President’s Report

SR Wins at Planning Commission

Scripps Ranch planning was upheld by the City of San Diego Planning Commission. In a unanimous vote, the Planning Commission upheld the City Planning Department’s staff report recommending denial of the Community Plan amendment that would rezone the industrial park to residential.

There was a large Scripps Ranch turnout with SOS Ranch, Scripps Ranch Planning Group, Miramar Ranch North Planning Committee, and the SRCA all speaking in support of the City Planning Department’s report and recommending denial of the rezone. Thanks to all the residents who showed up; you were a big factor in this outcome.

At press time, I received a mailing from BCL, one of the developers of the business park, as I am sure all Scripps Ranch residents did. The mailing was filled with half-truths and was intended to confuse what has become a straightforward issue.

I recommend that you do not return the card or respond in any way to their solicitation, but please do read my letter to BCL on page 7 and the planning section on pages 21-23 for more information.

We Need a Councilperson Now, Before November

By now we all have learned of the resignation of our City Councilwoman Barbara Warden. This leaves us with Mayor Susan Golding as our only elected representative at City Hall. With the next council election not until November, this is not a good situation for Scripps Ranch and Council District 5.

We have many issues and projects that need council support and action. The SRCA has recommended to the Mayor that we need an interim person in this position. Further, the person appointed should have current knowledge of Council District 5 and how the City Council operates.

Old Warrior Gets (Another) New Shoulder

One of our old warriors, Bob Dingeman, got yet another artificial joint so that his war-torn body can continue on at the youthful age of 78. For anyone who thinks that wars stop when the shooting stops; think again. For these veterans like Bob, the physical affects of war continue on, and on, and on. Best wishes Bob for a speedy recovery!

Grand Opening of Info Center

The new Scripps Ranch Information Center will celebrate its grand opening on Wednesday, Sept. 20. Please plan to stop by the Center on Cypress Canyon Road, just south of Scripps Poway Parkway.

We are in the process of outfitting the building to best serve the residents of Scripps Ranch. Please let us know what you think needs to be in the building, and we will try to make sure that happens.

If you would like to volunteer some time to help the Info Center get up and going, please call me at 578-4766.

Administrative Support Found

SRCA is pleased to announce that we have filled the position of Administrative Support personnel with two wonderfully capable and excited residents: Sherry Roper and Gloria Tran. Both of these woman had some free time and wanted to help out the community. This was exactly the match that we were looking for. Both are well versed in administrative functions and will add considerably to the ability of SRCA to do a timely and professional job.

You will likely see Sherry and Gloria at community meetings or you may receive phone calls from them on behalf of SRCA. Say hi, and thanks. We’re most grateful to them for stepping forward.

Please Vote!

The SRCA’s candidates forum will Tuesday, Oct. 10; please plan to attend. More importantly, please vote in November! High voter turnout is the most effective way to ensure that Scripps Ranch will be in a position to help shape our own future; your voting record is one thing that all elected representatives are interested in.

Please Control Your Dog

We are having more instances of dogs being loose in our community. In one instance a resident and his dog were attacked while walking in his neighborhood. The dogs that attacked him and his dog got out of their yard and crossed the street to attack. In other instances, we have dogs running free in our parks and school playgrounds as some owners exercise them by having them chase balls hit by tennis rackets.

We have an active community with adults and children walking, running, and biking. This increases the need to control our dogs. It is the responsibility of all dog owners to ensure that their dogs are under control at all times when outside their property.

Goodbye Ralph; Thank You!

We say good-bye to a wonderful resident Ralph McCort who has made a huge difference in our community. Ralph served many years in the Navy, and then made Scripps Ranch his home.

Ralph, like many of our volunteers, started doing a few things here and there to help out the community–attend a meeting, help out with the fall cleanup, deliver a few newsletters, answer a few questions. As time passed, he became a regular with SRCA and RSVP, making a real difference in both organizations. And a few years ago, Ralph was honored as the Scripps Ranch Citizen of the Year. His devotion to our community, and his unrequited enthusiasm to make a difference were a role model for us all.

Ralph, at the still youthful age of 80, has decided to move back with his children in Michigan. But as he says, perhaps he will also spend time in Florida and San Diego. Take a break Ralph; you’ve earned it. Thank you for your time, your hard work, and your friendship.

SRCA Actions

Info Center Equipment

SRCA has purchased computer equipment for our new office in the Scripps Ranch Information Center. Our goal is to centralize our day-to-day operations physically at the Center and electronically on our website. You will note that all email will now go to the website. Hopefully, this will provide better, more expedient answering of the many questions that we receive each day.

The new computer equipment continues our overall goal to get more of the information out of the file cabinets and people’s heads and into an electronically retrieval format. We now have the most recent Newsletter online as well as the past year’s issues. An upgraded search engine allows you to search the issues.

Our next goals will be to create a FAQ section, and to get our neighborhood mapping up and going so that we can begin to better answer CC&R questions. Thank you for your patience, and please send us your suggestions to help us prioritize our work.

New Trails Map

The new Scripps Ranch Parks and Trails pamphlet is in final proofing and will be distributed to SRCA members in early fall. This activity was supported by your $15 membership contribution.

Newsletter Notes

New Email Addresses

As part of building a more robust SRCA, we have identified new email addresses directly linked to our web site. Note that these will replace the previous email accounts that we had been using (e.g. [email protected]) Please begin using the following immediately as the old email addresses will become invalid in October.

Use of the various email addresses was designed to be self explanatory.

  • [srca] is for general communications to SRCA.
  • [help] is for any question that needs answering about Scripps Ranch.
  • [webmaster] is for all questions related to the SRCA website.
  • [newsletter] is for all communications and submissions of text and photos to the SRCA Newsletter.
  • [ads] is for all communications and submissions of ads to the SRCA Newsletter.

Dates for Calendar Section

We need dates for the calendar section of the Newsletter for next year. This effort helps to prevent scheduling conflicts between the many activities and organizations on the Ranch.

In fact, our plans for next year are to develop a comprehensive calendar on our website. In order to do this, we need you to send your scheduling information to [[email protected]].

Consider Using Autoreply for Email Submissions

If you submit articles to the Newsletter via email, as most of you do, it may be handy for you to add an auto-response option to your email. That way you will know that it was received. This is much easier than requesting a reply from us in the text, which may not be read for several days after receiving and filing the email.

Old Newsletters Needed

Do you have copies of the SRCA Newsletter prior to 1980? If so, could we have or borrow them for our archives? Please contact Wes at 695-6835 or send email to [email protected] Thanks much. Our goal is to provide all monthly issues of the Newsletter back to 1972 on a CD and eventually on our website.

Delivery Schedule

The deliver schedule of the SRCA Newsletter for 2000-01 is as follows. All Focus sections are taken for 2001, but call us if you have a major event that you would like to make sure is noticed in the Newsletter. We can usually work something out if we know a month or so ahead of time.





Sept. 2

SRHS Foundation


Sept. 30

MRE Halloween


Nov. 4

SR Theater


Dec. 2

Looking Back


Jan. 6

SRCA membership


Feb. 3

SRHS Foundation


Mar. 3



Mar. 31

Children’s Hosp.


Apr. 28



June 2

Symphony … Park


June 30

4th of July


July 28

SR Map


Sept. 1

SR Theater


Sept. 29



Nov. 3



Dec. 1

Looking Back