President’s Report

First of all it was a great summer with one of our best Parade’s and Picnics ever. The SRCA is happy to give this wonderful event to our community but it does take a ton of work from lots of Volunteers. So if you know anyone who helped please say thank you! To all the members of the 4th of July Committee I wish to express my deepest thanks for a fantastic event.

School is opening this month and along with our normal traffic patterns we have a new elementary school opening, Ellen Browning Scripps located at the corner of Spring Canyon and Scripps-Poway Parkway. We also have construction starting on the water pipeline in an around the intersection of Scripps Lake Drive and Scripps Ranch Blvd. So this year our school traffic could be even more hectic, so please drive carefully not just near the schools and parks but throughout the Ranch. Lets give our kids the best send off to a new school year, lets let them all get there safely.

December, and our recognition night is “just around the corner” so to speak so please take some time to consider those folks who you know who have gone that extra distance to make Scripps Ranch the wonderful place it is to live. Take a minute and fill out a recognition form and send it in. Remember, the SRCA is looking for input from YOU, so we know who to recognize.

Rancho Encantada,

By now I am sure everyone has heard that this proposed development was approved by the City Council 7-2 and that one of the dissenting votes was our Councilman; yet Scripps Ranch seemed to be supporting this project. I have received numerous questions on this situation and would like to clarify as best I can what occurred.

First of all when this project was first proposed, Scripps Ranch was one of the most vocal and organized opponents of the project, even though the project is not in our planning area and is not even in our Council District. We realized that Scripps Ranch would have to deal with most, if not all the negative impacts of this project. Our community banded together and wrote a 22 page letter of concerns for inclusion in the City’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR).

When the City finally released the EIR it was pretty clear to most of us that the City Staff was in favor of this project and they had not really addressed many of our concerns. At this stage, the community elected to meet with the developer to see if our issues could be addressed. What was finally arrived at was a better plan, but one that still left many traffic issues, mostly unresolved, or in the hands of CALTRANS. Now the plan changes that we accomplished made for a better plan and we were able to further document the traffic issues that needed to be resolved. Our final position was one of accepting the plan with the changes that we worked out and a request to more strongly address the traffic issues.

Now why did we do this? Well, to be honest we were not sure if the plan could be stopped, it would take 5 no votes for this to occur. The plan provided some important needs for the city: low income housing and a major addition to Mission Trails Regional Park.

When it came time to go to City Council, the Scripps Ranch organizations went in with the plan that we would recommend approval, but only if we got stronger traffic mitigation’s. Our Council Office was fully supportive of our work, understood our traffic concerns, and even more important understood that since CALTRANS was involved there was no guarantee that the traffic improvements would be timely. I have not discussed his vote with him but I am sure that he was thinking of the entire I-15 corridor and our traffic problems. Brian voted the way he thought best and i thank him for that. We did our best, and I thank all the folks who worked hard for all their hard work.

The vote was 7-2, with the second no vote coming from the newly elected 6th district Councilwoman. We would have loved for Brian to have a consensus on this issue and then all our efforts would have fit together, however, that was not to be. It is the nature of City Councils that different Council members see issues and payoffs differently. As community volunteers we can only do the best we can, and that is what we did on this project. Would we have liked to do more? Absolutely! Are we thankful that we have Brian as our council member? Absolutely! Did we make a difference, yes.

What Brian’s vote did was to both support our efforts this time and even more important send a message and hopefully set the stage for a bigger win next time. His leadership was instrumental in adding in the requirements to link the traffic mitigation’s as part of the approval. Bottom line, SR and Brian were on the same page on this one, we didn’t win it all but we tried our best and we did make a difference. Hopefully next time we’ll hit one out of the park.

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