President’s Report

Time to Fall Back

Daylight Saving Time ends this month and, as you all know, this means the clocks get set back one hour, making it dark earlier each day. While this will assist our visibility of children in the morning on the way to school, it will make after-school sports practices a more hazardous environment. So, please drive carefully, especially around our parks and schools. And, do not forget to set your clocks back one hour on Sunday morning, Oct. 27.

Candidates Forum

This month’s SRCA meeting will be at the Scripps Ranch Library and will be our annual Candidates Forum. Please stop by and listen. Remember your local elected officials can and do impact your day-to-day life more than any other elected officials. The meeting is on Tuesday, Oct. 8, at 7 pm.

Helping our Kids

Feel like taking a stroll around Miramar Lake and helping all our schools and kids? Well, the CUSH Legs for Literacy Run and Walk is this month. So, lace up those sneakers, find a walking companion, and hit the road. For more information, please see the News section of this Newsletter or the SRCA website at [].

Want to get the latest news and help Children’s Hospital, well watch for Kids’ News Day and buy your special edition of The San Diego Union-Tribune. On Tuesday, Oct. 29, just watch for the newspaper "boys and girls," and please be kind to them as they are getting a little old for this sort of heavy lifting.

Planning Our New Middle School

The planning for our new middle school is moving along, and there is always room for community participation in the process. If you are interested, please contact the School’s Committee to find out how you can participate.

Street Maintenance

Our council office is working with the city on the next group of streets that will be slurry sealed. We should have the City Street Department’s recommended list posted on the website soon. If your street is not on the plan and you feel that it needs this service, please let us know.

Marc Sorensen, President

Recognition Night

It will be Recognition Night again soon, and I need the help of everyone in our community. Think back to every event you have attended this past year, and write down the name of the person who you think made it possible.

Maybe it was a coach or parent at a child’s sporting event, or a Scout leader. You probably attended our popular Symphony in the Park, the 4th of July activities, the Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony, or one of a dozen other events that help to make Scripps Ranch the best place in the city to live.

All these events were put in motion by one or more of your neighbors who took time out of their busy schedule to donate their time. They deserve to receive a "thank you" from our community.

The form is available on page 6 of this Newsletter, or you can go the SRCA website at [], fill out the form, and submit it electronically. You can write as little or as much as you want with regard to what you know about their donation of time and energy–but please do it.

Dorothy Mildice, Chair

Fall Garage Sale and Clean-Up Day

The dates for the fall community-wide Garage Sale and Clean-Up Day are set. The Garage Sale will be on Saturday, Oct. 12, and the Clean-Up Day is Saturday, Oct. 19. This is a chance to do your fall cleaning and also help clean up your community. Plan to take part!

The Garage Sale will again be sponsored by Prudential. You can call 653-6400 and register your home for the Garage Sale. If you are unable to sell the items and want to donate them, we plan to have a collection truck for these items in the Business Park on Clean-Up Day.

We will have collection bins for metal and discards–no paint or concrete please–as well as a chipper for garden clippings. Now is the time to cut back your bushes and trees along the street. The dumpsters will be in the Business Park behind the Hitachi buildings from 8 am until 12 pm. So, get there early. We must close down at 12 pm.

The rules for these collection days have been changed and the following items cannot be accepted: hazardous waste–paint and oil; batteries; electronics–televisions, computers, or printers; refrigerators; air conditioners; tires; construction debris; and, waste from businesses. If you have hazardous waste, call 694-7000. For information on electronic items, call 800-253-2687.

We are especially interested in youth groups and organizations taking on a special section as "their own" for clean up. We have ribbons for participation. This is your chance to earn your community service credit and make our community shine.

We are already known as the cleanest and best run community in San Diego. This is your chance to enhance that by your action and that of your group. Call Bob Dingeman at 566-6083 for an assigned area. The Kiwanis Club will provide their usual valuable and essential assistance to make it all possible.

SRCA Annual Business Meeting

The SRCA Annual Business Meeting was held in September. All standing committees and activities chairs rendered reports of the past year and plans for the coming year. We will compile these into two notebooks for your information and place them in the library.

It is a remarkable list of achievements from our volunteers. It is the work of residents who make it all possible. There are many opportunities for you to select an area of your choice and help.

In fact, if you have a particular interest for any activity and are a member of the SRCA, the president can and will happily appoint you chair, and you can do your thing with pleasure and satisfaction.

New District Representatives

The SRCA welcomes new district representatives Larry Nuffer and Tiffany Sherer. Larry now represents District 5, while Tiffany represents District 10. Both have volunteered to fill these vital roles and give of their valuable time. We thank them in advance for their efforts to help our community.

Districts 4 and 13 do not have a SRCA representative. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Gordon Boerner at 689-2411. For district boundaries, check out the SRCA website at [].

Get to Know Your District Representative

The SRCA has divided Scripps Ranch into districts. Each one has a representative to look out for your interests at SRCA meetings. If you have a concern about your area, contact your district representative. To help you become more familiar with them, we are introducing them in the SRCA Newsletter.

District 11

My name is Jany Staley, and I represent District 11. This is the area east and southeast of Miramar Lake. Lakeview Park, which has a panoramic view of Miramar Lake, is in this district. This district is at the southern boundary of the new development of Miramar Ranch North. This has given us a lot of great new neighbors over the years. I feel our district helps tie the older Scripps Ranch to the newer areas.

I am a Southern California native, have lived in San Diego since 1972, and in Scripps Ranch for 17 years. My husband, Bill, and I have two grown sons, Kenneth and Luke. My husband plays in the Old Pros Softball League.

I am a Senior Governmental Liaison with San Diego Gas and Electric and have been with them for 29 years. My out-of-work passions are playing women’s soccer, gardening, reading, playing with my animals–2 dogs and 2 cats–and volunteering.

I am currently president of the San Diego Women’s Soccer League, Senior Olympics Women’s Soccer Commissioner, treasurer of the Scripps Ranch Recreation Council, Scripps Ranch 4th of July chair, and a member of the SRCA budget committee and the 4-acre parcel committee.

I also worked with the Recreation Council to see that containers with Mutt Mitts–bags to pick up dog messes–have been installed in our parks. Since my children are grown, I decided I wanted to give something back to the community I love living in.

The volunteers I work with in the various organizations are dedicated to improving our community, they work hard, and are a lot of fun to be around. Lakeview Park is one of the areas that requires constant diligence of the residents. Spearheaded by one neighbor, Linda, the residents continually work with the police to help minimize the drinking parties and malicious damage that has occurred in the past.

Another issue our district and other districts experience is drivers speeding on our residential streets. In our district, Spring Canyon, Semillon, and Sunset Ridge Drive are experiencing this. Hopefully, working with the police and setting up our speed monitoring machine will assist in slowing drivers down.

We are always looking for new ideas, suggestions, and volunteers. If you would like to discuss any issues or are interested in volunteering, please contact me at [[email protected]].

Jany Staley, District 11 Rep.

District 12

Hello! My name is Claude Braunstein. I represent District 12, otherwise known as Oceanview. The Oceanview district encompasses the newer communities of Crown Collection, Willows, Terraza, Waterford, Traviata, and Scripps Highlands.

A California transplant, I grew up in New York City. I completed my undergraduate work at CUNY’s Brooklyn College and obtained my Masters Degree in psychology at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. I worked as a psychologist for the Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS) for ten years, first in Washington, D.C., and later in San Diego, before embarking upon my real estate career in 1977.

Having moved to San Diego in 1973, I had bought and sold real estate as an investor. Finding a competent real estate agent was difficult. Perceiving a business opportunity, I obtained my Real Estate Broker’s license and founded New West Realty in 1977.

The company grew and became affiliated, first with ERA Real Estate, and later with Century 21. I joined McMillin Realty in 1998 and quickly became their top broker-associate in Scripps Ranch and the I-15 corridor.

I now live in a Crown Collection home with my wonderful wife, Rochelle, who stoically puts up with my schedule. A librarian at Southwest High School, she commutes to work over 30 miles each way.

We love living in Scripps Ranch. It is a wonderful community, offering much in the way of amenities and opportunities. As your representative, it is my privilege to help guide the inevitable growth of our community and to help maintain and improve our quality of life. If you would like to reach me, email me at [[email protected]].

Claude Braunstein, District 12 Rep.

New SRCA Address

The SRCA now has a new address. It is 10755-F Scripps Poway Parkway, PMB 613, San Diego, CA 92131. Please make a note of it and send all mail there. Mail sent to the old address may not reach us. Also, you can always find this new address on the front of the SRCA Newsletter each month.