President’s Report

Please, Remember to Vote on Tuesday, Nov 7!

When you go to the polls, your presence is recorded and summary data for that precinct is provided to all the political types. They don’t know who you voted for, but they do know if your neighborhood votes.

Responsive elected officials and staff pay attention to communities that vote. If Scripps Ranch expects to be taken seriously by the elected officials, then we need to have a high voter turnout, each and every election. Please help yourself by going to the polls.

Thank you SOS

Thanks to the grass-roots organization SOS Ranch, our community is much more secure in its future. We will continue to have the Scripps Ranch business park as a place for residents to work, rather than many more apartments adversely affecting our parks and schools. And we have conserved scarce school dollars to construct a new middle school.

SRCA can do many things to help our community, but it basically comes down to concerned citizens who volunteer their time and expertise for issues that matter to them, such as preserving the business park or ensuring an excellent school system. SOS has shown the way you can be effective. Be concerned, become informed, and don’t give up. Good things will happen.

Recognition Night

Believe it or not, December is right around the corner. That’s when the SRCA holds its annual recognition night to thank all those folks who go out of their way to make Scripps Ranch the great place to live that it is. However, we can’t do this without you. You have to tell us who you would like us to say “thank you to.”

Please take some time right away to let us know by calling Recognition Night Chair Dorothy Mildice at 549-3621. The many volunteers in Scripps Ranch will thank you!

Next! — More Traffic and 1000 More Homes

The next big issue facing our community is the proposed development of about 1,000 homes just southeast of Pomerado Road. Termed the Sycamore Estates residential development, it will cause traffic problems throughout our community as well as further overcrowd our parks and library.

The Scripps Ranch and Miramar Ranch North planning groups have been evaluating the proposed development for over a year, but the issues remain largely the same: adverse impacts on traffic and pubic facilities that were not built with another 1,000 homes in mind.

Like the Scripps Ranch business park, you can make a difference if you become involved now. The Environmental Impact Report is out for review and the fate of the proposed project will be decided by the City council within the next couple of months.

SRCA Actions

We Won

SRCA was pleased to be able to support the Scripps Ranch Planning Group and the grass-roots group Save Our Scripps Ranch in their efforts to kill the proposed rezone of the Scripps Ranch business park. As stated on page 11, the application was withdrawn at the last minute. This was undoubtedly done because the applicants determined that they did not have the votes to win at City Council.

From SRCA’s standpoint, we feel it is unfortunate that so much time and effort and funds were necessary to kill what was obviously a flawed plan from the outset. However, it was a very positive action by us as a community. We all pulled together and stood strong for what we believe in and it worked. Take a bow Scripps Ranch; you showed that your community activism can work.

Save the Wall

Nothing ever seems to be easy on some projects. The new property owner (BCL) of the lots adjacent to the Library has decided that he needs to develop all of his lots by removing the Meanley Wall (cover photo) and many of the eucalyptus trees on the south side of the pond.

This action will violate decades of planning by the community, City, and previous owner that identified the wall, pond, and trees as important historical and cultural landmarks. The wall was saved at the request of the community and the Meanley family. Then the library was sited with the wall in mind. Then the community assumed maintenance of the area, paying for it with annual assessments from the Scripps Ranch Landscape Maintenance District.

On Friday, November 17, the SRCA, SOS Ranch leaders, and concerned citizens will present these facts to the City Historical Board and ask them to designate the wall, pond, and trees as an important historical area that needs to be preserved. In truth, we have been acting this way for 30 years, so it is a bit disconcerting that we now have to formalize what has been the status quo for so long.

Park and Trails Map

By Thanksgiving, SRCA members should have received the recently published Scripps Ranch Parks and Trails map. Produced with volunteer efforts and your annual SRCA membership funds, the map has been distributed to SRCA members has a thank you for their continuing support. The map shows each park and trail and describes their facilities.

In particular, we thank Al Hofstatter who chaired the effort and kept working for over a year to get it accomplished, and Damian Roos who prepared the graphics for the signature pamphlet. Damian had just moved into Scripps Ranch when he read our request in the Newsletter for graphics help and said, “I can do that.” Thanks Damian for doing just that. We also thank The Gates Group for printing the map at cost. Enjoy!

Info Center Up and Going

The Scripps Ranch Information Center is up and going. With your membership dollars, we have been able to augment what the City has done by providing an impressive array of computer equipment to better serve you and many historical photos to archive our past. Total expenditures to date by SRCA for the Info Center now exceed $10,000 but we feel they are worth it. Stop by and you’ll see what we mean.

To use the computer equipment and SRCA office to answer your questions, we have been recruiting volunteers. We are starting slow with a couple of folk, but should have a full complement in a few months. The vision that we have is to have Scripps Ranch residents partnering with City employees at the Center to jointly answer any of the varied questions that you may have.

Please be patient as we get up to speed, and if you would like to help us, please contact our Info Center Coordinator Gloria Tran at 547-3955. We are still in the mood for ideas for what to do at the Center and how to do it. So if you have a suggestion, please let us know by calling Gloria or sending email to [[email protected]]. We have every confidence that this will become the town hall that our small community has been missing.

Bylaws Changes

The SRCA Executive Board will consider at their November meeting the proposal to modify the bylaws to add the position of Assistant District Representative. This position would allow us to actively involve additional people from each of the 20 SRCA districts on the Ranch.

Web News

Online Calendar

An online calendar has been added to the SRCA website. It is displayed as a monthly calendar of events, and can be expanded to a single day with much more detailed information. Check it out at []!

One of our goals in providing the online calendar is to minimize the number of conflicts between major events on the Ranch. Please send event information of interest to the overall community to [[email protected]] and we will make sure it gets in the online calendar.

Newsletter Notes

Old Newsletters Needed

Do you have copies of the SRCA Newsletter? If so, could we have or borrow them for our archives? We are in the process of creating bound copies to be placed at the library and the Information Center. But we are short of sufficient copies, even fairly recent ones.

If you can help, please contact Wes at 695-6835 or send email to [[email protected]]. Thanks much. Our goal also is to provide all monthly issues of the Newsletter back to 1972 on a CD and eventually on our website.

New Email Addresses

As part of building a more robust SRCA, we have identified new email addresses directly linked to our web site. Note that these will replace the previous email accounts that we had been using (e.g. [email protected]) Please begin using the following immediately as the old email addresses are no longer active.

Use of the various email addresses was designed to be self explanatory: srca for general information; ads for Newsletter ads; newsletter for all Newsletter text and non-ad questions.

What’s it Worth?

What do you suppose a copy of the Newsletter is worth? As it turns out, each copy costs about $1.50, a pretty penny, as my grandmother would say.

So, when you run into one of our advertisers, please say thank you. They are the ones who pay that $1.50 for each of us. And while you are at it, please thank the person who delivers your issue each month for free. Their volunteer effort keeps the Newsletter affordable for both residents and advertisers.





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