who became SRCA members at the community pillar level:

  • Paul and Sheila Donigan;
  • Dan and Cynthia Kronemyer;
  • James and Stacy Donahue;
  • Robert and Madelynn Cavanagh;
  • Tom Goslinowski and Celeste McAllister;
  • Mitch and Merle Brodie;
  • Bruce and Barbara Hanson;
  • James and Kathleen Omsberg;
  • Chet and Tracy Jackson;
  • John and Renee Davis;
  • Ellis and Judy Fisher;
  • Jay and Penny Smith;
  • Bill and Laurie Brainerd;
  • Randy and Martha Willox;
  • Ron and Jan Lewis;
  • Jay Wurtzler;
  • Michael McCormick and Mary Jo Morris;
  • Randy and Leslie Alexander;
  • Steven Fisher; and
  • Hugh and Joyce Rothman.
  • Stuart Grossman & Karen Abbott
  • Gordon & Leigh Boerner
  • Joe & Chris Kloberdanz
  • L. Gene Kennon
  • Mark & Lori Conlan
  • Donald R. & Kathryn Faye
  • Ruth Leonardi
  • Jim & Peggy Dalby
  • Arlene Buckingham
  • Rick & Kathy Anderson
  • Ted & Wendy Gaines
  • Michael G. & Eva LaMar
  • Alexi Vontsolos
  • Dan & Lori Horwitz
  • Daniel L. & Katie B. Sullivan
  • Steven Wendroff
  • Chuck &Terry Scherl
  • Larry S. & Barb Grey
  • Andy & Dori Gallagher
  • Linda Evans
  • Nicholas & Kathleen Episcopo
  • Rick & Joyce Berzle
  • Marvin & Pam Miles
  • Pete & Thalia Henning
  • Peter & Patty Davis
  • Dennis & Helen Brewster
  • James P. & Marcia A. Melville
  • Warren J. & Helene A. Millard
  • Bill & Patricia Kieckhaefer

New Phone Number for Newsletter

Please note that there is a new phone number for the Newsletter and other community calls. The new phone number is 578-0430. As always, e-mail is the most efficient way to contact me since I often work late at night. The address is [email protected]

Calls regarding advertising may still be directed to our Advertising Manager, Kathy Allman, at 695-6916.

Calls regarding Distribution should be directed to Chuck Adkison, our Distribution Manager at 271-8853.

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Haunted Chair Needed

We are looking for an especially unusual, weird even, fun-loving person who is willing to co-chair the SRCA Haunted House Halloween project. Over the next few months, we need to plan and construct the street of dreams (or perhaps nightmares). The Haunted House previously was run by WAC, and SRCA wants to make sure it remains alive and well, or perhaps more appropriately dead and demented. All comers will be considered. Call the SRCA office at 578-0430 if you are interested in either the co-chair position, or in helping on the committee.

SRCA Membership Update

Thank you again this year for your rapid and extensive response to our membership drive. Our goal this year is to top 2,500 members. With your support, we can keep Scripps Ranch as the best community in San Diego to live and work in.

How Can I join?

Fill out and return the form on page 7. Memberships last one calendar year, and need to be renewed each January.

Benefits of SRCA Membership

Each year we have struggled with how to say thank you in a way that you would appreciate and feel was a worthy use of your membership dollars. We focus on doing things for the whole Ranch, but we use your membership dollars to do it. This past year, we think we found two good ways to say thank you just to the SRCA members, because after all, you pay the bills.

  • Park and Trails Map. This exceptionally popular item is a gift to all members. We distributed over 2,000 of them last year to SRCA members. If you are a new member, we would like to make sure you get one. SRCA District Representatives will be delivering them to your house in late February. If you would like another map this year, that is fine too. Just drop us a note or email and we’ll make sure you get another.
  • SRCA E-Letters. Last fall we started this brand new way of communicating with our members. Give us your email address, and we will send you a briefing on late-breaking news that is vitally important to the Ranch, but missed the printing deadline of the Newsletter. We don’t use SRCA E-Letters often so as not to annoy you, but if it is important, you will hear about it right away via the Internet.

Information Center

Volunteers Needed

The Scripps Ranch Information Center is up and going, but SRCA now needs volunteers to help with important projects that have been on hold awaiting the opening of the Center. Please contact Gloria at 578-0430 if you would like to help with the following opportunities:

Historical Pictures

Want to learn more about where you live? There’s no better way than through 30 years of historical pictures. A volunteer is needed to help organize Scripps Ranch historical pictures into display albums.

Newsletter Indexing

Imagine being able to go back 30 years and find out information about your area of Scripps Ranch. That’s what we want to make available to all of you at the Scripps Ranch Information Center. Volunteers are needed to help organize 30 years of SRCA newsletters.


Have you lost your CCRs? You may need them someday. The SRCA wants to make all CCRs available at the Scripps Ranch Information Center. But, we need volunteers to help us find copies.

Web News

Plan to check the Hot News area on the front of the SRCA home page [] for the latest news, including information on schools and sports. This gets updated as soon as we have reliable information.

Newsletter Notes

The following is the list of Newsletter delivery dates and Focus articles: