President’s Report

4th of July–What a Great Day!

Thanks to all those who helped make the 4th of July events so special. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to host this event, but it is well worth the effort. If you would like to be part of this event next year, or you can think of ideas that would make it better, please contact the SRCA via mail or e-mail.

The Fire

First of all, thanks to our wonderful firefighters and police in handling this very dangerous situation quickly and professionally. This was the first time I have seen air drops so close to houses and they were outstanding.

The use of the new heavy lift helo for water drops, as well as firefighter insertions, gave a wonderful example of why this technology is so critical for San Diego. If anyone was wondering why we should support the expense of this type of system, now they know. It was a long fight to get this hardware, but boy did it pay off! I would urge all our citizens to support increasing this type of technology for our San Diego area.

As you may have heard, a 14-year-old Scripps Ranch resident was arrested on suspicion of starting the fire. The Fire Department’s Metro Arson Strike Team has determined the teenager went into the canyon with a lighter and accidentally dropped it. It is worth noting that all of San Diego and especially Scripps Ranch is basically a tinderbox. Any small spark can create a disaster.

Also, those found responsible for starting fires, including the parents of minors, can be held financially liable for the fire. That includes both the cost of fighting it and the damages it does.

Please, be careful! Talk to your children about this and be careful with outside fires and fireplaces. One spark is all it takes. See page 19 for more on the fire.

Ambulance Service

It has come to our attention that the ambulance normally stationed at our fire station has been relocated to Station 44, which is located at Black Mountain Road near Carroll Canyon. We are looking into this situation and will provide more information as it becomes available. Please read the Dialogue by a concerned resident and the response by San Diego’s Assistant Fire Chief on page 49.

Development Plans Continue

Western Pacific Housing has filed for a Community Plan Amendment to allow them to develop south of Pomerado Road in the area currently part of Alliant International University. We are continuing our coverage of this and other development issues that effect Scripps Ranch. Our Special Report is on page 27.

We encourage all interested parties to attend the Scripps Ranch Planning Group meetings. They are held the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm at the Scripps Ranch Library.

No SRCA Meeting This Month

Yes, even the SRCA needs a vacation, especially after the 4th. There will be no meeting in August. We will be back in September and will hold some meetings at the Information Center.

Our first meeting there will be Tuesday, Sept. 10, at 7 pm. The Information Center is on Cypress Canyon Road, just south of Scripps Poway Parkway.

Successful Membership Drive

The SRCA membership drive was a big success this year. In fact, we set a membership record. I want to thank the community for supporting the SRCA, and in turn supporting your community. Your membership dues go right back into the community in so many ways. See page 7 for a list of this year’s Corporate Members and Community Pillars.

I would also like to thank the Membership Committee headed by our vice president of membership, Bob Gravina. Bob, along with Cathy Ripka, Tim Clarke, Jany Staley, Anita Wolff, Jay Wurtzler, Dorothy Mildice, Bob Dingeman, and Gloria Tran did a great job.

Marc Sorensen, President

4th of July Parade and Festivities

What a great turnout for the parade, both by spectators and entries! Everyone got in the spirit and we had more entries than ever before. The spectators expressed their enthusiasm to all the participants during the parade.

This year’s dignitaries included: Mayor Dick Murphy, MCAS Commanding General Jon Gallinetti, Congressman Duncan Hunter, Councilmembers Brian Maienschein and Jim Madaffer, Assemblywoman Charlene Zettel, School Trustee Sue Braun, city of San Diego Information Center Director Clay Bingham and assistant Mike Young.

Also attending were the following school administrators: Dingeman Elementary–Principal Brad Callahan and Vice Principal Adalia Lovado; Marshall Middle School–Vice Principal David Braun; Miramar Ranch Elementary– Principal Tim Asfazadour; Jerabek Elementary–Principal Tom Liberto; E.B. Scripps Elementary–Principal Rich Cansdale; and, Scripps Ranch High School–Principal Dave LeMay.

After the parade, the activities at Hoyt Park were in full swing. Spectators listened to the music of The Players. Children enjoyed face painting, hat making by Rad Hatters, and jumping in one of two air jumps. All these activities were sponsored by the SRCA. Free ice cream was again available to all, courtesy of the SRCA and Cabrillo Credit Union.

The SRCA 4th of July Committee– Dick Kelly, Bob Dingeman, Elissa Barber, Bob Gravina, and Bob Ilko– worked on the planning of the event and volunteered their time during the event. They are a big part of what makes this successful. There were many other volunteers who helped before, during, and after the event. They are all so important to having a successful event.

Many thanks to the Kiwanis, Boy Scout Troops 616, 663, and 11, SRCA board members, and the Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol (RSVP). The Parade Marshals were: Diane Rider, Heidi Brown, Aurie Kryzuda, Mary and Larry Reider, Jonathan and Dianne Bramwell, Bev Kelly, Bill Staley, Shaheen and Bibi Shahzad, and Pat and Jenna Mitchell.

Kevin Barber and the Podimatis family helped out at the ice cream booth. Our parade judges were: Nils–head judge–Margie, and James Persson, Richard and Sue Lops, and Roger Boates.

Additional volunteers were: Amanda Barber, who coordinated the face painting and was helped by girls from Scripps Ranch High School; youth from St. Gregory’s Church; the Scripps Ranch Swim and Racquet Club; Andy Nichols; Vons Market; the Women’s Athletic Club; and, the Old Pros. I know I have probably missed someone and I apologize.

We look forward to a bigger and better event next year. If you missed the activities this year, join us next year!

Jany Staley, 4th of July Chair

4th of July Award Winners

Congratulations to all the parade winners. Listed below are the judges’ choices in the various categories.

Car Club

  • 1st–San Diego Miata Club
  • 2nd–Clairemont Neighborhood Cruisers
  • 3rd –Model "A" Restorers Club of SD
  • 4th–Corvette Owner’s Club of SD

Civic Spirit

  • 1st–Scripps Ranch Christian Church
  • 2nd–Loire Valley Neighborhood
  • 3rd–Munyon Insurance Services, Belgian Horses
  • 4th–Kensington Social and Athletic Club

Comic Entry

  • 1st–Scripps Ranch Society for the Preservation of the Middle Class
  • 2nd–Canyon Springs Church

Commercial Entry

  • 1st–Miramar Martial Arts Academy
  • 2nd–Pernicano’s Ristorante
  • 3rd–Academy of Dance Arts
  • 4th–Allmark Identification


  • 1st–Leafwood Place and Friends
  • 2nd–Loire Valley Neighborhood
  • 3rd–Pomerado Nation Indian Guides and Princesses
  • 4th–Singsaas, Ferris, Carrillo, Cozza, and Gassib families

Marching Unit/Band

  • 1st–Scripps Ranch High Cheerleaders
  • 2nd–Scripps Ranch High "Rising Star" Pageantry and Marching Band
  • 3rd–Scripps Ranch Society for the Preservation of the Middle Class
  • 4th–Linekins Academy of Martial Arts

Original Idea

  • 1st–Loire Valley Neighborhood
  • 2nd–Kensington Social and Athletic Club
  • 3rd–Canyon Springs Church
  • 4th–Pernicano’s Ristorante

Decorated Vehicle

  • 1st–Canyon Springs Church
  • 2nd–Scripps Ranch Swim and Racquet Club lifeguards
  • 3rd–Pernicano’s Ristorante
  • 4th–Christ the Cornerstone Academy

Parade Theme

  • 1st–Pomerado Nation Indian Guides and Princesses
  • 2nd–Singsaas, Ferris, Carillo, Cozza, and Gassib families
  • 3rd–Dingeman Elementary School
  • 4th–Fitness Quest 10

Youth Group

  • 1st–Cub Scout Pack 614
  • 2nd–Pomerado Nation Indian Guides and Princesses
  • 3rd–Girl Scouts and Whiz Kids
  • 4th–Scripps Ranch Friends of the Library


  • Horses–Munyon Insurance Services, Belgian Horses
  • Oldest Car–Barnett Family, 1913 Model T
  • Boat club–Intl. Amphicar Club
  • Special–Autumn Ridge, thanks to local firefighters who helped with rescue operations at the World Trade Center

SRCA Membership

The SRCA wants to thank all of you who joined or renewed your membership in 2002. A special thank you goes out to our Corporate members who contributed at least $100, and our Community Pillars who contributed at least $50.

Corporate Members

  • Wes Bankston and Myke Felize
  • Roger and Betty Rule
  • Richard DePhillipis

Community Pillars

  • Sally and Kenneth Anderson
  • H. Igor and Dorothy W. Ansoff
  • Elissa Barber
  • Greg and Barbara Barnes
  • Kristi M. and Steven I. Berg
  • Neil and Ruth Berkowitz
  • Joanne and William Bernard
  • Joyce and Richard J. Berzle
  • Deena and David H. Birnbaum
  • Gordon P. and Leigh Boerner
  • Sonya and Rod Bolton
  • Dianne and Dennis Bourque
  • Karen and Ronald Brassfield
  • Merle and Mitchell Brodie
  • John and Pat Burns
  • Bruce R. and Rebecca L. Carlquist
  • John Cary
  • Robert Cavanagh and Madelynn Azar-Cavanagh
  • Patricia Cegelka
  • Nancy and J. Kyle Chandler
  • Lynn R. Choplin and Neil T. Choplin, MD
  • Robert A. and Mary Lu Colbourn
  • John Colson and Martha Scott
  • Alan J. Conrad, MD and Susan L. Caparosa
  • David and Georgia Critchlow
  • Tanna Thomason and Richard Crooks
  • Jean Curtis-Mahoney
  • Wesley R. Danskin and Linda Scott
  • Sue and Christopher Davey
  • Renee M. and John H. Davis
  • Noida and Domingo Del Rosario
  • Kenneth Derry and Theresa Poletto
  • Becky A. and John W. Diebold
  • Gaye and Robert E. Dingeman
  • Stacy J. and James A. Donahue
  • Paul and Sheila Donigan
  • Lisa and Bill Doyle
  • Douglas Ebert
  • Anthony and Joanna Famiglietti
  • Kathryn and Donald R. Faye
  • Laura Fehl and Frederick C. Fehl, III
  • Steven P. and Michele Fisher
  • Jennifer J. Furlong and Todd J. Fisk
  • Prue and Walter Flicker
  • Vina and Charles Galetto
  • Jim Gerber and Joan Wilkinson
  • Walter J. Geudtner
  • Donald and Jacqueline Gillman
  • Todd Jay Gilman and Terry Louchheim Gilman
  • Stephen and Tracie Glass
  • Richard Gluck and Barbara Major and Anita Gomes
  • Laura and Jeffrey Goodrich
  • Elizabeth and Josh L. Gordon
  • Tom Goslinowski and Celeste McAllister
  • Robert J. Gravina
  • Jerry N. and Holly Gray
  • Barb and Larry S. Grey
  • David A. and Donna L. Gustafson
  • Loel Ann and John Hammond
  • Dr. Richard H. and Betsy S. Haubrich
  • Pete and Thalia Henning
  • Rick and Sandra Hester
  • Rachael and Charles Holden
  • Lori and Dan Horwitz
  • Marcia and Jon Ingersoll
  • Janet McAfee and David Isaman
  • Neal N. and Joyce Jacobs
  • Diane L’Esperance and Pete Johnson
  • Susan and J. Michael Jones
  • Susan and Rick Jones
  • Suzanne and Victor Jones
  • Edward and Janet Kane
  • Patricia and William Kieckhaefer
  • Lenore and John Knutzen
  • Treacy Lau
  • Ron and Ruth Leonardi
  • William and Katherine E. Livesay
  • Loretta and Jeremiah Lynch
  • David and Elizabeth MacVean
  • Linda and John Maguire
  • Russell Mangerie
  • Jayne and Max Maple
  • John and Deborah Maxon
  • Linda Churchill and Michael McClure
  • Karen McElliott
  • Ailene E. McManus
  • Barbara Measelle
  • Sandi and Rodger Mehrer
  • Kathleen and Charles Mendenhall
  • Traci and Kim Merrill
  • Pam and Marvin Miles
  • Warren J. and Helene A. Millard
  • Lorraine and Peter Moore
  • Colleen and Gunnar Mossberg
  • Raymond A. and Patricia L. Newton
  • Diana and Richard Nicastro
  • Lisa and Jim Nigro
  • Charles and Paula Norris
  • David Nott and Teresa Davidson-Nott
  • James R. and Kathleen M. Omsberg
  • Ronald Coover and Nancy Overcash
  • Darlene and Robert Palmer
  • James Paterniti and Mary Drummond
  • Bud Semon and Susan Perry
  • Robert and Jane Petering
  • Karl Peters and Janet Malacane
  • John G. and Nancy Petit
  • James and Lesley Phillips
  • David and Dona Porecca
  • James Poulsen and Saint Gregory the Great Catholic Church
  • Nick and Carol Pratt
  • Janis and Layne Rasmussen
  • William C. and Cathy Ripka
  • Nancy J. Robertson
  • Lauren and Richard D. Rossin
  • Sally Roush
  • Lily and Jules Rudick
  • Dorian and William Sailer
  • Eileen and Stephen R. Sampson
  • Ruth and John Schmid
  • Anne K. and Philip J. Scott
  • Leslie Makau and Robin Seaberg
  • Ronald and Patricia Sellers
  • Peggy and Michael Shirey
  • Carmen R. and William W. Sitz
  • Ellen and Michael Smart
  • Clark and Kathryn Smith
  • Raylene and Rick Snyder
  • Cheryl and Neal Soderberg
  • Ronald and Sharyl Solar
  • Annette and Robert Sorensen
  • Janice M. and William A. Staley
  • Katie B. and Daniel L. Sullivan
  • Eleanor and Marc Summers
  • Paula W. and Ralph W. Tilley
  • Duane and Susan Trombly
  • Dan and Brigget Trovillion
  • Claudia and Gerald P. Unhold
  • Lori and Kenneth Vecchio
  • Barbara and Douglas Walker
  • Leslie and Francis Wiegand
  • David and Susan Williams
  • Xiaoke and Rick Winkler
  • Kevin and Barbara Winstead
  • Anita and Steve Wolff
  • Douglas Wong
  • Toni and William Wood
  • William A. and Nancy Wood
  • Pat Wright
  • Erica and Jay Wurtzler
  • Rick and Susan Jones
  • Lynn Livengood
  • James and Shair Groneck
  • Cheri and John Glinatis
  • Beverly and Mike Cassity
  • Joleen and Tim Tillapaugh
  • Gregory and Maria Shore
  • Richard and Carolyn Burgoon
  • John and Theresa Erickson
  • Mel and Deborah Gafner
  • Zulema and Mary Franco
  • William and Barbara Findley
  • Michael Carlinger and Sharon Nichols
  • Julia Brown
  • Paul and Angie Lebidine
  • James and Patricia Collins
  • James and Karen Gegg
  • Charles and Julie Combs
  • Jim and Eileen Amsberry
  • Denel and Brent Wehrmaker
  • Joe and Deanna DiCintio
  • Tim Leahy
  • Stephen and Carol Mancini
  • Jeff and Ann King
  • Marc and Jaclyn Lieberman

Get to Know Your District Representative

Do you know which SRCA district you live in and who your SRCA district representative is? You can contact them if you have a question or concern about your area. To help you become more familiar with them, we will introduce them over the next few months.

Districts 4, 10, and 13 do not have representatives. If you would like to volunteer, contact Gordon Boerner at 689-2411. For boundaries, look at the Scripps Ranch map in our Focus section on page 43 of this Newsletter.

District 6

My name is Tim Clarke and I represent District 6, the Wine Country. District 6 boundaries run within the areas of Pomerado Road and Semillon, Semillon and Spring Canyon, and Spring Canyon back to Pomerado Road.

I was born in San Diego, but grew up in Cave Creek, Arizona, north of Phoenix. I attended the University of Southern California’s School of Aerospace Engineering and then began a career as a Navy aviator.

I did two deployments to the Middle East in support of Operation Desert Storm and Southern Watch. In 1997, as my family began to grow, I transitioned into a civilian career.

I currently work as a consultant software engineer for Teradata, a division of NCR in Rancho Bernardo. I continue to serve our country as a Lieutenant Commander in the Naval Reserves.

My wonderful wife of 10 years is Susan, a kindergarten teacher and devoted mommy to our three children, ages 5, 3, and 1 year old. Our family has lived in Scripps Ranch for eight years and I have been a district representative for the past two years. I also serve on SRCA committees that contribute to our great community.

Some issues in our district that I feel are most pressing are clearing fire boundaries in our open spaces, sprucing up our entry at Pomerado and Semillon, and the upkeep of adding more play equipment in our tot lot.

I feel strongly that it is important to give something back to our community. Understandably, being a husband, daddy, software engineer, and officer in the Reserves often takes away much of the time that I wish I could spend as a district representative. Fortunately, my wife keeps me informed of important issues in our community.

I am always happy to hear from others interested in getting involved. I am sure that together we can solve most of our community’s issues. To reach me, email me at [[email protected]].

Tim Clarke, District 6 Rep.

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